Kendwa Beach : This beach may be found in Zanzibar’s northwestern region (Unguja Island). Zanzibar Airport is 66.2 kilometers away, while Stone Town is 61.7 kilometers away from this beach. Kendwa Beach is regarded as the best beach in the Zanzibar Island and all of Tanzania. Kendwa beach is the ideal beach for swimming, snorkeling, diving, sunbathing, and a variety of other activities. The beach is home to a variety of colourful starfish, which provide snorkelers with an amazing snorkeling experience. When compared to other beaches, the ocean tides at Kendwa Beach do not alter and this is a distinctive feature of this beach.

Also, Kendwa Beach is famous for its Full Moon Party, which takes place every month at the Kendwa Rocks Hotel and is regarded as one of the best in the world. The beach is known for its famed party scene, which attracts visitors from all over the world, especially in the months of June, July, December, and January. The gastronomic offering is a wonderful mix of indigenous and international dishes, but it is slightly more expensive than other Zanzibar beaches.

Kitesurfing, diving, and snorkeling are just a few of the water sports available on the beach. The snorkeling cruises to Mnemba Island, in particular, are particularly popular with visitors. Beach volleyball facilities are available at many of the beach bars, which are primarily used by international visitors. If you want to unwind throughout the day, there are numerous sun loungers and hammocks where you can relax while getting a massage or sipping a fruity cocktail. If you’re a sucker for romantic sunsets, you’ll be in good company on this beach. Because the tides are quite weak here and there is no coral reef in front of it, you may swim well both at low and high tide.

Kendwa Beach
Kendwa Beach


The best alternative for international travelers is to fly directly to Zanzibar’s Abeid Aman Karume International Airport. Another option is to fly to Tanzania’s Julius Nyerere International Airport in Dar es Salaam or Kilimanjaro International Airport, then take a domestic flight to Zanzibar. After arriving at Zanzibar airport, you will be picked up by your company or hotel you booked with then you will be taken direct to the starting of your tour based on your agreed itinerary.

If you are alone without company  or hotel escort, after arriving at the Zanzibar international airport Then travel to the beach and hotel by taxi, rental car, bike, bus, or local Dala-Dala public transportation after arriving at the Zanzibar airport. From the archipelago, ferries to Tanzania are available; you can also book a “flying minibus” (an internal flight). By African standards, the service and facilities have been developed to a high standard.


A lovely sandy beach with turquoise waves and a variety of activities. Tourists and locals alike enjoy the lively environment in the evenings and the variety of water activities available during the day. Furthermore, Zanzibar’s laid-back lifestyle is celebrated here, and you may unwind with a massage or a nap in the hammock. Those looking for a quiet stroll will find some isolated spots to the south, where they can enjoy a stunning sunset in a romantic setting. Some of the things to do in Kendwa Beach include the following:

Enjoy the famous sunset Dhow cruise.

During your Zanzibar safari, this is one of the things to do in Kendwa. Dhows, wooden boats with a canvas sail, were first imported hundreds of years ago from Yemen. On the island, they continue to play a key role in transportation and fishing. A private or group cruise can be arranged through a hotel or any “beach boy.” Sunsets in Nungwi are just as spectacular as they are in Stone Town.

Enjoy your seafood dinner.

Nungwi offers a wide variety of seafood alternatives. Every restaurant has a fresh fish vendor, making it an ideal location for prawn or lobster dishes. Kendwa Rocks, Essence Restaurant, Mocco Beach Villa and Restaurant, The Jetty, Gold Zanzibar Restaurant, La Grande Luna, Fisherman’s Lokal Restaurant, Rooftops bar, and La Fontana Zanzibar are some of the best restaurants in Kendwa-Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Enjoy Kendwa Community Tours

The Kendwa community village tour is an ecotourism initiative organized by the local community in Kendwa to help you understand their culture. It is not enough to stay in hotels or sunbathe to get a better understanding of Kendwa; visiting Kendwa village gives you a better understanding of Kendwa and its people.

Enjoy Beach parties during the full moon

The remainder of the month is pretty calm, but each full moon, Kendwa turns up the volume with a boisterous beach party that attracts guests from all over the island. Kendwa’s full-moon celebrations are renowned, if a little over the top, and one of Zanzibar’s most popular attractions.

Sail with hope on dhow

Kendwa and Nungwi, Zanzibar’s Best Sailing Experience Have you opted to spend your Zanzibar vacation at Kendwa? Sail in a traditional Dhow is one of Zanzibar’s most spectacular tourist activity/experiences. Hope Dhow is one of the most gorgeous and elegant dhows in the vicinity. You may sail the coasts of Zanzibar in luxury while feeling very near to nature and being cared for by Hope Dhow’s wonderful crew of very experienced sailors. It was originally made using traditional methods and solid wood.

Kendwa Beach
Sail with hope on dhow

Beaches for swimming and relaxation

Compared to other beaches in Zanzibar, the beach at Kendwa is superior, and the deeper water on the northwestern strip means swimming is available all day; the island’s eastern beaches are nearly entirely tide-dependent. You will get a chance to relax on the clean and white sand beach of Kendwa, and if you like swimming, you can take your time and enjoy this water spot activity during your Kendwa-Zanzibar safari vacation.

Enjoy Babati beach boutique

There are so many adorable and handcrafted products in this business. A fantastic selection of flip flops, swimsuits, presents, coffee, art, and handcrafted Tanzanian handicrafts, among other things. It’s behind all of the big hotels on the main road as you enter Kendwa. Checking out is well worth the trip outside of the hotel complexes. In comparison to Western or European boutique prices, the prices are modest.


Although luxury hotels are now available in all Zanzibar beaches, Kendwa remains one of the greatest places on Zanzibar Island for quality, reasonable lodging, come here if you want to party. Kendwa rocks, Gold Zanzibar Beach House and Spa, Zuri Zanzibar, Natural Kendwa, Mocco Beach Villa, Royal Palm Kendwa, and others are some of the places where you can stay during your safari in Kendwa-Zanzibar.

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