Where is the herds of wildebeest migration now? The Great Migration, as it is known, is the migration of a million or more wildebeest from Tanzania’s Serengeti national park to Kenya’s Masai Mara Reserve. It is one of the most stunning and exhilarating displays of wildlife behavior anywhere on the planet. Every year, the animals’ basic instincts guide them towards healthier pastures as the climatic rain fall patterns across the Serengeti-Maasai Mara eco system guide them. The wildebeest migration is an unexpected phenomenon that migrates based on meteorological conditions, and as the weather changes, the migration movement changes as well. If you’re planning a safari and want to experience the great wildebeest migration, understanding where the migration herds are is the first step.

It’s difficult to predict where the migration will be at any given time, but if you stick with us, we’ll provide you with all the details and information you need every month and year.

Where is the wildebeest migration now? This is an excellent question to ask yourself before booking a safari excursion to see the wildebeest migration in Tanzania or Kenya. Because the migration is an unexpected event whose movement varies from year to year, knowing where they are now is the greatest thing to know before planning your safari trip because it will allow you to visit the exact location where the migration is taking place. However, because Focus East Africa Tours is a local safari company operating in Kenya and Tanzania, where the migration occurs, there is no need to be concerned; instead, keep an eye on our websites and social media pages for daily updates on the wildebeest migration’s progress, and make sure you plan your safari tour to visit the migration herds.

Where is the wildebeest Migration Now?
Where is the wildebeest Migration Now?

What is the status of the wildebeest migration? / Where is the head of wildebeest migration now? The great wildebeest migration herds have already left different parts of the Serengeti National Park. The migration has already left the southern Serengeti in the Ndutu area. They have also passed the western Serengeti, and as of now (June, July 2022), the wildebeest migration herds are in the central Serengeti and will soon be getting ready for the river crossing on the Grumeti and mara River.

The Great Migration will leave the middle Serengeti in July 2022 and travel to the Grumeti region and northern Serengeti, where they will be staring attentively at the hazardous waters of the Grumeti and Mara Rivers, which they must cross into Kenya. If you wish to go now but don’t know where the migratory herds are, the answer is that they are leaving central Serengeti soon and preparing to cross the river. This is the ideal month to visit the Serengeti since it is the best month to see river crossings on both the Mara and the Grumeti rivers. Mid-July is the best time to visit because this is when the migration officially begins, with the larger herds of wildebeest moving into the Masai Mara. The migration lasts until the end of August, then slows down until mid-September.

Where will the migratory herds be in August of 2022? The wildebeest migration herds will still be in the difficult portion of their voyage, the river crossing, in July, and now is still the greatest time to visit the Serengeti and Maasai Mara in Kenya, as the herds may now be seen in both areas. In August, the herds will be up north, crossing the Mara River between Kogatende and the Lamai Wedge. This is the best time to witness the river crossings since even if the wildebeest are late, they will have arrived in the Kogatende area.

Where will the wildebeest migration be In September 2022? The migrating herds have already completed the most dangerous phase of their journey—river crossings—in September 2022, and the larger herds have already arrived in Kenya’s Maasai Mara national reserve. The herds are divided into smaller groups since not all wildebeests travel to Kenya. Only around half of the animals remain in the northern Serengeti, with the rest swapping combat stories in the Masai Mara.

 While wildebeest can still be observed in the Serengeti, they are declining in numbers (albeit not in the mega-herds). In September, the Masai Mara is the best place to see the Great Migration. So, if you’re planning a safari tour in September and want to see the wildebeest migration, we recommend going to Kenya’s Masai Mara national reserve rather than the Serengeti national park. While the herds can still be seen in the Serengeti in September, the largest herds, nearly 80% of the herds, can be seen in Kenya’s Masai Mara national reserve.

Where will the wildebeest migratory herds be In October 2022? If you want to watch the great wildebeest migration in October 2022, the Maasai Mara is still the best place to go. Although some of the migrating herds can still be observed in the southern Serengeti, across western Loliondo and the Serengeti National Park’s Lobo area, we recommend visiting Maasai Mara National Reserve in October if you want to witness the greatest wildebeest herds during this season.

Where will the wildebeest herds be in November and December 2022? The migrating herds will begin their movement cycle again in November 2022, when they will leave Kenya’s Maasai Mara and return to Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. The short rains begin in early November, and the wildebeest migration herds arrive on the Serengeti’s short-grass plains a few weeks later, in late November and December. These are located south and east of Seronera, around Ndutu, and encompass the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s northwestern portion.

The migration herds will have already left Kenya in December and will be in Ndutu areas near the Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation areas. This is the rainy season in this area, so there is enough pasture for them to survive while they prepare to give birth to their first child in January and February. We cannot recommend that you book and visit during this period because it is pouring and your safari could be ruined at any time.

Where is the wildebeest Migration Now?
Wildebeest Migration

Conclusion, keep in mind that the wildebeest migration herds are an unpredictable event, as the movement may differ from year to year due to varying weather conditions, so knowing where the migration herds are is the first and best thing you should know before making any reservations to visit the location where the migrations occur, and how do you know where the migrations are? You must ask the locals in Kenya and Tanzania where the migration takes place, and lucky for you, Focus East Africa Tours is a local company operating in both Kenya and Tanzania, so we know more about the migration and where it is. Stay in touch with us every day as we will be updating all the events of the migration, but do not hesitate to ask any questions if you have any.

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