Best Sunset Spots in Zanzibar : While Tanzania is best renowned for its wildlife safaris, culture, and hiking safaris, many travelers come to Tanzania to enjoy wildlife and hiking safaris in several national parks. Another lovely experience that attracts much attention when it comes to Zanzibar safari tour holidays is watching the sun set and rise. It is a little-known event, but trust me when I say it is another unique and spectacular experience you should never miss out on during any African safari.

Sunsets in Zanzibar appear to have sprung off the page of a painting. The sunsets are breathtaking, to say the least, and provide the perfect background for one of the world’s most opulent honeymoon resorts. Honeymooners love to enjoy a leisurely boat ride to appreciate nature’s breathtaking display. With the setting African sun, the beautiful white sands and turquoise blue waters take on a magnificent color.

The time of sunsets in Zanzibar

Every sunset is unique and spectacular, you can photograph the stunning sunsets in Zanzibar from Michamvi, Nungwi, and Kendwa. You’re probably wondering when the best time to see the sunset in Zanzibar is. Having a beachfront accommodation is ideal, but if you don’t have that choice, keep in mind that the sun sets early 6:00–6:20 pm, depending on the month of the year. Enjoy the Zanzibar sunset without rushing, and head to the beach around 5 p.m. for dinner or a drink while admiring the island’s red sun.

So where are the best place to watch sunsets? The following are the best places where you can enjoy sunset in your safari vocation in Zanzibar, Tanzania

Best Sunset Spots in Zanzibar
Best Sunset Spots in Zanzibar


Michamvi is the ideal site on the east coast to see the sunset. The hotel is about a 30-minute drive from this small community. You will be transported to Kae Funk, a quiet restaurant where you will be able to enjoy the colorful display from the hanging beds. Admire the ever-changing sky while watching the sun set surrounded by cotton-candy clouds. Enjoy the tranquility of the water while drinking a drink of your choice while watching the sun set below the horizon.

Michamvi is unique because of its tranquility and diverse population. At your visit to Michamvi for sun set watching you will be able make a lot of friends there since you will meet so many nice, open-minded, and down-to-earth people. So, if you’re new to Zanzibar and want to get away from it all, Michamvi is the place to be. After all, everyone is unique and everyone is seeking something different on the island. You’ll also notice that different parts of the island have different vibes as you visit them and stay longer, Best Sunset Spots in Zanzibar.


What about a different, more raucous sunset? Nungwi is “your go-to” spot for individuals who prefer watching sunsets while speaking with a group of friends, making new connections, or playing volleyball with a group of strangers. Many tourists flock to watch the most stunning sunsets, which are accompanied by loud music, delicious food, and the most beautiful sky hues. Look at the atmosphere: sunset ships pass by while playing African music; visitors and locals play football on Nungwi Beach; and Maasai retire to the sand after a long and bright working day.

If you want to see this kind of sunset, go to well-known restaurants and roof bars like Z Hotel’s rooftop bars, Gerry’s Bar and Restaurant, Nungwi Dreams’ Skybar Zanzibar, or Istanbul Restaurant and bar. There are Countless possibilities/ places in Nungwi where you can go and watch the sunset, so even if you have one favorite area, don’t be afraid to visit as many places as you can for more enjoyment and experience in your Zanzibar sunset safari vacation.

Best Sunset Spots in Zanzibar
Nungwi Beach


Apart from sunset safari experience, Swimming, snorkeling, and diving are other tourist activities available at this top Zanzibar beach. This is one of Zanzibar’s few beaches where the tide doesn’t change much. Colorful starfish may be seen close offshore on this Zanzibar beach (but be sure not to pick up these creatures or disturb them in their natural habitat). Kendwa Beach’s sunsets are legendary, so get to the beach as soon as the sun begins to set. With nightlife and tranquil beach parties, the beach comes alive in a different way as the sun sets below the horizon.

You can try different approaches of watching sunset at Kendwa Beach, you can watch sun sets while relaxing on the beautiful beaches with your drinks behind you or On the Dhow Cruise. Many locally constructed dhow boats await you and your companions to go for sun set watching. The doo boat can accommodate more than 25-30 people at a time, yet if the season is slow, you may be able to enjoy the same boat for yourself and a few more people. If you have two weeks on the island, it’s definitely worth trying both a luxury catamaran and a dhow boat to see which works best for your sun sets vacation.

Conclusion, these are only a few of the places you can go for sun sets watching when you visit Zanzibar. These places also offers many other beautiful activities for you to enjoy your safari holiday in Zanzibar.

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