Things to do in Tanzania on a Budget Safari : Tanzania is an equatorial, landlocked nation in East Africa. In the north, it shares a border with Uganda; in the west, with the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and in the south, with Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique.

Due to many attractions such as the great wildebeest migrations in the Serengeti national park, the big fives in Ngorongoro crater, Tree climbing lions in Lake Manyara national park, Mount meru in Arusha national park, mount Kilimanjaro in Kilimanjaro national park, chimpanzee and gorilla trekking in mahale and Gombe national park and beautiful beaches in Zanzibar island, Tanzanian safari vacations seems very pricey. With Focus East Africa Tours, there is a low-cost safari available for everyone at any time. Explore interesting landscapes and marvel at wonderful creatures on a low-cost safari vacation in Tanzania.

Many people who plan a Tanzania low-cost safari worry that they will skip out on experiences while traveling because they don’t have as much money to spend. This need not be the case, though. In truth, there is still a lot to see and do in Tanzania if you are taking a cheap safari. Tanzania provides visitors with a wide range of recreational opportunities, such as bird watching, hiking, biking, golfing, cultural tours, water sports and camping. However, Tanzania’s breathtaking safaris are the main attraction. The most incredible wildlife in Africa may be viewed on a cheap safari in Tanzania. Here are five incredible safari activities in Tanzania that are affordable.

Take a group tour

The most crucial thing to keep in mind before embarking on a Tanzania safari tour is that the cost will decrease the larger the group that you travel with. Booking a group safari tour has the advantage that it won’t limit what you can see; rather, you’ll be able to take in all the excitement and bustle that comes from other travelers.

Bed Down Under the Stars

Now, we don’t necessarily mean outside, in the open, under the stars, as this could be risky in some places due to dangerous animals such as lions and leopards that are present in the park. But it’s a lot of fun to sleep in a tent. It will not only enable you to save money because this is a more affordable method of lodging reservation, but it is also totally immersive. You will be surrounded by all the local sounds, which will make the experience more memorable for you.

Plan your route and time carefully.

If you’re on safari and attempting to stay within a certain spending limit, you’ll want to make the most of your time. Your expenses will rise in direct proportion to the amount of travel required. This is much better for you if you can keep everything meticulously planned out, including routes and times. Consider grouping similar experiences together to help you have the best time ever.

Things to do in Tanzania on a Budget Safari
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Try local food.

There are several methods to reduce these expenditures and eating out of your accommodation may be an inexpensive component of any vacation. Trying out regional grocery stores and, in particular, going to Tanzanian markets is a terrific opportunity to experience some of the most delectable regional cuisine while also keeping your expenses to a minimum, Things to do in Tanzania on a Budget Safari.

Think about what is most important to you.

It is imperative that, if you have a tight budget, you consider what sights are the most crucial for you to see while in Tanzania and what you can go without. A bucket list can help you organize your time and finances while ensuring that you see everything on your list. It is feasible to book a cheap safari in Tanzania, and with a little careful consideration and planning, you can still enjoy the best experience possible in the breathtaking natural surroundings.


Group safaris, camping safaris, and self-drive safaris are the least expensive safari options in Tanzania. Group safaris: These are typically less expensive than private safaris, but they obviously offer less privacy and freedom. Increasing the number of people on a private, customized safari can lower the cost of the safari. To try and save costs, the kind of lodging and activities might also be changed.

Camping safaris: Because lodges in national parks are pricey, the cost is unquestionably a camping safari’s major advantage. Travelers can save hundreds of dollars without sacrificing their desire to go on a safari, Things to do in Tanzania on a Budget Safari

Self-drive camping safaris: For the truly adventurous and thrifty traveler, Tanzania offers the possibility of a self-drive camping vacation. A few businesses also rent out vehicles and camping supplies to tourists traveling to Tanzania for a safari.

Self-drive tourists will typically have to make their own camping reservations and travel plans. However, there are certain businesses that, upon request, can help with both the camping reservations and the equipment rentals.


Booking for the off-peak travel seasons is one of the best methods to reduce costs for a cheap safari to Tanzania. When particular attractive regions see the most visitors during peak seasons, hotel owners and tour operators frequently raise their fees. Therefore, it is preferable to plan your inexpensive Tanzanian safari during a time when both tourist numbers and prices are at their lowest.


December: Although the first two weeks of the month are thought to be incredibly underestimated, they actually represent one of the best times to travel to Tanzania. Early in December, there may be less demand, which might lead to good offers and exclusive off-peak rates. After the November rains, the landscape will also be incredibly lush, and safaris can be scheduled to coincide with the typical afternoon showers.

March–April (low season): There are several benefits to visiting Tanzania during March and April, often known as the “long-rains” season, if you’re up for an adventure. Heat and humidity, as well as afternoon showers, will affect your travel. However, costs have significantly dropped, and since crowds have thinned out, you’ll enjoy exhilarating wildlife sightings to yourself, Things to do in Tanzania on a Budget Safari

The shoulder season: which runs from January through February, is frequently disregarded. These months typically experience a dry period, making them a good time to book a trip because they include lush, green plains and fewer tourists. During this time, The Serengeti National park is currently experiencing wildebeest calving season, and festive season rates have also decreased.

Conclusion: It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for your trip to Tanzania to be the most memorable of your life. You will undoubtedly leave this wonderful country with a heart full of happiness regardless of budget if you take your love with you wherever you go. Visiting Tanzania alone gives you the best chance to develop more meaningful relationships with locals and other visitors. Think about what matters most to you when lying under the stars with loved ones after enjoying some local cuisine. This will help you plunge deeply into the lovely unknown. Tanzania is the place where dreams become reality, and at Focus East Africa Tours, we assist you in opening the door for your aspirations to materialize. Get in touch with us right away to begin organizing your next life-altering trip to Tanzania.

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