Zanzibar Island

Zanzibar Island : Zanzibar is one the most beautiful and smartest destination for visitors, it’s an Island in the Indian Ocean with a population of approximately 1.7 million in the year 2021. Trip to Zanzibar has never been of regret or disappointment as every visitor visiting Zanzibar departure with an endless smile of joy, too much beautiful experience obtained by tourist make them wants to stay on the island for the most time, and if not staying then it’s coming back to enjoy again, put it in short Zanzibar Island is the destination that goes beyond visors expectation.

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Plenty of Attractions, Including Cool beaches, Cultural tourism, Historical Information beyond that number of accommodation from luxurious to simple makes Zambia enjoyable for visitors. In short, Zanzibar maintains your smile from morning during refreshment tonight during bedding.


It only takes 20 minutes flight from Dar Es Salaam Airport on which is the major and leading point of flight from all over the world. The other option is through water transport by using either sheep from Dar es Salaam via the Indian Ocean direct to Zanzibar.


Unguja, being the largest of all islands in Zanzibar, is 85km in length and 39km wide

Pemba, located 48km north of Zanzibar and is Smaller in size compared to its sister Unguja.

Mafia, The Island that offers the best diving in the world. Other Islands in Zanzibar includes Chumbe Island, Mnembe Island, and Thanda Island,

Zanzibar Island
Pemba Island


Dry season ranging from June or July to September or October has been the best and very popular time to travel, However, due to cool regular sunshine and balmy weather this island can be visited at most times of the year


Exceptional tourism activities making Zanzibar trip unforgettable, In short from Zanzibar Island you will get a chance for Snorkeling at Pemba island and the East to North coast of Zanzibar, Also Diving on Pemba island being an amazing place for divers, Not only that but also Zanzibar offers a chance for visitors in love with interacting with nature on which Jozani forest tour give you beautiful time to enjoy the nature, Other activities includes Spice tour, Prison Island Tour, and Stone Town tour for history and culture experience.


Fantastic beautiful beaches such as Nungwi and Kendwa the best beach found in the north of Zanzibar, Pongwe beach located at East, Matemwe in North-East, and Paje and Dongwe located East of Zanzibar.

Zanzibar Island
Nungwi Beach


Zanzibar is full of accommodations, from luxury hotels to simple ones depending on visitors’ interests and budget. These hotels can be categorized into three categories is Luxurious hotels to Mid-range hotels to budgeted hotels

On which budgeted hotels are more affordable to visitors, and these include Pongwe beach hotel, Sunshine hotel, and breezes hotel

While Mid-range hotels are more beautiful compared to budgeted hotels, and these include Palms hotel, Zuri and Matemwe hotel

And lastly, luxury hotels are more beautiful, well organized, and have plenty of facilities compared to mid-range and budgeted hotels, these include Klindi hotel. Xanadu Hotel, Zawadi hotel, Baraza hotel, and White sands hotel. In summary, all categories of mentioned hotels are beautiful and make you feel comfortable but they do differ in ranking with luxury being of higher rank compared to mid-range and budgeted

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