Tanzania Safaris with Kids : Tanzania is one of the fully independent countries on the globe. It is located in the eastern part of Africa. It serves as a member of some regional integrations. Some of them are like the East African Community making a total number of six member states. Tanzania is also one of the influential members of the Southern African Development Community that serves as a socio-economic development community for southern African countries.

Most Tanzanians are children and youth who spend their entire life enjoying themselves in their motherland. Tanzania is so attractive for people of all ages, sizes, colors, races, and any other factor that can be considered important in the attraction of tourism activities. So, it is conducive and favorable for children, youth, elders, families, couples, and all other relatives.

Tanzania has been recognized for several decades as a peace-island all over the world. It is one of the finest and most peaceful nations that can attract anyone from anywhere on the planet to spend their time enjoying and refreshing. That is why people from all over the world should visit the United Republic of Tanzania. There are so many things that Tanzania is endowed with and for sure they will leave you open-minded. Here are just a sample of some of the top attractions in the United Republic of Tanzania that will surprise everyone while on Tanzania tours.

  1. The great animal migration;

Tanzania is endowed with full of wonders and many other amazing things, especially the wildlife experiences that are living in various national reserves and national parks in the country. One of the amazing things about these wild animals is their movement or migration from one place to another. For instance; a million herds of wildebeest cross the great plain of the Serengeti national park when searching for fresh and green grasses. They also brave the predators and others about perilous river crossing. So, the wildebeest migration acts as one of the forces for both the domestic as well as the international tourists to come and visit our country. The famous national park and reserve for the wild migrating in Tanzania is in the Tanzania famous and finest national park; Serengeti national park.

Tanzania Safaris with Kids
game drives in serengeti national park
  1. The Kilimanjaro Mountain;

This is one of the strongest forces towards the attraction of tourism activities in the country. Kilimanjaro Mountain is located in the North-Eastern part of Tanzania. This mountain makes the popularity of the northern region of Kilimanjaro which has an interesting historical background. Kilimanjaro Mountain is the highest mountain in Tanzania, East Africa, and Africa at large and can also be seen from far into one of the famous east African states known as Kenya. Mount Kilimanjaro is representing the powerful lifestyles and forces for the local tribe of Chagga people and all other people who have made their lives and settlements around the great mountain. Mount Kilimanjaro is also famous for its ability to provide rich volcanic mineral soils for agricultural activities. Again, Kilimanjaro Mountain is a lifelong and endless source of pure spring water. It is approximated that almost about 75,000 people are climbing Mount Kilimanjaro every year.  The mountain is still one of the awesome inspiring sights to behold and highly recommended and appreciated for anyone having a vague interest in mountaineering in our country.

  1. The Zanzibar islands;

Zanzibar is one of the famous places for tourism activities in countries. Zanzibar gained independence a few years after the independence of Tanganyika. They later on in 1964 joined to form Tanzania as the result of the union of the two independent states; Tanganyika and Zanzibar. So, from there Zanzibar has been one of the famous islands for tourisms activities where people from the globe are likely to spend their time refreshing, enjoying, and learning the islands. Zanzibar is endowed with a lot of attractive features that appear to be pleasant and attractive to visitors since in time memorial. These features are both natural and man-made. Zanzibar Island is full of white sand beaches which in general make Zanzibar to be recognized as the spice island all over the world. People from Europe, China, Asia, Arabic other African countries as well as other parts of the world sail their vessels daily to visit Zanzibar Island. Zanzibar also is so attractive for business and trading activities that acts as an attractive force for the Arabs and other countries in the world that are more interested in trading activities.  These businessmen come and seek areas for investing in the island in different sectors especially marine activities and other socio-economic activities. Due to this, the government of Zanzibar promotes so many tourist activities in the country since it is one of the significant sources of national income in the country.

Tanzania Safaris with Kids
Stone town
  1. The cultural and traditional food and eating style;

Most of the foodstuffs available in Tanzania are traditional African-oriented food. They also have a stronger influence on the Arabic and Indian styles. These kinds of foreign food are dominant, especially in the coastal zone and Zanzibar Island. While surrounded by the ocean, Zanzibar Island is commonly known for its seafood. Zanzibar has hotels that offer fantastic varieties of fresh seafood menus. One of the popular places that are very famous for offering fantastic food on the island is the stone town food market. This is mostly done during the night. The stone town food market offers various delicious foodstuff. When you visit it, you will also be able to meet the traditional way of life of the local people and their traditions.

  1. Conducive environment and favorable accommodation infrastructures;

Tanzania is popular for providing visitors with a variety of choices to make when it comes to the issue of accommodation. Various places offer conducive and attractive accommodation infrastructures in the country. Some of them are like the accommodation infrastructures offered at Serengeti national park where various modern camps are built to cover the favor of the visitors. One can also be able to visit the Selous national park for the mainland. Again, Zanzibar islands offer a plethora of luxurious resorts such as the Hideaway of Ras Kutani and Nungwi respectively.

  1. The Maasai traditional way of life;

The Maasai people are one of the famous tribes in East Africa. They are popularly living in the southern part of Kenya and the northern part of Tanzania. They are more interested in living along the Great Rift Valley places on semi-arid as well as arid lands. The Maasai are well known for their traditional weaving style, especially the red cloth that they wear which is popularly called Shuka. The Maasai people have very powerful and highly energetic customs that allow nobody to intervene them. They are very kind and charming to the extent that they are openly welcoming visitors to their areas to experience their culture and the traditional way of living.

Tanzania Safaris with Kids
The Maasai People
  1. Various attractive wildlife and birdlife species;

Tanzania like some other countries has the largest concentration and diversity of animals and bird species. There are more than 1000 bird species to spot in the country. Also, Tanzania is considered a home to several national parks and reserves. The most and popular ones are Serengeti national park, Ngorongoro national park, Tarangire national park. Selous national park and some more others.

  1. The Ngorongoro crater and national park;

This crater is considered the jewel in the crown of a country. The Ngorongoro crater is the largest intact and volcanic caldera in the world. The crater is also surrounded by a lot of animal and bird species which makes it a must-visit place in the country. This crater has made the country so proud since it is one of the famous attractions for tourist activities. The Ngorongoro crater is performing very well towards promoting tourist activities in our country in the entire globe. People from various places may come and visit it which results in the expansion of national income and the improvement of living standards of the people.

  1. The western and southern safari parks;

The named areas in the country are some of the few places with a lot of tourist attractions to the extent that most people are attracted to visit them to thrill while on Tanzania Safaris Tours. The Southern and western part of Tanzania has very famous national parks and reserves that attract millions of visitors to visit them daily.  The southern parks for example the Selous and Ruaha national parks offer seriously good wildlife as compared to other parts of the country like the northern part of the country. Also, the remotest western parks of Mahale and Katavi national parks offer great and attractive life experiences to visitors.

  1. The chimpanzees in Mahale national park;

This is the small and remote national park in the country. The mountains of Mahale national park are found in the western part of Tanzania and the lakeshore of Tanganyika.  Chimpanzee is one of the famous animals having their habitats in Mahale national park. Seeing them is one of the most attractive features that attract many visitors to come to the place and visit it.

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