Arusha City Tour : Located in the northern highlands of Tanzania, beneath the twin peaks of Mt. Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro, Arusha has been a tourist hub, main stop and junction point for most travelers visiting the Tanzania Northern Circuit attractions (Ngorongoro conservation area, Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara National Park, and Serengeti National Park) while Tanzania Tours. It’s also known as the safari capital of the country. Since it’s a main stop for many Tanzania safaris, visitors can take some time to enjoy some of the beautiful activities available in the city, which include

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v  Visiting the different monuments in Arusha, such as the Arusha declaration, the clock tower, the Ugandan war etc.

v  Visitors will have the opportunity to experience how Tanzanians, particularly those from Arusha, prepare foods such as barbecue (Nyama Choma – Swahili word), chips with eggs, Ugali with beans, beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, rice with beans, beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, and others by visiting restaurants and cafes that serve good organic coffee and tasty food from nearby farms. But also, visitors can take their time to taste the prepared food and create memories that will always last in their minds and brains.


Arusha City Tour
Arusha City Tour

v  Visiting local markets: visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy, experience, and purchase various local commodities (art and crafts) at a reduced price. These markets are operated by locals, and you can get a chance to negotiate and bargain the price.

v  Visiting natural history and political museums it’s a beautiful place in which visitors will get a chance to enjoy the natural history, wildlife, culture, and artifacts of the Arusha region in Tanzania. It has different separated partitions such as wildlife partitions, archaeological history partitions, and others for the history of the region’s events.

Visiting Maserani Snake Park, It is located on the route between Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro crater, 25 km west of Arusha city. It’s a fantastic place to visit where you will get a chance to see, enjoy, and learn more about snakes, from dangerous poisonous snakes to non-poisonous snakes. Examples of snakes you will encounter when you’re at Maserani include black mamba, green mamba, puff adders, Egyptian cobra and others. Not only will you get to see snakes, but you will 

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