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Explore Tanzania tours / Tanzania tours, Tanzania safaris welcomes you to tanzania one of Africa’s top travel destination. There is no doubt Tanzania is ultimate safari destination. From the famous Serengeti national park littered  with wildlife including the big five as well being famous for  the annual wildebeest migration  to the incredible ngorongoro crater another iconic feature that makes Tanzania safari / Tanzania tours a thrilling. Experience kilimanjaro Africa’s highest mountain ,  explore  lake Manyara and tarangire  national park  another  scenic wildlife parks  as well as Arusha national park  , all  the listed  destinations  form a the northern circuit as  part of the greater Tanzania rich  travel destination.

Tanzania tour is unmatched as the country literally has everything that any travel enthusiast would want  on a tour  from Honey moon , to vacation and holidays, beach experience at the dar es salaam and Zanzibar,  marine excursions in the clear blue  water of the Indian oceans, chimpanzee trekking in gombe national park  and mahale national mountains national park mentions it tanzania will avail it you. note that Tanzania tours/ safaris is divided into about four  destination to  mention northern circuit that consists of  destination  such as Serengeti national park, Arusha national park, Ngorongoro crater national park, Kilimanjaro mountain, Tarangire national parkLake Manyara national park, Mkomazi national park. the southern circuit that consists of Destinations such as Mikumi national park, sealous national park, Udzungwa mountains national park, Katavi national park, Ruaha national park, Kitulo national park . The western circuit  popular for Tanzanian primates safaris consisting of Gombe national park and Mahale mountains national park. coastal  Tanzania consisting of   destination such as Dares-salaam city , Bagamoyo, Zanzibar, Saadani national park, Mafia Island and Pangani.

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Safari Tanzania / Tanzania safari / tour in Tanzania

Safari to Tanzania  / Tanzania tours still stands an remains a bewilderment to many as the  land of plenty. Tanzania is situated in East African  bordering the Indian ocean to her west, Kenya and Uganda to her north ,Dr Congo, Rwanda and Burundi to her West, Malawi , Zambia and Mozambique to her south.  Tanzania boasts of literally everything  you would dream of while on travel. From the rich and diverse culture of locals distributed in various areas across the country,  speak of the afro Arab culture at the coast  and Zanzibar to the famous masai  people distributed along the masai plains that stretch to as far as Kenya. Tanzania is also blessed with the mountain such Mount Kilimanjaro  the highest mountain in Africa and  mount meru bringing  the Tanzania safari hiking experience . Tanzania also boasts  several national parks to  with the most popular ones being  host   Serengeti national park famous   wildebeest migration  as well as home to multiple wildlife species , Ngorongoro crater yet another iconic feature that makes Tanzania tour  or Tanzania wildlife safari unmatched.   Tanzania  equally has along coastline that stretches from south to north giving raise to several beach activities on top of the marine trips that take place  at the coast some of the activities include scuba diving, Snorkeling, boat cruise among others.  Tanzania safari/ Tanzania tours also sees you to Zanzibar known for its spices and afro Arab culture . Tanzania also offers city tours  in different    cities with the most famous one being dar-es-salaam the largest and busiest city in Tanzania situated at the port, Arusha  also known as the tourist city of Tanzania, Dodoma the capital city.

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Attractions in Tanzania

Tanzania is blessed with multiple attractions that have kept bringing an influx of guests or tourist on a Tanzania safari or Tanzania tour, the attractions in Tanzania range from national parks, mountains, lakes, the oceans islands, culture, wildlife, primates among others.   In the this specific write up, we will  dwell on  brief information of the major attractions that has from time to time made Tanzania tours/ Tanzania safaris/ visit to Tanzania worth venturing into. Below are the popular attractions in Tanzania.

Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro is   Africa highest and tallest mountain measuring up the height of 19,431 feet above sea level it also happens to be the tallest free standing mountain in the world. Mount Kilimanjaro was formed as a result of volcanicity therefore it’s a volcanic mountain,   but despite being formed as a result of volcanic activities, Kilimanjaro is in a dormant stage. Kilimanjaro is also famous for being the most topographically popular peak in the entire world.  Mount Kilimanjaro forms the great Kilimanjaro national park area that host multiple visitor who frequent the place for hiking activities.  Lately mountain Kilimanjaro has been subject several because of the thinning in the glaciers.

Serengeti national park

Serengeti national park forms one of the most scenic and dramatic landscapes in Tanzania, it consists of large expanses of land dedicated to wildlife made of vegetation of short grass dotted with acacia trees. The Serengeti is a a huge attraction in Tanzania and to the rest of Africa at large filled with losts of wildlife species   therefore being dubbed the wildlife hub by many. Serengeti national park    consists of the big five animals to mention rhinos, lions, leopards, elephants and buffaloes. The park of also home to cheetahs,  big number of hyenas, elands,  jackals,  giraffes, Thomson gazelles, olive baboons, zebras, lots of  wildebeests, antelopes among others. The park also host a wide a assortment of bird species  such as  the African ostriches, kori bustards, guinea fowls,  eagles among others.  Access  this amazing national park while on Tanzania safari/ visit to Tanzania , one has to either   get there from Arusha city also known as the tourism capital of Tanzania either by road or by a chattered flight.   Serengeti national park can also be accessed from mwanza city also known as rock city.

Ngorongoro crater.

The Ngorongoro crater is yet another incredible attraction that Tanzania to offer to its numerous guests n a Tanzania tours/ Tanzania safari. The crater is a UNESCO world heritage site. The crater was formed when a result of the top (cone) of the parent rock resulting from intrusive and extrusive forces in the earths’ crust   forming a caldera.   Part of the crater was filled with water while other has simple vegetation comprising of shirt grass and acacia tree.  The vegetation attracted lots of wildlife why the ngorongoro crater is rich in wildlife diversity   including the big five animals. While the water area is filled with water attracted several birds species with the most common species being the flamingos. The rims of the rater consists of montane vegetation another amazing feature to look at. Ngorongoro crater besides is bewildering look at an attraction has also got other visitors   visit to experience the abundance of the wildlife of the common species besides the big five species include the wildebeest, zebras, elands, kudus, hyenas, Thomson gazelles, cheetahs, giraffes  among others. The crater also is home to several bird species to mention flamingoes, crested cranes, jacanas, ostriches among others.

Wildebeest migration

Wildebeest migration is such a much anticipated event worldwide giving it a slot on the Guinness world book of records. The great wildebeest migration sees over a million wildebeest along with some zebras and elands cross from Serengeti national park to Masai Mara national reserve in Kenya.  The much anticipated annual even   occurs every year between the month the of May and October, note that event is largely driven by rain since the wildebeest move from Tanzania to Kenya to have a feast of the fresh grass that is abundant in Masai  Mara. Most traveler join the trip in order to see the wildebeest migration take place.  The most dramatic scenes of the wildebeest migration is usually experienced at the Mara river where several to predators it mention crocodiles and lion wait to pounce on the wildebeest crossing the rivers.

Zanzibar beaches.

Zanzibar also plays as one of Tanzania’s top attractions and well sought after by visitors on a Tanzania safari / Tanzania tour ,The island is also  known as Unguja .The archipelago   consists beautiful islands  with the major ones being zanzibar and pemba . These islands have from time to time attracted a huge influx of tourists to Tanzania on Tanzania adventure. The visitors visit simply have the experience of the white sand, beautiful beaches, amazing activities such as boat cruises, snorkeling, scuba diving among others. Zanzibar is also rich in culture  with the most famous one being the afro-Arab culture, the island is also known for being source of several spices more can be unearthed a trip to Zanzibar.

Gombe Stream national park

Gombe stream national park is a protected area and of the smallest national parks in Tanzania located western Kigoma region and lies in a distance of 20 kilometers north of Kigoma, the national park covers an area of 52 square kilometers bordering Lake Tanganyika to the west and thigh rift escarpment to the east.

