The Perfect Beach Experience in Tanzania : Tanzania was voted the best beach safari country in 2014. If you want a perfect beach experience in Tanzania, Well, Zanzibar is a beautiful island you can find flights to explore. Zanzibar is the most affordable destination with the best beaches on earth. Some great Zanzibar beaches include Paje, Kendwa, Nungwi, Kizimkazi, Pongwe, and Stone Town, each looking unique and mesmerizing. Just for your information, a beach is any narrow, gently sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean, lake, or river, usually covered with materials such as sand, pebbles, rocks, and seashell fragments. Most beach materials are the products of weathering and erosion. Now that you have a clear picture of what a beach is, and indeed a clear picture from the scientific point of view, we can then go forth and look at the best beaches in Zanzibar. Before you look for the best beach in Zanzibar, remember that there is no worse beach in Zanzibar. See the list below of the best beaches in Zanzibar.

14 Things to do in Stone Town

Kendwa Rock Beach

Kendwa Rocks are in the north of Zanzibar Island. Kendwa Rocks are on a beautiful beach and have a decent party atmosphere at night. About 3km away from Nungwi is Kendwa Beach. Kendwa beach is best known for its full moon parties at Kendwa Rocks. The moon party is a drunken occasion on the Saturday closest to the full moon. If you’re not into partying, don’t worry! The beach still boasts bright blue and turquoise colors with white sand beaches making it a solid contender for the best beach in Zanzibar. Kendwa provides stunning topography for guests with “Rasta Jamaica “vibes. Kendwa Beach is hands down one of the most beautiful beaches ever been. For good views and happy deals, it is enthusiastically recommendable to take accommodations in Haven Guest Lodge, Riu Palace, Zuri Hotel, Kendwa Rocks, Gold of Zanzibar, and Maru Maru rooftop hotel bar in Stone Town, both with Prices around USD$30 per night.

The Perfect Beach Experience in Tanzania

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar

One of the best beaches in northern Zanzibar is Nungwi Beach. Nungwi is beautiful. Popular things to do in Nungwi are to visit the aquarium or take a sunset dhow ride. It is the best and most famous destination for travelers. Nugwi is located on the northern Island and is domicile to a great variety of beaches, bars, and clubs such as Riu Palace, My Blue Hotel, Royal of Zanzibar, and Amaan Bungalows. It is on the North coast of Zanzibar and is one of the stormiest beaches you have ever visited. It is unique having a beautiful sea breeze.

Spending your vacation in Tanzania is the best choice you will ever make. The astonishing beaches of Zanzibar and vibrant life in these areas add more spice to life. Visiting Tanzania’s beaches has been the best choice for many travelers coming to East Africa. The bursting culture and history give many options to explore and total relaxation. Apart from relaxing on the beach, you can feed your curiosity by visiting,

Jozani Forest: This is one of the most attractive forests in Zanzibar and one of the best conservation areas. In this forest, the visitors visit to watch the forest and monkeys (Red colobus monkeys)

Forodhani market: The Forodhani Gardens in Stone Town is an excellent spot to sit down and take a break from wandering the streets of Stone Town. Alternatively, one could sit on the ocean wall and gaze at the sea from the blue horizon. The lively Zanzibar food market brings the garden to life at night. A wide variety of seafood and grilled meats are served in the market, bringing tourists and locals together.

The Perfect Beach Experience in Tanzania
Forodhani market

The House of Wonders:  It is also called the Palace of Wonders. That house is a historical structure in Stone Town, Zanzibar. It is the tallest building in Stone Town and sits in a conspicuous place. It faces the Forodhani Gardens on the seafront of the Old Town on Mizingani Way. It is between the Palace Museum (and former Sultan’s Palace) and the Old Fort. The palace is among the six royal residences.

Prison Island: The Prison Island is in Stone Town, Zanzibar. This Island is very tiny, but there is still a private island. On the Island, you can visit land turtles (giant tortoises). Also, on the Island, you can relax and have snorkeling.

On the whole, the activities you can do in Zanzibar are the Stone Town tour, Blue Safari, Dolphin tour, Prison Island visit, Spice Tour, Cultural Tour, Jozani Forest, and Zanzibar fishing. There are various accommodation facilities, budget and luxurious ones.

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