Serengeti National Park birds are one of the various attractions in Serengeti National Park that travelers can enjoy while on Serengeti National Park safaris. More than 500 birds are in Serengeti National Park, making the Serengeti an excellent destination for avid birders. Besides the iconic bird species like the Kori Bustard, Ostrich and African Fish Eagle, birders can still see a wide range of birds in Serengeti National Park, including the Serengeti Specials. The various  birds include endemic birds, near endemic birds and the Serengeti specials that travelers do look out for while on Tanzania birding safaris.

Serengeti national Park though renowned for endless plains which inhabit a wide variety of animals and the Great Wildebeest Migration, inhabits quite an array of birds that travelers after birding safaris in Tanzania can enjoy. The western corridor of the Park comprises of savannah scattered with impoverish stands of whistling thorns and acacia or thorn tress, while riverine forest can be found long the Grumeti River. The northern part of the Park which is just next to Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya is composed of rolling hills, and woodlands especially the Lobo area. All these are a great inhabit for birds, so there is no surprise that there are a variety of birds in the Park that travelers can see, while on various activities in Serengeti National Park.

Serengeti Special Birds

The birds are very many in number and size ranging from the tiny Sunbird seen hovering around bright Aloe flowers to the massive Ostrich doing their dramatic mating dance. There are well over 500 birds on Serengeti National Park, but it is the Serengeti specials that you should be on the lookout for whilst on birding safaris in Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti specials are those birds that are endemic to the region and thus not found elsewhere in the world. The Serengeti specials include the Gray-throated Spurfowl, Schawlow’s Wheatear, Red-throated Tit, Rufous-tailed Weaver, Gray-crested Helmet Shrike and Schawlow’s Turaco. These are the birds that you can only find in the Serengeti and nowhere else in the world, and thus some of the most sought after bird species by birders who visit Serengeti National Park on Tanzania birding safaris.

Other Serengeti National Park birds

Apart from the much sought after Serengeti specials, there are a variety of other birds on Serengeti national Park that travelers can look out for while on Tanzania safaris, any time of the year, all thanks to the mixed vegetation types which are a great habitat for birds. Other Serengeti National Park birds include Jackson’s Golden-backed Weaver, African Fish Eagle, Fischer’s Lovebird, Secretary Bird, Hildebrandt’s Starling, Ruppell’s Vulture, Usambiro Barbet, and Verreaux’s Eagle, among so many others.

Best time to see Serengeti National Park Birds

Bird watching in Serengeti  Park is good all throughout the year, but is particularly best in the wet season. It is thus best to say that the best time to see the birds is during the wet season which falls in the months of November through April. During this time of the year, the European and North African migratory birds are present in the Park, and is also the nesting season for resident birds in Serengeti National Park, thus making it easy to see a variety of birds in Serengeti National Park.

Apart from the birds, there are other attractions in the Park that travelers who visit the park on Serengeti National Park safaris can enjoy. Other attractions in Serengeti national Park include Serengeti National Park animals, wildebeest migration, and amazing scenery among so many others.

With so many attractions in Serengeti National Park, there are definitely quite a number of activities that travelers can do to experience the amazing beauty of the park. Some of the activities in the Park that travelers can enjoy include game drives, hot air balloon safaris, bird watching, as well as guided walking safaris as may be organized by particular camps and lodges in Serengeti  Park. While out on game drives ion Serengeti Park, travelers should look out not only for the various animals in the Park but also the amazing and beautifully colored Serengeti national Park birds.

Serengeti National Park Birds
Kori Bustard

Travelers after birding safaris in the  Park should be sure to get just the right birding guide, as well as remember to pack a good pair of binoculars and other essentials for birding. Coming with your bird check list shall also guide you on which birds you shall be able to see in Serengeti  Park. Book a carefully planned Serengeti birding safari, or Tanzania birding safari for an opportunity to see a variety of birds or the various Tanzania bird species which are recorded to be more than 1000 bird species roaming the country.

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