Gombe stream national park is a prime habitat of chimpanzee in Tanzania first gazetted as a national reserve in 1943 and later it became a national park in 1968. Gombe  national park is famed for being a centre for Jane Goodall’s research of chimpanzees which started in 1960 up to date, Jane Goodall’s research is the longest running research on earth and study of this kind. At the age of 25, Jane Goodall travelled to Tanzania in 1960 and with no formal college training she began her research on chimpanzees basing on the known fact that they share over 80% genetic code with the humans. During her studies, she researched on Fifi the matriarch who is the last remaining of the first group studied when Jane Goodall arrived at Gombe  national park, at the time of her arrive Fifi was 3 years old and today she seen while on a chimpanzee tracking experience.

Tarangire National park

Tarangire national park is a fascinating national park and one of the must visit destination in Tanzania located in Manyara region, this national park lies in a distance of about 118 kilometers from Arusha city the regional capital city and approximately 70 kilometers from Lake Manyara.  Tarangire national park lies in Northern safari circuit and is situated in a close proximity with Lake Manyara national park, Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro crater which makes it a perfect stopover point.

Tarangire national park stretches through an area of 2,850 square kilometers hosting a great ecological system ranging from vegetation, wildlife, bird life and termite moulds. Tarangire national park was first established in 1957 as a national reserve and in 1970 it was declared a national park, this park derives its name from the glorious Tarangire River which crosses through the park and bisects the park into two. Tarangire national park‘s landscape is dotted with the famous sun-blistered termite moulds, grassy savannah plains and swamps, the ecosystem and park itself is fed by Tarangire river which is the only permanent water source in Tarangire national park. Tarangire River attracts a huge population of animals who come to drink water most especially in dry season (June-November), a huge population of animals including over 3,000 elephants, wildebeests, zebras, impalas, gazelles come to the river in search for both water and green pasture.

Tanzania Travel Destinations

Tanzania is a country with many tourist attractions in which about 38% of its land is set aside for conservation in protected areas. There are approximately 22 national parks, 29 game reserves, and 40 conservation areas, without forgetting Marine Park.
Tanzania’s tourism grows faster due to a variety of factors, one being its unique beauty and variety of attractions, including the highest mountain in Africa. Hence, these factors make tourist arrivals grow by 7.0 percent in 2017 compared with 1,239 million in 2016, surpassing the growth rate of 3.9% recorded in the previous year, and USD 2.6 billion in 2019 and a decline in 2020 to USD 1,06 billion due to the world crisis. (COVID-19).
Above all, Tanzania Safaris Tours play a vital role in the country’s economy on which tourism earnings increased by 5.6% to USD 2,250.3 million compared to USD 2,131.57 as recorded in 2016, which is about 13% of the global domestic product (GDP), and USD 2.6 billion in 2019, followed by a decline in 2020 of up to USD 1,06 billion due to the world crisis. (COVID-19)
Not only that, but also tourism in Tanzania contributes to poverty alleviation in the community since it plays a great part in contributing toward improving the livelihood of the local community.
Despite being the fastest growing sector, tourism in Tanzania still faces a number of challenges, some of which are listed below. Poor infrastructure, especially inside the park, this pandemic, especially the current stubborn pandemic which is COVID-19, Unpredictable weather and climatic conditions


After Nyerere, Serengeti, and Ruaha National Park, Katavi becomes the fourth largest National Park in Tanzania. The park was established in 1974 and it covers an area of about 4471Sq.km. the park is full of both physical and biological resources such as wild animals though it’s not much visited due to its remoteness this gives a chance to get a cool place for relaxing and enjoying the nature since there is not much population interaction of people , this park makes the perfect tanzania safari / tanzania tours
The best time to visit Katavi national park is from June to October when it’s dry and at this time Animals are visible.


