Where to go for April 2022 Easter Holiday : Since Easter is approaching in April 2022, most people have been debating where they should travel for the Easter vacation and how they should spend their day off. During the Easter holiday in 2022, there will be numerous stunning sites and things to do and  Africa-Tanzania is the greatest safari destination for this Easter 2022, with both short-term and long-term spending places that will produce one-of-a-kind, unforgettable memories of the Easter vacation in 2022. Some people only need a one-week Easter break, while others who have more time will want a somewhat longer break of almost two weeks.

Tanzania is hosting the finest Easter holiday in 2022, with many attractions that appeal to a wide range of visitors, including couples, families, and friends of all ages. Tanzania is also the best Easter holiday in 2022 for both budget and luxury travelers who want to explore and enjoy their Easter break. The best attractions and destinations in Tanzania during the Easter vacation in 2022 are listed below.

The first place to book for the 2022 Easter holiday is Zanzibar Island in Tanzania.

This is one of the best places to go for April eater 2022, Zanzibar Island, known for its spices and the 19th-century slave trade, is much more than a stop on your 2022 Easter itinerary, and may be considered a destination in and of itself. What the island has to offer is a one-of-a-kind combination of outstanding beaches that appeal to a wide range of people, including honeymooners, couples, families, and friends, as well as interesting activities such as scuba diving, visiting a working spice farm and the cultural delights of Stone Town, with its Arabian fortresses and minarets, along its eastern edge.

Zanzibar can provide all of the attractions and tourist activities that most people desire, such as scuba diving, magnificent beaches, delicious seafood, and much more, thanks to its position, barrier reef, and amazing beaches. The spice tours on one of the small farms just outside Zanzibar Town provide a fascinating peek into why this island has become so famous, and there is a little forest in the interior called Jozani that includes indigenous red colobus monkeys for those who are a little restless.

Where to go for April 2022 Easter Holiday
Zanzibar island

What to do/things to do in Zanzibar during the Easter holiday in April 2022

Explore the stone town.

This is one of the things to do in Tanzania during the 2022 Eater Holiday; it’s a terrific spot for a journey to learn about the past history if you’re interested. Zanzibar’s Stone Town is an excellent example of a Swahili coastal commerce city in East Africa. It boasts a nearly intact urban fabric and townscape, as well as many outstanding buildings that reflect its unique civilization, which has brought together and homogenized various aspects of African, Arab, Indian, and European cultures over millennia.

 Visit Nungwi and Kendwa beaches.

If you don’t care for the previous life and history of Zanzibar’s stone town, there are plenty of other attractions and activities to keep you occupied. Exploring Zanzibar’s north beach resorts is well worth the 2022 Easter holiday delight and experience, whether you stay at Nungwi beach, Kendwa beach, or someplace along the East Coast. With a population of roughly 5,500 people, Nungwi is Zanzibar’s third-largest settlement, located in the far north of the island. It is the best place where you can relax on the astonishing white sand and enjoy the sun set or do some of the diving.

Watching the sunrise and sunset

Zanzibar is also known for its stunning sunrises and sunsets, and there are a number of unique locations to witness them. This is another thing to do while in Zanzibar for the 2022 Easter holiday, as you will be able to partake in this amazing activity that will undoubtedly leave an indelible impression on you. Stone Town, contrary to popular belief prior to arrival, is likely to be the most stunning site on the island to catch the final rays of the sun (sunset).

Apart from watching the sun set at Stone Town, the Africa House Hotel is an excellent place to see the last light of the day. The Sunset Lounge Balcony at the back of this unassuming hotel boasts a dynamic ambiance, comfy seating areas, and the perfect vantage point from which to watch the sun go down with a clear view of the horizon.

The northern beaches of Nungwi and Kendwa, on the other hand, are equally suitable because they both face west. Kendwa (also known as the Sundet Bungalows Hotel) has comfortable hammocks in front of the bar where you may enjoy sunset cocktails at Kendwa Beach, while the more southerly of the two beaches at Nungwi normally has the gentle sands to yourself.

Where to go for April 2022 Easter Holiday
Nungwi Beach

Go for diving and snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll.

This is another of the greatest things to do in Zanzibar during your Easter trip in 2022, with more people recommending snorkeling at Mnemba Atoll as the best “value for money” tour in the globe. Coral reefs encircle the Zanzibar archipelago, which is concealed in the Indian Ocean’s dazzling blue waters. Many are breathtakingly gorgeous and ideal for snorkeling and diving.

