Hot air Balloon Safari and Tour in Serengeti National Park : The Serengeti is a natural wonder that is at the top of many people’s bucket lists. It is most known for its diverse fauna, breathtaking landscapes, and lovely lakes-a truly African gem. There’s so much to see and do on this vast 30,000-square-kilometer island that it’ll take numerous trips to explore everything it has to offer unless you explore it through Air. A Serengeti balloon safari provides just that, and there is no better or more exhilarating way to explore Africa’s spectacular scenery and wildlife.

On your Focus East Africa wildlife vacation in northern Tanzania, a Serengeti balloon safari is a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime adventure, especially for a bird’s eye-view and game viewing experience. A Serengeti balloon safari is the most spectacular way to see the national park’s grandeur. Imagine hovering silently above the Serengeti grasslands, skimming trees and observing wildlife on the ground below. This is a must-do safari activity for Serengeti National Park visitors. Three locations in this important national park offer hot air balloon rides. Wildlife gathers year-round at the Seronera River Valley in the Central Serengeti, where there is always water. Around May and June, the Great Migration comes through.

The Grumeti River, in the Western Serengeti, is the site of dramatic river crossings during the Great Migration in June and July, when hundreds of thousands of gnu face the gigantic Nile crocodiles, many of which perish, while others take a diversion to avoid the dangerous river. The wildebeests gather on the South Serengeti plains from December to February to calve, producing 8000 newborns a day in a three-week marathon, a sight not to be missed on your customized Serengeti nature tour. It’s an once-in-a-lifetime sensation to awaken with the sun and gently bob through the air in whatever direction the morning breezes carry you.

Hot air Balloon Safari and Tour in Serengeti National Park
Hot air Balloon Safari and Tour in Serengeti National Park

The size of the balloons is enormous, each one-hour ride accommodates 16 people in compartmented baskets for comfort and protection. The price reflects the large expense of the balloons, which must be replaced every few hundred hours for safety reasons, which is akin to replacing a high-end sedan. Each voyage requires a professional, experienced, and licensed pilot, as well as a crew of 20 for launching and recovery, as well as transportation to and from the launch and a joyful champagne breakfast.

In Serengeti national park hot air balloon safari, Each flight is different with some flying high enough to see the entire countryside for kilometers ahead and others flying low enough to see individual creatures up close. It might be an expensive adventure, but it will make your Serengeti, Tanzania holiday one of your life’s highlights. In the Grumeti Reserve, special private balloon flights can be chartered for honeymoon couples on their romantic trip through Africa’s huge plains.


Although there are multiple hot air balloon safari providers, it is still a good idea to schedule this popular experience in advance of your Serengeti safari. This tourist activity cannot be prepared on the spot, and it is not available all year due to its dependency on good weather. The cost per person is between $500 and $600 USD and it includes the trip, a champagne toast upon landing, and a delectable bush breakfast with vegan and vegetarian options.

The cost of maintaining and servicing the balloons, as well as the rest of the pre-and post-launch activities, such as launching and recovery, as well as road transportation to and from the launch location, is reflected in the pricing. A qualified pilot and a powerful team of roughly 20 people are also required for each mission.

The Serengeti hot air balloon safari  it may be out of reach for budget and ordinary travelers, but if you can afford it, the feeling you’ll get while you’re up there staring down at the breathtaking scenery below is priceless. So, yeah, it is completely worthwhile kind of safari experience. The balloons are enormous, and the compartmented, comfortable baskets can hold anywhere from 8 to 16 passengers, depending on the magnitude of the voyage. Only children over the age of seven are permitted on the trip at this time, and they must be accompanied by an adult.


A Serengeti hot air balloon safari is best experienced during the dry season (June to October). Some firms will still offer this safari experience throughout the wet months of March, April, and May, though the actual trip will be dependent on weather conditions. If it is too rainy or windy, the flight will be canceled and your payment will be fully returned. The flight can be rescheduled to another day if you still have time remaining on your vacation. Thankfully, the dry season is also the best time to see the Great Migration, so gliding silently over this incredible display is an once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Bring your binoculars and DSLR camera so you can capture the breathtaking views below that no words can describe. It’s also a good idea to dress comfortably and bundle up in a few additional layers because it’s normally cool before and during the ride, but it warms up afterwards.


A balloon safari is well worth the money, despite the fact that it is expensive. Floating serenely above the treetops as the sun rises over the horizon allows you to obtain a unique perspective on the boundless Serengeti grasslands. Most flights will feature sections flown at a higher height, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted views of the Serengeti; other sections may entail low-level flying with the possibility of seeing wildlife.

Hot air Balloon Safari and Tour in Serengeti National Park
Hot air Balloon Safari and Tour in Serengeti National Park

Pilots with extensive experience can follow rivers and streams, gliding barely meters above grunting hippos and meandering giraffes. When you fly low, you can get some great aerial wildlife shots. You move across the plains wherever the wind takes you, while balloon crews in their trucks track you from the ground. You will be picked up at 5.30 a.m., and you will have time to grab a cup of coffee and a little breakfast before leaving your lodge. You might see nocturnal animals that you wouldn’t see at any other time of day on your walk to the launch site.

While the balloon is being filled, the pilot gives a pre-launch safety briefing. The flight lasts around an hour, and the balloon can reach a height of 1000 feet, revealing the Serengeti’s boundless beauty and stunning scenery below. When you arrive, you’ll be greeted with a champagne celebration toasting “maisha marefu,” which means “long life.” After that, a delicious bush breakfast in the Serengeti awaits you, rounding off what is sure to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

The hot air balloon safari does not take long, and you can choose to continue with other activities such as a wildlife drive or horseback riding thereafter. Is it worthwhile to go on a hot air balloon safari in the Serengeti National Park? Yes, absolutely. So, what do you have to lose? Communication with us today to make your reservation and ensure that you get the opportunity to observe Africa’s majesty scenery from the air with fantastic aerial photoshoots.

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