Katavi National Park is accessible through Both Land, Rails, and Air. Through Air from different Parts of Tanzania such as Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Mwanza by flights landing directly inside the park. While through Land from Dar es Salaam it’s about 1513km via Mbeya and 1392km, from Mwanza via Tabora is about 741km
Also, Katavi National park can be accessed through railway, by the use train from Dar es Salaam direct to Mpanda

Several activities that make Katavi unforgettable by visitors during their visit include Nature walking safaris, Filming, picnicking, Camping, bird watching, Bush meals, Game viewing, Hiking, but also night and day game drive

Inside the park, there are options of accommodation including campsites and lodges. These include Katavi wildlife camp, Chada Katavi camp, Palahara luxury safari camp, Katuma, and bush lodge, but also visitors can decide to stay outside the park since there are few accommodations such as riverside camp Katavi and Katavi hippo garden lodge.


Is the second-largest National park in Tanzania covering an area of about 2026Sq.km located in south-central Tanzania. Ruaha National park climate is unique as it is only rainy once per year from November to May and this makes it easier for visitors to visit the park


Ruaha National park is easier accessible as it can be accessed by both Air and land, by land from Iringa Town it’s about 108km to the Park main gate, while from Mbeya city it’s about 480km and 625km from Dar es Salaam
Apart from land accessibility, Ruaha national park can be accessed through the air from different parts of Tanzania and Land in an airstrip within the Park


Ruaha national park is a beautiful and enjoyable park to visit, as apart from Wildlife you can also experience Beautiful and Wonderful open grass plain, magnificent landscape, Beautiful green shade alongside Ruaha River.


The best time to visit Ruaha national park is during the dry season on which, apart from finding and observing larger numbers of Wild animals alongside the river and other sources of water bodies, the park is also easily accessible by land as the roads are cool with no any destruction by rainfall


Plenty of activities can be done within the park to meet visitors’ expectations. These activities include Day and night game drive, Walking safari, Balloon safari, Bird watching, Bush meal, Stargazing, Cultural tourism, Picnicking.


In the park, various options and plenty of accommodation are available for visitors to enjoy their night. Public and special campsites, Rest houses, Cottages, Bandas, Lodges, Permanent tented, and seasonal camps are both available within the park


Lake Manyara National Park is famous and known for tree-climbing lions especially during the wet season, but Also groundwater that makes trees of the forest grow taller.  The park experience short rains starting from November to December while long rains start from February to May and the dry season is from late June to October.


The park can be accessed by both road and air, whereby road the park is 115km from Arusha city to the main gate


The park has several attractions and the most remarkable are the tree-climbing lions, Beautiful Groundwater forest, hot spring, rift valley, and diversity of bird species.


The park offers a variety of activities that makes your trip exceptional, these include Day game drives, walking safari, Night game drive, Canoeing, bird watching, bush meals, and canopy tour that makes the trip unforgettable.


Only one luxury lodge is available within the park, hostels, Bandas, and numbers of campsites that include both special, public, and seasonal campsites


The highest free-standing mountain in Africa. It’s a volcanic mountain covered by snow on the roof. The mountain comprises two dormant volcanoes known as Kibo and mawenzi, also one extinct volcano which is Shira. Its height is 5895m. Kilimanjaro receives two rainy seasons per year which from March to January it’s when Kilimanjaro experiences wet season and the dry season is from late June to September


In Kilimanjaro national park visitors expect to see a variety of attractions that makes the trip remarkable and leave visitors with an endless smile. Expect to see three peaks(Kibo, mawenzi, and Shira peak ), a Beautiful evergreen montane forest full of biological resources including both flora and fauna, Waterfalls making Kilimanjaro exceptional to visitors, maundi crater,  and for bird lovers, the park guarantees you the option of watching variety diversity of bird species.


