Top 3 Tourist Destinations to visit from June to October : High season in tourism is considered the ideal time to travel, and most tourist attractions are packed with visitors’ safari vehicles during this time. The tourist high season is about the same all around the world, with Europe, America, and Africa all considering it to be from nearly June to October. Safaris are best done during this period because there are more things to see, attractions, and tourist activities to keep guests entertained while on safari in the various tourist places they have booked. Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and other African countries provide a plethora of tourist attractions where you may enjoy a safari tour during the peak tourism season of 2022 and make your safari holiday memorable.

Hiking / Trekking Safari in Tanzania

Since it is the best time to travel, most visitors are still hesitant and attempting to figure out where to go and travel during the 2022 tourism high season in order to have a memorable safari vacation with fewer or no regrets. It’s a smart question to ask yourself before reserving any safari trip so you don’t end up regretting your decision to visit a lousy tourist destination that doesn’t suit your safari interests. In this article, we will address your concerns and ensure that you select the most appropriate and greatest safari tourist spot for your holiday tour. Where should you go in the tourist high season of 2022? Without a doubt, East Africa is the best area to go and visit in this year’s tourism high season, which runs from June to October.

For a long time, East Africa has been recognized as a tourist paradise, with six countries, nearly four of which make the list of ten African countries that are well-known and attract the largest number of tourists each year. Why should you travel to East Africa during the peak tourism season of 2022? It’s because these countries are close to each other, making it simple to connect your safari from one to the next, Top 3 Tourist Destinations to visit from June to October . However, don’t forget that these countries are blessed with larger and higher-quality tourist attractions, as well as tourist activities, which can make your safari holiday unforgettable. For example, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy birding safaris, wildlife safaris, and hiking safaris during your visit to these countries. The top three countries/tourist locations to visit in east Africa during the tourism high season of 2022 to make your safari more distinctive and exceptional are listed below.

  1. Visit Uganda and Rwanda for gorilla and chimpanzee trekking.

These two countries are well-known as the top safari destinations not just in Africa, but throughout the world, for chimp trekking safaris and tours. Include them in your safari itinerary as the first or second stop during this peak tourism season. They are well connected to other east African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, making it easy for you to go to other safari locations once your vacation in these two countries is completed. When arranging your safari journey in these countries, know that there are three prominent chimp trekking places in Uganda: Kibale Forest National Park, Murchison Falls National Park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Uganda Chimp trekking is the best way to experience chimps because the forest has high population densities and sightings are common. There is no doubt that you will enjoy your 2022 tourism high season safari in these three national parks.

Top 3 Tourist Destinations to visit from June to October
Chimpanzee Tours

Rwanda, as well. Chimpanzees can be found in Nyungwe National Park (Nyungwe and Cyamudongo forests) and Gishwati Mukura national park, among other places. Nyungwe National Park is home to the most chimps (around 400) and other primates (13 species in total). If you prefer tourist activities such as chimpanzee trekking, this is the finest destination to spend your 2022 tourism high season visit. If these two sites for chimp trekking do not satisfy you, you can travel to Congo or Tanzania to visit Gombe National Park and Mahale Mountainous National Park, respectively.

  1. Visit Tanzania for wildlife safari, hiking safari, and beach safari.

You can’t mention Africa when it comes to tourism, and you don’t even mention Tanzania in your entire/complete tale. Tanzania is not the best safari destination in Africa today or tomorrow, but it has been and will continue to be for a long time. Tanzania offers it all, not only for wildlife safaris like other nations, but also for all kinds of safaris like beach safaris, city tours, birding safaris, climbing safaris, and so on. In summary, tourist experts believe that Tanzania has it all and your safari would not be complete without a visit to this tourist paradise during the peak tourism season of 2022. It is not necessary, but it is critical, to include Tanzania in your 2022 high season safari itinerary if you want your safari to be excellent, unforgettable, and without any regrets.

In your 2022 tourism high season visit to Tanzania, you will get the chance to enjoy wildlife safaris more, especially the most well-known great wildebeest migration in the Serengeti national park together with the big fives. If that does not blow your mind, then head to Garden of Eden in Ngorongoro for more wildlife and landscape safaris. If you are still not satisfied, then head to Lake Manyara national park for tree-climbing lions and finish in the Tarangire national park to enjoy the largest herds of elephants. All of these wildlife attractions are close to each other, so don’t worry about how you will visit them all or combine them all in your safari itinerary.

Go hiking at Africa’s icon, Mount Kilimanjaro, during your Tanzania tourism high season visit in 2022. Mount Kilimanjaro is known as the African icon since it is not only Africa’s largest peak, but also the world’s largest free-standing mountain. This snow-capped peak, Africa’s biggest peak, takes around 8 to 9 days to summit. Because it is an African icon, a photo session in this location is a must on each safari to Africa. Finally, you can include Zanzibar Island in your safari itinerary for the 2022 tourism high season by relaxing on the world’s most stunning beaches with white sands and additional watersports. If your budget is limited, staying in Tanzania and taking all of your safaris is recommended because the country has it all, and you can do all of your safaris without having to cross the country to visit other countries. However, if your pocket and safari budget allow it, it is preferable to visit all of East Africa’s countries because each has its own culture and test.

Top 3 Tourist Destinations to visit from June to October : High season in tourism is considered the ideal time to travel, and most tourist attractions are packed with visitors' safari vehicles
Changuu Island

Go to Kenya for more wildlife safaris, hiking safaris, city tours, and cultural tours.

Kenya is another east African country that makes the top ten list of top tourist destinations in Africa and is one of the places with the most attractions and the highest number of visitors each year. Kenya is not only famed for tourism; it is also one of the most developed countries in East Africa, featuring Nairobi Metropolis, Africa’s most beautiful city. Kenya is another excellent country to visit during your 2022 tourism high season visit to round out your safari itinerary. You will be able to enjoy a wildlife safari in Kenya because the country contains some of the best national parks in Africa, ranking among the top ten. The Maasai Mara National Reserve is one of the top national parks in Kenya to visit since it is rich in animals and shares an ecosystem with Africa’s most famous park, the Serengeti. In addition, if you missed it on your Serengeti-Tanzania safari, you can see the huge wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara.

Another thing to do while in Kenya is hike Mount Kenya, one of Africa’s best mountains, as well as take a cultural trip and a city tour of Nairobi, Kenya’s largest and capital city. Finally, end your safari itinerary by relaxing at Diani Beach, one of Africa’s best and cleanest beaches, Top 3 Tourist Destinations to visit from June to October .

From June to October, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya are the most preferred and recommended safari destinations to visit during your high season safari break, as these destinations combined make your safari tour one of the greatest ever. They are close to one another and well connected by all modes of transportation, allowing them to be combined into a single safari itinerary and visited as part of a tourist safari package. Also, their people are more warm and inviting, making you feel at ease once you arrive in these countries; peace is their first priority, so don’t be concerned about your safety; and, above all, they are inexpensive, making them accessible regardless of your safari budget.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on where to visit/travel for your 2022 tourism peak season safari tour, as well as for further details and planning of your safari holiday to make your tour unique and unforgettable.

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