Selous game drive : The largest and the oldest game reserve that is well protected in Africa is located on the southern part of Tanzania. It covers the total area of 50,000 square kilometers and it is relatively the only game reserve that is not disturbed by human activities. The Selous game reserve has the beautiful sceneries of the wildlife, birds and different plant species, the spectacular beauty is matched with the quality of the safari here. This area is perfect for families or honeymoon too because its less crowded not compared to most of the national parks that are found on the northern circuits. The Rufiji River acts as the heart of this game reserve because it’s the source of water for the whole of the game reserve, they depend on the waters that is found in this river and the channels of lagoons that lead towards the Rufiji River. Most of the animals are found around this area especially during the dry season as most the animals move towards the river to have access to water of this area most of camping activities are also done close to this national park because the animal viewing activity is more easier and animals can be easily viewed because they become more close. The Rufiji River is the home of the large density of the crocodiles and hippos, this river is also a perfect place for the boat safari in the east Africa.

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The Selous game reserve is named after the famous hunter who was the friend of the colonialist his name was Fredrick Courtney Selous, he died in the year 1917 and he was buried inside the game reserve in Beho Beho. In 1922 and 1982 the Selous game reserve was declared as the UNESCO world heritage site because of its rich diversity of wildlife and the uninterrupted nature that is still untouched due to the human activity.

The wildlife of Selous.

This game reserve is the home of different wild animals including the big five, the game reserve is famously known for the harboring a wide range of wild animals which includes the large herds of elephants and lions. The other wild animals that are found here includes Giraffes, zebra, waterbucks, impalas ad the spotted hyenas.

Selous game drive
The wildlife of Selous.

The leopards, buffalos, reedbucks, greater kudu, wild dogs, hartebeests, crocodile and many other animals can be sight inside this game reserve. Most of the animals can be viewed during the game drives, nature walks and the boats cruising while the perfect time to watch the animals is in the morning and evening. During the dry seasons is the perfect time of the year to visit this game reserve because the land is clear and the vegetation cover is low hence most of the animals can be easily viewed, most especially is when they surround the waters from the Rufiji River as the only source of water for the animals that are found here.

The birds of the Selous game reserve.

Like most the national parks in Tanzania, the Selous game reserve is the perfect place for the bird watching activities hence for the bird lovers in a less crowded area then this destination is all you need to meet your thirsty of bird watching. There are about 440 different birds’ species that are found here as the range from the migratory birds, the aquatic birds as well as the native birds which makes this place as the paradise of birds. The most of the birds species found here includes the yellow billed stork, peels African skimmer, brown headed parrots, palm nut vultures, white backed night heroin and the brown billed fish owl, these are just the few mention among many.

The Selous graves

 One of the places that the tourist visits is at the place where the Fredrick Courtney Seoul was buried, which is under the tree within this game reserve. By the help of the guides they will help you locate this place and the place where was killed.  The grave of the Selous is located at Beho Beho in the northern edge of the Selous wildlife wild life reserve. This place is normally open everyone for the tourists to come and visit.

Selous game drive
The Selous graves

The Rufiji River

This is the most important River for this game reserve as it serves water for all the animals’ species and birds that have inhabited this place. It is also the largest river in Tanzania which has two attributes of the river Ruaha and river Kilombero, and bisects the game reserve into two different sections the northern and the southern section which is has the largest mangrove vegetation and this southern part is highly inhabited by the elephants. This river is the perfects place to locate the wild animals especially during the wet season as the surrounds the water to satisfy their thirsty.

Different tourism activities that can take place at this game reserve.

Enjoy the guided nature walks at the Selous game reserve, this game reserve offers the opportunity to the tourists to feel the nature in person and getting closer to animals such that you can be just a few meters away from the animals. The guided nature walks are normally accompanied by the armed ranges who lead the way and knows the trails, they also there to ensure the safety of everyone while on the walk. While on the nature walk you will have a sight of different wild animals such as elephants, zebras, buffalos, waterbucks, impalas, along with animal viewing the beautiful sceneries of different birds cannot be missed. While walking quietly on the peaceful environment the beautiful voices of birds singing will accompany you while the voices of the insects’ chirming is also heard thus Selous game drive

Have the boat safari at the Rufiji river, the boat safari at this game reserve are amazing and will give you the best express that are totally unforgettable memories. The beautiful sceneries that are clearly displayed in front of you can leave you in awe as you enjoy the beauty of nature. The spectacular views of the animals such as hippos, crocodiles while in the  water and the sight of other animals that are also found in the land such as the elephants, zebras, warthogs, lions and many other animals that will be spotted along the banks of this river while they try to drink water.

Sport fish at the Selous game drive, this area is well protected for different sport fishing activities.  There are special areas along the Rufiji River that are special for sport fishing, they also limit the number of tourism per day who can go sport fishing. These are different fish species that can be cached during the fishing process which includes the, cat fish and the tiger fish which are mostly common in this river.

Selous game drive
Sport fishing at the Selous game drive

Game drive at this game drive, this is the most popular activity that is being practiced in all the national parks as the easy way to locate animals and trace them. The best time for the game viewing activity is mostly in the morning, this is because most of the animals are out from their hideouts and they wandering around looking for food and the predators are hunting their prey. During the afternoon most of the wild animals move back to their hideouts hence in the afternoon is not the perfect time for animals viewing. The game drive will reward you with the spectacular view of different animals such as the big five and also with the beautiful landscape and spectacular vegetation cover.

Bird watching activities can also take place here because there are many different bird species they increase even more during the wet season hence this place is the paradise for the bird watching activities and the perfect spot for all the bird lovers around the world. The wet season in Tanzania is normally between March and May which is normally at its peak to thrill while on Tanzania Tours .

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