The park offers some activities that visitors can experience during their visit and these include Mountain climbing, Paragliding, Bird watching, short nature walking safari, long nature walking safari, Filming, picnicking, Crater camping, and mountain cycling


A visitor has some options since the park provides a variety of accommodations ranging from mountain huts, hostels, and 32 public campsites


It was officially gazetted as a National Park in 1977, and its well protected and preserved due to its ecological values such as an important breeding site for both migratory birds and fish species. Due to its forest in nature the park act as the habitat for various numbers of wildlife …


Rubondo National park can be accessed through air and land transport and then boats to the park


It also depends on the purpose of visiting the park on which for botanists the best time is from November to march during the wet season when wildflowers are flourishing and concentration of butterflies. While for bird watching the best time is from December to February when most migrating birds are nesting


Many beautiful attractions that can make visitors enjoy include a diversity of wildlife, over 400 species of nesting birds, a Nice view of evergreen forest, Cultural sites, Sacred sites, Beaches,


Different activities to be done by tourists include Sport fishing, Boat excursions, Walking safaris, Game viewing, chimps Habituation Experience ( CHEX ), Canoeing.


Inside the park, self-catering and self-contained visitor 5 Bandas and a rest house but not for families. Also, the park provides camping sites for visitors with tents and also offers tents. While outside the park at Muganza center and Chato district which is the nearby center to the park variety of both luxury and simple accommodations are available


Burgi-Chato National Park is the fourth largest National park in Tanzania involves the combination of three-game reserves and it covers an area of 4707Sq.km. variety of habitats supporting the life biodiversity ranging from freshwater lakes, open plains, rivers, swamps, forests, long hills, flood plains.

The park climate is conducive as it rains twice per year from November to December, and March to April while the dry season range from June to September. The best time to visit the park is during the dry season


The park has numerous facilitates including Airstrips and hence you can get there through flights from different parts of Tanzania, but also the park can be accessed through the road as the park is adjacent to towns such as Chato and Karagwe.


Apart from experiencing beautiful sunrise early in the morning and amazing sunset late evening, The park gives you many options of attraction to make your trip memorable, These attractions include the third largest lake in Tanzania (Lake Burgi) with several islands that supports the life of some wildlife, Beautiful different kinds of habitats such as wetlands, wild savanna, forest


You will never regret visiting Burigi-chato, since within a park you have got beautiful options of activities to do from  Game viewing, Sport fishing, Camping, boat excursion, nature walking safari, bird watching.


Since the park is still new, camping is the only option for our visitors to enjoy their nights inside the park, otherwise, lodges and guest houses are available on the park nearest town which is Chato.


Welcome to the smallest National park in Tanzania, the park covers an area of about 2.18Sq.km and it’s located on an island in Lake Victoria at Mwanza city and this makes it is the only national park in Tanzania within the city limit. The park experience two rain season per year which is short and long rain


With the help of air transport, rail transport, ship, and road transport to Mwanza city, followed by a boat trip which takes about 10 minutes to island. By air any flights from any part of Tanzania landing Mwanza.


Apart from enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scene of the Island, Saanane is the only national park where if you’re lucky you may encounter the De-brazza’s monkeys. But also a variety of other roaming wild animals such as impala, zebra, wild cat, velvet monkeys can be seen. Also, the park allows you to enjoy Sun-downing and sun-rising


Apart from Game viewing, bird watching, rock hiking, sport fishing, boat cruise, bush lunch, picnics, the park offers you beautiful and cool places for special occasions such as weddings, engagement, team building, and birthday


Inside the park, only a camping option is available but also visitors can get plenty of options outside the park in the city in order to optimistically Explore Tanzania on Tanzania Safaris.


Established in 1968 and covers an area of 35Sq.km is one of the smallest National parks in Tanzania. It’s located in the western Kigoma Region, Tanzania, and its main attraction is a large number of Chimpanzees.


From Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Mwanza take a flight to Kigoma, other options include road transport from different parts of Tanzania to Kigoma, or through train from Dar es Salaam and Ferry passing along the shore of Lake Tanganyika. After arriving at Kigoma Gombe can be reached through an amazing boat drive


The park is famous and known as the home of a chimpanzee is a unique attraction, but also you can experience other Wild animals, Different bird species, Waterfalls, the largest and deepest lake in Africa(Lake Tanganyika),


Gombe national park makes visitors smile as it offers a diversity of tourism activities, ranging from chimpanzee trekking, Boat cruise, walking safari, Mountain hiking Sport fishing, Snorkeling and Diving, Kayaking, Swimming, Filming, Butterfly gazing, and Cultural tourism at Mwamgongo village.


To enjoy your night Gombe National park offers various options to their visitors including, Rest houses, public and special campsites, Banda’s, and lodges.

Serengeti as the word itself sounds open, keeps aside over one million wildebeest migration the park is concentrated with fantastic attractions from the unique landscape of Serengeti Plain to an Uncountable number of other wild animals. A larger population of herbivores from lions, cheetah, leopards, and many others. Also, Serengeti is the only park where the big five Animals can easily be seen in a short time. Being open endless plan Wild animals are easy seen
The park was established in 1951 covering an area of about 14,763Sq.km. Serengeti name was derived from the Maasai word ‘siringet’ which means an endless plain, Serengeti national park is located in northern-central Tanzania, adjacent to the Kenya border and in the northwest of the adjoining Ngorongoro Conservation Area the park  make a perfect tanzania safaris/ tanzania tour  experience.

Serengeti national park can be reached through a recommended entry Kilimanjaro International Airport which is 350 km from the park southern entrance to one of the seven parks airstrips, one may use or travel to the park by a safari vehicle passing through bumpy, over dirty roads but the trip gives a beautiful scenery of wildlife and nature. You may use the Julius Nyerere International Airport from Dar es Salaam to Kilimanjaro International Airport.

A trip to Tanzania has never been complete without visiting Serengeti national park, This means that due to its many different kinds of attractions available, visitors planning to visit Tanzania must start or end with Serengeti national park for their unforgettable memory from Tanzania. These attractions include
The great migration, you get to witness over a million wildebeest as well as hundreds of thousands of hoofed animals including zebras, elands, and gazelles, the migration goes annually the beasts crossing from Serengeti national park to Maasai Mara in Kenya.
Maasai village, also knowns as Maasai bomas here you will get to see and learn the Maasai customs, traditions, and lifestyles. You will also get a brief dancing ceremony, a visit to traditional bomas made of sticks, muds, and cow manure, you will also purchase handicrafts made by the village members.
Moru kopjes, the giant rocks lying on the plains of Serengeti, contain Maasai paintings and is one of the best areas to see the black rhinos when in Serengeti national park.
Retina hippo pool, witnessing a school of hippos wallowing escaping from the heat of the midday sun.
Apart from that, you may also visit the Grumeti River, Olduvai Gorge, Bologonja springs, and many other attractions available inside the park.


It depends on the visitor’s option, though Serengeti offers natural surprises throughout the year. If your experience is a great migration then the best time to visit is during the winter months where the herds are at the southern part of the park and during the summer and autumn months the herds are at the northern and western corridor of the park.
For visitors who are not much interested in the great migration then the best months to visit is late June to October during the dry season is the best time to witness groups of animals on the rivers quenching their thirst and where the beasts get their food easily. Also during the wet season is November to May is the best time to visit because the plain is supplied with plenty of animals and the park is not crowded during these months as many visitors prefer to visit during dry seasons.

When in Serengeti national park there are many breathtaking activities you can do when spending your time enjoying nature and wildlife.
Game drives, once in a safari vehicle you can enjoy the great migration, seeing the dense lion population, and birdwatching are the best experiences.
Hot air balloon safaris, getting to enjoy the aerial view of Serengeti, the sunrise over the endless plains, coming to a treetop view seeing animals before they seek cover to escape the heat of the day and upon coming down you will be tested with a glass of champagne and a latter breakfast with your fellows.
You can also visit the Serengeti visitor’s center, the Grumet River, wildlife of seronera river valley, visit the retina hippo pool, enjoy a wildlife experience at night in a tent or lodge.

