What the Royal Tour Means to Tanzania : Tanzania is an extremely best tourist destination in the world where visitors can enjoy mixed feelings such as climbing, wildlife safari, cultural exploration, various adventurous activities, and chilling on idyllic sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. The tourism condition of Tanzania was all good until when it got struck by a sudden and a never expected downgrading factor.

2022 Tanzanian tourism statistics

This is when the eruption of COVID-19 came across, and it was packed with all the negative effects on various aspects such as the global economy, social interactions, manufacturing process, international import and export trade, and the most significant impact was observed on the tourism industry. It was the very same Covid-19 that helped change most of the ways people thought and anticipated various aspects, leading to massive global transformations as it was on the transformations on the education sector.

Most of the things became more of digitalized and operated remotely via online facilities, since physical interactions where very limited. With the tourism sector being the most affected due to imposed lockdowns and travel restrictions.

What the Royal Tour Means to Tanzania
What the Royal Tour Means to Tanzania

Unfortunately, the vibrant tourism sector in Tanzania saw the number of tourists tumbling down from about one and a half million visitors recorded in 2019 to six hundred and twenty one thousand visitors in the year 2020. This figure is very small as compared to uncountable hidden gems and unspoiled destinations which are found in this fabulous country. Its major cause is nothing but this deadly pandemic disease which came with a number of physical restrictions. Action has to be taken immediately, so as to design the best solutions which will rescue this situation.

In April 2022, the President of Tanzania, Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan unveiled the Royal Tour, a historical tourism movement and later become a documentary whole sole goal is exposing the must-see destinations found in this ever beautiful country. It was launched at New York in the United States, targeting the big spenders and goers of the west to showcase the natural and cultural heritage that Tanzania do possess. It was firstly premiered in New York on April 18th 2022 and Los Angeles on April 21st 2022. The Royal Tour was then unveiled at various cities in Tanzania, including Arusha, Dar Es Salaam and Zanzibar. The Royal Tour has also been streamed in a number of local TV channels for free throughout the country, meanwhile being broadcasted even on reputable international TV shows across the globe.

What does this documentary means to Tanzania?

The citizens and even some visitors have been asking themselves on the advantage of the Royal Tour, especially to the Tanzanian tourism sector. The documentary features the Emmy Award winning journalist as guest in Tanzania and President Hassan as his tour guide showing him picturesque destinations around the country. Hon. Samia Suluhu Hassan who acted as Peter’s guide on the movie acted as a very generous and welcoming tour guide. This depicted the characters of the tour guides present in Tanzania, who are always charming, welcoming, generous, and simply among thr b

Among the top destinations featured in the Royal Tour include the great Serengeti, Mount Kilimanjaro, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara, Mkomazi National Park, the cleanest beaches of the Indian Ocean as well as stunning destinations like Dar es Salaam and Arusha, the safari capital in Tanzania.

The Royal Tour showcase a handful of thrilling destinations where visitors can plan a trip. It summarizes the Mother Nature of Tanzania in one-hour and if you wish to enjoy this splendid country, consider planning a visit. The documentary itself is not enough to satisfy your thirsty of exploring wildlife, hiking and meeting the friendly locals including the world-famous Maasai. It highlights glorious hotspots showcasing some of the remarkable attractions found in this magnificent country. In the film, you view some real movements made by wildlife and ethnicities. You will see the Ngorongoro Crater, a world’s largest intact caldera and the Serengeti National Park, the spectacular destination for wildlife adventure.

The launch of this historic documentary has come with some positive about the Tanzanian tourism sector. The government has taken a crucial step in attracting millions of visitors to rise tourism. This documentary also implies that, visitors won’t encounter many restrictions and tariffs like in the past. President Hassan has shown the world that, she is welcoming people of all kinds to visit her beautiful country. She also invites investors in this sector or any other sector from all around the globe.

Your visit to Tanzania will be unforgettable as this country has vowed to expand her tourism sector worldwide. Apart from unveiled unthinkable documentary like the Royal Tour, Tanzania has removed travel restrictions for tourists who choose to spend their precious holiday time in the untouched Mother Nature. The investments in the tourism sector has grown significantly such that, you will receive world-class services offered by numerous tour operators in Tanzania.

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