Serengeti National park Tourism Activities  : The tourism activities done in Serengeti National Park include hot air Balloon safaris, camping on Camp fires, game drives through the Serengeti Plains, Birding Watching Safaris and among others to thrill while Exploring Tanzania Tours 

Game drives

This is one of the tourism activities our visitors can enjoy during the trip on which game drives are normally undertaken in the morning and evening, the best times for this experience, but a visitor can opt for a full day drive with a packed picnic lunch.

Serengeti National park Tourism Activities
Game drives in Serengeti

Once in a safari vehicle, you can enjoy unlimited spectacular attractions within the park, and some of these include the great migration, seeing the dense lion population, and bird watching, which are the best experiences.

Hot air balloon safaris

After getting to enjoy the aerial view of Serengeti, the sunrise over the endless plains, coming to a treetop view, seeing animals before they seek cover to escape the heat of the day, and upon coming down, you will be tested with a glass of champagne and a late breakfast with your fellows. A hot air balloon safari starts early in the morning and ends with a champagne breakfast in the African wilderness.


Camping activities are available in both public and special campsites, as are relays on visitors’ interests. Public campsites involve camping in areas with full amenities and facilities, while special campsites are do it yourself and lack amenities and facilities such as kitchens, toilets, and showers. Campfires

This is one of the beautiful activities that can be done by visitors to make them enjoy themselves. It’s done at the campfire ground to keep visitors warm while enjoying miraculous dances, storytelling, drinking and exchanging contacts. For sure, it’s a lovely experience never to be missed.

Bird watching  

A bird trip is a slow activity because it involves walking slowly approaching birds for identification. Early in the morning and late in the evening are the best times for bird watching, though it can be done the entire day moving with a packed lunch. In Serengeti national park, bird watching can be done throughout the year, though the best time is from November to April when it’s their breeding period.

Serengeti National park Tourism Activities
Birding in Serengeti

Bush meals  

A family bush meal on the beautiful plains of Serengeti is an amazing experience to remember while on your honeymoon or even having fun with your friends.

Tourism sinks  

These include designed special areas that provide a chance for visitors to stretch and see things around them, thus coming close to nature.

Walking safaris

Walking safaris are accompanied by an armed ranger due to the high concentration of carnivores.

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