4 Days Mountain Meru Adventure safari

4 Days Mountain Meru Adventure safari : Mount Meru, which is located within the Arusha National Park, overlooking Arusha town, is the second highest mountain in Tanzania after Kilimanjaro. It is an exciting mountain to climb. There are numerous animals to see on the lower slopes and vegetation zones change as you ascend.

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Parts of the climb along the saddle are very steep but the views of Kilimanjaro 80km to the northeast and of the cliff face from the summit down to Meru Crater are spectacular. The amazing fact about Mt Meru is that one does not however need technical equipment for the climb. Just need to be ready and steady to hike the great slopes.

Mount Meru is usually scaled in 3 days / 2 nights, but since descending from summit takes about 7 hours, some climbers opt for an extra night at Miriakamba Hut which will make it a 4-day / 3 nights climb. Overnight accommodation is in alpine huts on your way up and down.

Summarized Mt Meru Adventure itinerary.

Day1; Fly from to Arusha, where you shall have a night.

Day2; Head to Momela Gate, where you’re to start your hike from to Mariakamba Hut.

Day3; Continue climbing along steep saddle wall to the pick of Meru.

Day4; you slope down to the gate. Fly back home.

Detailed Itinerary of the 4 Days Mt Meru Adventure safari.

Day 1; Open arrival you will fly in a chartered aircraft from Nairobi airport to Arusha airstrip. Where you still have simple city tour of the city. Then rest in the Ambiance and comfortable accommodations of the park as you get ready for the fun filled task full days ahead.

Day 2:   Morning transfer to Momela Gate (1500m) to start the climb as you hike through the dense forests of Mariakamba which give you the cool welcoming sign of having made it to the , 3 hours walk gets you to Mariakamba Hut. Afternoon explore the Meru Crater as you have an amazing view of Mount Kilimanjaro from a distance having a wonderful experience. Overnight at Mariakamba Hut.

Day 3:   Climb to Saddle Hut which will take about three hours along the steep Saddle walls as your viewing lots of different sites and the high attitude environment creates a simple calm but very cold environment. Explore Little Meru (3820m), a 1 ½ hour climb in the afternoon. Overnight at Saddle Hut. For refreshments

4 Days Mountain Meru Adventure safari
Saddle Hut

Day 4:   Early morning ascend to the summit of Mount Meru (4566m) which will take up to 5 hours and then return to Mariakamba Hut for overnight OR descend to Momela Gate (7 hours).

The Mount Meru Hiking adventure is a destination worthy of adding to your Africa travel destinations. As it is truly a life time experience worthy to create an amazing family or group bonding season as your work as a team to overcome the turf outstanding natures challenging obstacle which is also awarding at end of the day as your freshened up by sweet cool nature air and atmosphere you go across to the top of the Meru peak. Your to fly back home a whole fresh travel addict from our Explore Tanzania tours Mount Meru trip.

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