Serengeti national park has some accommodations from public campsites to luxury lodges and expensive hotels. Public campsites found in the park are like Dikdik, Tumbili, Pimbi, Ngiri, Ndabaka, Lobo, Nguchiro, and Nyani campsites, while the private campsites are like Namiri plains, Dunia camp, Singita Mara river tented camp, Olakira migration camp, Lemala ewanjan tented camp, and many other campsites.
Serengeti national park has also medium, and budget and luxury lodges like Singita sasakwa lodge, Taasa lodge, Mwiba Lodge, Singita faru lodge, Mbali Mbali soroi Serengeti lodge, also some hotels are found in the park-like Serena hotel, Malaguti hotel, Asanja Africa hotel, Grumeti migration camp hotel, Melia Serengeti hotel and many other affordable hotels.

By another name, it’s called Serengeti of flowers. It’s located at Njombe, Tanzania nearest Mbeya city with montane grasslands and forest in the southern highlands of Tanzania. Also is the first National Park in tropical Africa to be established for the main purpose to protect its flora and it covers an area of about 413sq.km.


Air, Road, and Railway both are means of transport to Kitulo National park.


Apart from sighting and enjoying amazing beautiful flowers, within Kitulo national park, you can do camping safari, Walking safari, Birding safari, and wildlife safari in tanania. hence making your tanzania tour to Mbeya an amazing one.


Depends on the main purpose of visitors which for those with an interest in viewing beautiful flowers the best time to visit the park is between December and April on which at this time wildflowers display the peak, While from September to November during the sunny season its best time for hikers but less rewarding to botanists.


There is no accommodation inside the park yet, however, very basic accommodation and meals are available at the adjacent kitulo farm. But also since the park is nearby Mbeya city visitors can get all kinds of accommodation at Mbeya city from luxurious hotels to simple guesthouses.


Tarangire National park covers an area of about 2850Sq.km, The Park is famous for having large heard of elephants, Pythons climbing trees, but also the known as the home of giants. Apart from having plenty and larger concentration of wild animals especially Elephant, the park is known as the finest birding destination in East Africa

The park has a climate is bimodal rainfall divided into two categories short term and long term rainfall, on which short rains start from November to December, While long rain starts from March to May and dry season from June to October and from January to February


Tarangire National park can be reached by Land and Air. By Air, the park has different Airstrips that supports different kind of plain from different part of Tanzania


The park has magnificent wonderful attractions that make visitors enjoy their trips such as Wildlife especially large groups of elephants, Migratory birds, Natural beauty of savanna landscape, and magnificent majestic baobabs


Tarangire National Park has various activities that make visitors comfortable and enjoy, these activities include both day and night game drive, Filming, Hot air balloon safari, Walking safari, photographing, Bush meal, picnicking, and birdwatching. this  park make Unique tanzania safaris / tanzania tours / tanzania travel destination .


Accommodation in Tarangire is well supplied on which both public, private, permanent, and seasonal campsites are available. Not only is that but also luxury lodges, rest houses and student hostels available.


Arusha National park covers an area of 137Sq.km located in northern Tanzania to thrill while on Tanzania Safaris  and it’s the nearest park from Arusha city that requires only half an hour drive from Arusha city, The park receives short rainy from October to November and long rain from March to May. The best time to visit the park is between June to September and from December to March


By road from all parts of Tanzania and by air landing inside the park airstrips


Within the park expect to see several attractions such as Wildlife, Mount Meru the second largest mountain in Tanzania, craters including ngurdoto and Meru crater, diversity of bird species, Waterfalls, Long and Momella lakes on which here you will be able to see water-loving species especially lesser and greater flamingos, little Serengeti that makes you feel like you’re on the endless plain of Serengeti national park.


