Selous serena mivumo river lodge is a 5 star luxury accommodation owned and operated by serena collection that run the best and unique properties/ accommodations across the world. The lodge is found on the banks of the great River Rufiji in Tanzania’s Selous game reserve (Nyerere national park). The lodge is nestled in the perfect base  for safari adventures and relaxation to guests who want to explore selous with its breathtaking views. . The camp is few minutes flight from Dar-el salaam, approximately 5-6 hours’ drive from Dar-el-salam , it takes a full day drive from Arusha city, it is perfect for flights when one is from arusha taking approximately 2-3 hours flight  and 45 minutes flight from Dar-el salaam to the close  mtemere airstrip then few minutes to drive to the camp

 Selous serena Mivumo River lodge consists of 12 luxurious and elegant rooms overlooking the great views of the River and the wilderness that reflects African traditional building style with local woods and grass thatched roofs.  Rooms are well decorated, elevated on a raised platform and furnished with en-suite facilities of Clean flushing toilet, opulent  bathroom with hot and cold running showers, solar energy available, beds wrapped with mosquito nets, confortable beds,  air conditioning , satellites, white pillows and duvet,  slippers, free toiletries, towels, complementary bottled water to mention but a few . Rooms have terraces, verandas and large sitting areas you relax while overlooking the spectacular view over the River, wildlife roaming around the lodge since it’s not fenced and the surrounding areas.  Rooms are equipped with excellent clean and washed beddings with comfortable queen and king sized wooden beds.  Rooms vary in different sizes with single beds for individuals, double bed/ twins for sharing and family rooming options for group.  There is fireplaces where guests can relax and share stories and experience of the Tanzania safari not only that it also provides warmth to the guests during cold days.

Selous serena mivumo  river lodge offers different services and facilities which include.;

 A dining area  that serve different meals both continental and local cuisine that meets guest’s appetite. They serve continental breakfast, picnic lunch and diners served by Friendly, welcoming and organized staff with skilled chef. You can have meals in any place of your choice either in the bush overlooking the beautiful views of the river. They serve bush dinners overlooking the stars in the sky and the sunset and morning breakfast enjoying the morning sunrises.

Selous serena mivumo river lodge
Selous serena mivumo river lodge

 A well-  stocked  safari bars with a variety of drinks both local and international, you sip any drink of your choice overlooking the spectacular views over the great River, wildlife roaming around the river and surrounding area.

An infinity pool that cools off the hot afternoon, you relax in the pool overlooking the beautiful views of the river and surrounding landscape

Services include; Lodge offers a complementary laundry and house -keeping services, Airport transfers and pickups since the camp is close to the airstrips, secure parking space offered

Wifi  internet hotspot available at the lodge that enables guests to keep in contact with their families and friends.

Activities to do while  at the lodge;  game drive that will give you a chance to see wide range of Animals especially hippos that roam around the river, nature walks in the park, boat safaris are offered, birding /bird watching ,walking night safaris.

Selous game reserve is  africa’s largest and oldest game reserve  situated in the  protected areas in South Eastern Part of Tanzania Region along the safari circuit.  The park was designed by UNESCO world heritage site in 1982 due to its wildlife diversity and nature. It is well known as Nyerere national park covering a total area of 50,000 km squared perfect for travellers exclusive and wildlife safari experience and best destination for birdlife.  The best time to visit seleous game reserve is during the dry season from June to October when game clusters around the waterhole.   The park harbors largest concentration of elephants of 110,000 , 40,000 Hippos , 25,000 Impalas, 35,000 zebras, 4,000 lions over 150,000 buffaloes and other wildlife species that includes; cheetahs, Giraffes,  hunting dogs,  black rhinos  and many more and over 440 species of birds like; lagoons, sandbanks , grey breasted  spur fowl,  Kori bustard, secretary birds and many more  which enables more tourists to visit the park and stay for along time.  its 83$  to enter the park. There are more activities to do while in the park and at the lodge  which include;  Game drive in the park which enables  you to spot different animals,  nature walks in the park, Camping , walking  safaris,  Boat safaris along River Rufij where you will spot wide range of Hippos, crocodiles etc, cultural visits in the  molka villages,  Bird watching/ birding since the park has a lot of bird species ,  traditional dances,   see wild beast migration, etc.  The park has different accommodations that suits each traveller which include; Budget /cheap, mid- range / moderate and luxury accommodations perfect for travellers visiting selous game reserve.

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