Jozani Forest Entrance Fee. Jozani Forest is located in the Jozani Chwaka bay National Park, south east of the Stone Town in Zanzibar, one of the most beautiful Islands in the world famous for amazing Zanzibar beach holidays and water activities. Jozani Chwaka bay national Park is the only national park in the Zanzibar Island, with a number of attractions and activities that travellers who visit can do.

Jozani Forest entrance fee is 12000 Tanzanian Shillings, roughly 7.3 dollars with a guide. Jozani Forest Chwaka bay national Park opens daily from 7:30am t0 5pm, for visitors interested in exploring the natural beauty and other attractions in the park.

Jozani Forest Chwaka bay National Park was opened in 1960 as a reserve, also having been known as the Jozani Chwaka bay Conservation area and added as a protected zone in 1984. Jozani Forest Chwaka bay national Park is made up of mostly mangrove forests, tropical forests, coral rug, ever green bush land and salt marshes mong so many others. Jozani Forest Chwaka bay National Park covers only about 50 square kilometers of space, providing travellers with some of the beach experiences and animal viewing.

Jozani Forest is a great habitat for a variety of animals including primates including the endangered red colobus monkeys. Jozani Forest also inhabits a variety of bird species, butterflies as well as other wildlife species in the forest.

With so much to offer to travellers visiting Zanzibar Island and to add on the activities in Zanzibar that travellers can do asides the typical beach activities, Jozani forest is a great addition and visit. Having paid your Jozani Forest entrance fee of about 7.3 United States Dollars, there are a number of activities in Jozani Forest that you can enjoy, including;

Guided nature walks

Guided nature walks are a great walk to explore the beauty and nature of Jozani Forest. Guided nature walks in Jozani Forest re done in the company of a ranger guide, having you walking through trails developed leading you to some of the most beautiful parts of the park. Nature walks in Jozani Forest are not done without a guide.

Jozani Forest Entrance Fee
Guided nature walks in Jozani Forest

Guided nature walks in Jozani Forest can take anything from 1 to 2 hours or more depending on your pace and preference. During guided nature walks in Jozani forest, you shall be able to spot a number of plant species with medicinal value, flowers, butterflies and a number of bird species.

Bird watching

Once you have paid your Jozani Forest entrance fee, you get to access the park and enjoying bird watching, listening to the sweet sounds of different bird species in Jozani Forest. With over 40 birds in Jozani Forest, bird watching is one of the great activities to do while visiting. Some of the birds in Jozani Forest that you may spot include Brown Headed Parrots, Mouse Colored Sunbirds, Mangrove Kingfishers, Black Bellied Starlings, among so many others. Be sure to have a bird guide with you, and carry a good pair of binoculars.

Wildlife viewing

Jozani Forest inhabits a variety of animals that travellers can see while out in the area. The rare red colobus monkeys are a common sight, and are considered endemic to the park. Apart from the rare red colobus monkeys, other wildlife species that travellers can spot while on carious activities include bush babies, antelopes, blue vervet monkeys, duikers, Sykes monkeys, among so many others.

Jozani Forest is also a great breeding place for sea turtles, tortoises and giant tortoises which are late released back to the ocean. While visiting the forest, your guide shall be in position to give so much information about this information and so much more, be sure therefore to have a guide while you visit the Jozani Forest.

Jozani Forest Entrance Fee
Sykes monkeys

Getting to Jozani Forest

Travellers can get to Jozani forest by road, using either private means or private cars. Jozani Forest is only about 35km from Stone Town.

When to visit Jozani Forest

Jozani Forest can be visited any time of the year, with the dry season being the best time to visit for amazing forest experiences.

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