Jozani forest Nature Walks  : Jozani Forest, also known as Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, is a 50-square-kilometer national park on the island of Zanzibar in Tanzania. It’s a small but lovely and peaceful spot to visit. It is the only national park on Zanzibar Island and one of the must-visit tours on your Zanzibar vacation.

Because every plant or tree treats something, the forest is a natural pharmacy and an incredible source of natural treatments. Above all, the park tour is notable for the height of the trees and palms, which are ideal for various tourist activities.

Apart from the magnificent trees and palms that nourish and beautify the park, it also boasts a large population of wild creatures, including over 1,000 Zanzibar red colobus (Procolobus kirkii), Kirk’s red colobus, Sykes monkeys, bush babies, more than 50 butterfly species, and more than 40 bird species. Don’t forget about the nocturnal Zanzibar tree hyrax, which has four “toes” on its front feet and three on its back, and is said to be the first hyrax species to adapt to the forest, as well as the elusive Zanzibar leopard, which is said to feed red colobus monkeys at night – perhaps this is why the reserve is only open during the day.

The mangrove woods that surround Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park are vital breeding habitats for marine organisms, including open sea fish species. Birds find the mangroves to be excellent breeding places. The bay is also being considered for designation as a Ramsar Site and inclusion on Tanzania’s Tentative List of World Heritage Sites, in recognition of its exceptional natural, biological, and cultural values.

Jozani forest Nature Walks 
Jozani forest Nature Walks

Endangered animals that reside within the Jozani forest park include

  • The Zanzibar red colobus (Piliocolobus kirkii) is an endemic monkey species that exists only in Zanzibar.

  • Aders’ duiker (Cephalophus adersi)

  • The Zanzibar servaline genet (Genetta servalina archeri)

The Forest Natural Walks

To conserve the species, walking off the pathways without an authorised guide is prohibited. Visitors can walk through the woodland on a network of several natural pathways. The main route begins at the park’s entrance and takes about two or one hour to complete.

On the other hand, the park is bordered by a mangrove region. There are several medicinal plants and trees that are utilized as natural treatments. On the mangrove swamp boardwalk, there is no need for a guide because the boardwalk only leads one way.

A mangrove boardwalk allows travelers to have a closer look at the unique mangrove habitat, which can be quite enjoyable. Apart from other Zanzibar attractions, Jozani Forest is an excellent spot to refresh and is the closest you can get to nature.

The Jozani Forest Tour can also be done in route to Paje and other southern Zanzibar locations to save time and money. The trip will be lengthier and more expensive if you are coming from northern or northern-eastern villages.

The tour duration at Jozani Forest National Park

Because the park is modest but lovely, the entire tour takes no more than 2 hours in total. As a result, you can proceed to the south-eastern portion of Zanzibar for more fun and experience. The closest settlement is bustling Paje, which has beautiful beaches, followed by peaceful and quiet Bwejuu.

Jozani forest Nature Walks 
Red Colobous Monkeys

Not only that, but you may schedule some time to visit Michamwi Village’s famous Rock Restaurant, either for spectacular sunsets, a very pricey lunch, or simply a selfie and hot shots in front of the Rock.

The Jozani entrance fee

The reserve is well-marked, and the entrance price includes an obligatory guide and access to the mangrove. The entrance price to Jozani Forest National Park is more than inexpensive for everyone interested in seeing and experiencing the park’s wonderful nature, as it only costs $7.30 if you go alone with a guide.


The entrance to Jozani Forest is located north of Pete hamlet on the main route connecting Zanzibar Town with the southern section of the east coast.

Many tour companies, such as Focus East Africa Tours, include Jozani in their east-coast or dolphin trips, but it’s also accessible by public bus, rented bike, or car. Alternatively, alight here on a tourist minibus bound for the east coast. This road is heavily utilized by tourist minibuses and other traffic throughout the day.

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