Simply put, Zanzibar is a diver’s paradise. It is an excellent diving location all year, with an average water temperature of 27 degrees Celsius and visibility of 20 to 60 meters. Zanzibar and its environs feature an outstanding number of snorkeling spots, similar to diving. The conditions and visibility in these locations are excellent practically all year round, making Zanzibar a snorkeler’s and diver’s paradise.

The second best place to go for the 2022 Easter holiday is the Northern Tanzania safari holiday.

This is another fantastic site to visit during the April 2022 Easter holiday, and it’s a good alternative for folks who want to get away from the beaches of Zanzibar and want to relax in a more distant location. The northern safari trip in Tanzania is more gratifying for nature enthusiasts and those who want to relax and organize their long or short-term plans after the Easter holiday.

Tanzania’s northern circuit safaris include a visit to a well-known national park with spectacular African bushes, where you can spend your 2022 Easter break in peace and comfort, away from town or city noises. Arusha national park, Tarangire national park, Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro conservation area, and Serengeti national park are among the national parks in northern Tanzania.

What to do/things to do during the April 2022 Easter holiday in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit

Go for a game drive

This is one of the coolest things you can do over the Easter vacation in 2022. When the cities and towns are crowded with people, you can choose to be a little different and avoid the crowds by going on a game drive or even a balloon safari in northern Tanzania bushes. This is one of the things that will stay in your mind because it is a memorable memory of doing something new that you have never done before, and you can also have your photographer take pictures and build an album for your 2022 Easter break in the bush to keep the memory alive.

Go for a romantic bush meal.

This is another excellent and one of the most amazing things to do during the 2022 Easter vacation in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, where, similar to a game drive, you can avoid the crowds of people in city hotels or resorts and go have lunch or supper in the bush with your friends or family.

Go for a guided nature walk.

Instead of strolling the city or beaches with enormous crowds, you can choose to be unique and avoid the crowds by taking a guided nature walk in one of Tanzania’s northern safari circuit parks, such as the Serengeti or Arusha national parks.

Boating and canoeing in the Lake Manyara national park, where you will be able to enjoy more water-loving species as well as the sunset, balloon safaris in the Serengeti and Nyerere national parks, where you will be able to enjoy your 2022 Easter holiday by animal viewing while in the air, bird watching, and other activities will make your 2022 Easter holiday unique and more enjoyable in Tanzania’s northern safari circuit.

Where to go for April 2022 Easter Holiday
Hot air balloon Tours

Apart from visiting Zanzibar Island and Tanzania’s northern safari circuit, another option for you to enjoy your 2022 holiday is to go on city tours. Tanzania is full of romantic cities with the hottest things to do, such as experiencing Tanzanian culture or going to night clubs if you need more exciting places. The most well-known cities in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, Arusha, Mwanza, and Dodoma, have more tourist attractions and activities for the 2022 Easter holiday delight.

Where to stay when visiting Tanzania (Zanzibar and Tanzania’s northern safari circuit) during this April 2022 Easter holiday

Tanzania, which is a beautiful destination for the 2022 Easter vacation, also boasts a range of hotels where guests can spend the night after a safari in those destinations. There are some excellent accommodations for visitors to enjoy their 2022 Easter holiday in Zanzibar, ranging from budget to mid-range to premium accommodations. The ZANZIBAR SERENA HOTEL, THE MELIA ZANZIBAR, THE RESIDENCE ZANZIBAR, BARAZA RESORT AND SPA, HOTEL RIU PALACE ZANZIBAR, DIAMONDS STAR OF THE EAST, CONSTANCE AIYANA, and ESSQUE ZALU ZANZIBAR are just a few of the accommodations available in Zanzibar island.

Where to stay during the 2022 Easter holiday in Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit? Apart from beautiful beaches in Zanzibar, in the case of the northern Tanzania, there are also a variety of accommodations that will surely make your 2022 Easter holiday unique and magical to thrill while on Tanzania Safari Holidays.

 When you need more uniqueness, the most recommended accommodation is to spend your night in the campsites or tented campsites inside the northern Tanzania bushes. This will create one of the best memories simply because you have never done it before. At mid-night you will be able to hear different sounds of wild animals, such as the lions roaring from far away kilometers. Also, you will hear the sounds of birds and other species like insects. Apart from camping, you can opt to spend your night in the lodges since Tanzania’s northern circuit parks have a variety of lodges ranging from budgeted to luxury lodges.

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