Within the park you will be able to do short walking safaris, long walking safaris, game drives, Adventure of mountain climbing, Canoeing, bird watching, cycling, and horse riding.


On seasonal camp, special campsites, huts for mount Meru hikers, hotel and lodges all are available to make visitors enjoy their trip



It’s located in northeast Tanzania on the Kenyan border and it covers the area of 3234Sq.km. Mkomazi experience two wet seasons from March to May long rains season and a short rainy season from November to December.


Via road from all parts of Tanzania and via air through chartered flights.


Both herbivores and carnivorous including lesser kudu, Gazelles, elephants, buffaloes, lions, leopards, cheetah, etc., Beautiful vegetation, Bird species, are all available in the park


In Mkomazi visitors can do day game drives, walking safaris, Bird watching, Filming, Nature walk, picnicking.


Special and public campsites are available inside the park.

Saadani National park

The park experience bimodal rainfall on which long rains start from March to June while short rains between October to December.  The dry season lies between February to July


By air, water, and by road. Within the park, there is a different airstrip that allows the landing of flights from the major town of Tanzania such as Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Zanzibar, etc. While by water you can be able to access saadani by boat from Tanga, Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Pangani and bagamoyo


Apart from beautiful beaches, there is diversification of tourists products/ attractions that makes visitors enjoy their safaris, these include Wild Animals, Mafui Sandbank, Wami river and Estuary, historical remains, green turtle breeding site, Zaraninge coastal forest, and Pangani town


Day Game drive, night game drive is the best time for nocturnal animal sighting, walking safaris on the national trails of saadani gets you close to nature, boat safaris at the delta of Wami river and ocean for water-loving species tour, visit Mafui sand island lastly but not least visiting madete special area for turtle breeding site.


Visitors can choose whether to stay inside or outside the park, On which inside the park there are plenty of options such as Lodges, Bandas, public and special campsites. While outside the park there is also lodges and camps


The largest national park in Tanzania covering an area of 39,893 Sq.km, is Full of biodiversity from different plant species, bird species, and an abundance of wild animals including the big fives. The park experience two rainy seasons per year being short rains from November to

December and long rain from March to May, while the drying season is from January to February.


By road on which from Dar es Salaam to the park is about 250Km, while through Air transport you can take a flight from Dar es Salaam, Arusha, and Kilimanjaro landing directly inside small airstrip in the park.


Being the largest national park Nyerere has also many attractions like its size, Big fives being one of the attractions visitors can get contact in eyes with, but also a large abundance of other wild animals especially elephants, hippos, African wild dogs, beautiful scene of Rufiji river, and majestic scenic landscapes.


Like its size, the park is concentrated with uncountable numbers of tourism activities that give a chance to visitors from tasting the beauty of the area, some of these include walking safaris, Game viewing, unforgettable boat drive/trip along Rufiji River, Bush meals, bird watching and many other


All types and quality of accommodation from camps to lodges are available at the park.


Is the one in the park that gives you a true taste of Africa. The park obtained its name from a Borassus palm tree that once grew inside the park and covers a large area of about 3,230Sq.km. The park is blessed with an easily seen variety of wild animals but also being adjacent to Dar es Salaam the park is easily accessible. The park experience two rain seasons including a short rain season from October to November and a long rain season from March to May, While the dry season is late June to September.


Lucky enough the park is easily accessed by both road and air on which by road the park is 283km from Dar es Salaam and 118 from Morogoro town, and by air flights from all major town of Tanzania landing in airstrip inside the park.


Fascinating attractions inside the park include the hippo pools that provide close access to the mudloving beast and birds watching while on the grassy plans you can get eye contact with other wild animals such as zebra, wildebeest, lions, giraffe, impalas, and buffalo.


Long and short walking safari, game drive, filming, camping, bird watching, bush meals, photographing and picnicking


Inside the park, there are different accommodations special for our visitors such as Bandas, private and special campsites, lodges, Guest rooms, and cottages

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