Exploring Tanzania Tourism in Two weeks : There are many choices on the safari trip to Africa, but if you want to feel a thrilling experience in a two safari, you can visit Tanzania. A trip to Tanzania is superb, as it will reward you with both a high-class adventure and gaining enough knowledge about wildlife. You will be able to see incredible wildlife and scenery during the first-week trip, and you can visit beaches in Zanzibar in the second week to complete a happy journey.

Five Beaches you should Never Miss visiting during your Zanzibar-Tanzania Safari


Serengeti and The Great Migration: When people think of Safaris, most they’re referring to the ones from Tanzania in East Africa, such as Serengeti and The Great Migration. Serengeti National Park is the most well-known destination for African safari vacations due to the diversity of wildlife found within the park. It is among the Wonders of Africa and a World Heritage site, the home to the big 5, and more than 2000 species of animals and plants. It is also one of the cheapest National Parks in Tanzania. The Serengeti National Park is known for many exciting things. On a safari in Serengeti, you will see many of Africa’s iconic wildlife, such as Lions, Zebras, Leopards, Wildebeest, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos, Crocodiles, Rhinos, and so on surrounding the park. Northern Serengeti of Tanzania have slightly different landscapes, and animals like wildebeests are in millions in the Serengeti.

Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park is home to animals that can be seen all year long, including buffalo, wildebeest, zebra, lion, elephant, impala, hippos, baboons, giraffes, warthogs, waterbucks, and eland. An extremely accessible wilderness, Mikumi National Park is sometimes compared to the well-known Serengeti National Park because of the Makata Flood Plain. Excellent prospects for observing wildlife exist in the Makata flood plain, which is best for seeing wild dogs, spotted leopards, and elands, the antelope in the world. Mikumi is 350 km from Dar es Salaam, about a 4 to 5-hour drive

Ngorongoro Crater: The Ngorongoro Crater is within the Great Rift Valley of East Africa. It has a bowl-like shape holding the largest population of wild animals. It also neighbors Serengeti national park, considered a world heritage site for wildlife. In addition, more activities within the Ngorongoro crater are photographic safari, hiking the Rift Valley, bird watching, Hot air Balloon Safari, nature walks, game drives, visiting the Maasai community, and trekking the Olduvai Gorge. Here are the attractions in Ngorongoro, Exploring Tanzania Tourism in Two weeks

Big Five: There are not many national parks in Africa where you get a chance to see all of the Big Five in one place. The Ngorongoro crater is home to the famous African Big 5 (Lions, Leopards, Black Rhinoceros, Cape Buffalo, and Elephants). Going for a morning and evening game drive in the Ngorongoro Crater, you will see all the African Big Five in their natural habitat.

African Tusker Elephants: Large herds of tusker elephants of more than 50 years live in Ngorongoro crater. The big five African Tusker elephants are those individual elephants with long tusks almost touching the ground. It is hard to see these giants in other National Parks of African countries because of majority are killed by poachers for their lucrative ivory. The African tusker elephants are seen only in the Ngorongoro conservation area (NCA) of Northern Tanzania. Seeing these big elephant bulls is very impressive. Many safari goers fall in love with these massive tuskers and even choose them to be their favorite animals. The Lerai forest of Ngorongoro is a home for big African tusker elephants. The tusker elephants often spend most of their time grazing around Lerai forests. These old elephant bulls have survived in Lerai for more than 40 years. More than 75 big bull tusker elephants are on the floor of the Ngorongoro crater.

Exploring Tanzania Tourism in Two weeks
Ngorongoro crater

Hippo Pond: The hippo pond has quite a large group of African Hippos, and it is a great place to spot and take pictures of the hippos in and out of the water. This place is where all of the jeeps converge and stop for lunch. You are allowed to get out of your vehicle to get coffee, drinks, and snacks. Even on a sunny day, the crater floor looks cool.

The Empakai Crater: Empakai crater is on the highlands of Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA). It is the second largest Crater in Northern Tanzania after the Ngorongoro Crater. The size measurements of the Empakai crater are 300 meters in height, 6 kilometers in width, and 8 kilometers in diameter. Something unique about the Empakai Crater is that it separates you from crowds of other safari visitors in Ngorongoro Craters. Therefore, it is a world wonder of great privacy. The Crater is not worldwide famous but contains favorite nature vegetation and some activities to experience.


Kendwa Rock Beach 

Kendwa Rocks are in the north of Zanzibar Island. Kendwa Rocks are on a beautiful beach and have a decent party atmosphere at night. About 3km away from Nungwi is Kendwa Beach. Kendwa beach is best known for its full moon parties at Kendwa Rocks. The moon party is a drunken occasion on the Saturday closest to the full moon. If you’re not into partying, don’t worry! The beach still boasts bright blue and turquoise colors with white sand beaches making it a solid contender for the best beach in Zanzibar, Exploring Tanzania Tourism in Two weeks

Kendwa provides stunning topography for guests with “Rasta Jamaica “vibes. Kendwa Beach is hands down one of the most beautiful beaches ever been. For good views and happy deals, it is enthusiastically recommendable to take accommodations in Haven Guest Lodge, Riu Palace, Zuri Hotel, Kendwa Rocks, Gold of Zanzibar, and Maru Maru rooftop hotel bar in Stone Town, both with Prices around USD$30 per night.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

One of the best beaches in northern Zanzibar is Nungwi Beach. Nungwi is beautiful. Popular things to do in Nungwi are to visit the aquarium or take a sunset dhow ride. It is the best and most famous destination for travelers, Exploring Tanzania Tourism in Two weeks. Nugwi is located on the northern Island and is domicile to a great variety of beaches, bars, and clubs such as Riu Palace, My Blue Hotel, Royal of Zanzibar, and Amaan Bungalows. It is on the North coast of Zanzibar and is one of the stormiest beaches you have ever visited. It is unique and has a beautiful sea breeze.

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