Zanzibar Fruit and Spice Tour. What is a Spice Tour? Tourists who have their top interest in exploring on Zanzibar Island are always blessed with the best opportunities and experiences. The tour on this Island always goes for about three hours as individuals get to tour around numerous the spice farm within Masingini forest, which seems less tiring. More so, tourists are accompanied with a guide whose role is to lead them through and ensure of their safety. More so, while touring around these spice farms on the Zanzibar Island, tourists get chances to learn and acquire more knowledge about various fruit species and they allowed to tastes some of them.

Zanzibar is an anarchy that is situated on the Indian Ocean and is referred to as a Spice island. In addition, one of the main safari activities people do while on excursions in Zanzibar Island is a spice tour. This is a well-liked activity in Zanzibar that entails learning more about the unusual fruits and spices that can be found on the island. and below are some of the spices that can be easily found on Zanzibar Island such as;  cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, chili, black pepper, vanilla, garlic as well as fruits like coconuts, papaya, jackfruit, oranges, pineapples, bananas among others.

Zanzibar spice tour includes strolling around the spice plantations and getting to learn about how the spices, herbs and fruits are grown. You will also be capable to learn more about the uses of the different spices. There are also vendors where the tourists after their spice tour can be able to purchase the spices. The spice farms are located outside stone town in villages such as Kizimbani and Kindichi where tourists can enjoy walking tours in the spice plantations.

In addition to tasting the spices and identifying which ones they are, visitors to the plantations can enjoy the aroma of the spices. This intriguing excursion, which can be completed in the company of a private guide or a local guide, can last for around three hours. Spice tour in Zanzibar also involves getting to know about the process of making the spices and also learning about how the fruits on the island are grown. The tourists get to sample the spices after the spice tour.

The spices as well as fruits are grown all over the Zanzibar Island which has fertile soils that favor the growing of the spices and fruits. These spices apart from boosting tourism on the island can also be exported. Numerous spice farms can be located in close proximity to one another on the island of Zanzibar. Visitors are taken to these farms by various tour operators. These farms use a similar growing method for their fruits and spices.

The rich history of Zanzibar includes the spice farms, which date back to the 15th century. At that time, the island was well-known for its spices due to Arab participation in the flourishing spice trade.

The fruits and spices that were grown on Zanzibar Island, which has rich soils that supported their growth, were brought to the island from other regions of the world, including Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Asia. Since spices are not native to the island, tourists love learning about the origins of each spice on the spice tour. Spices can be used in curry, for medical purposes, and to make perfumes, among other things.

History of spices in Zanzibar.

Zanzibar was referred to around the world for its spices and these spices were brought by sea merchants during their journeys across the Indian Ocean. With the intention of capturing the remainder of East Africa, the Portuguese founded their stronghold on the island of Zanzibar and imported goods from other nations, including spices. After the Portuguese, Sultan Seyyid Said led the Oman Arabs to seize control of Zanzibar and take over the island’s spice trade.

Seyyid Said inspired the growing of these spices in Zanzibar such as cloves and also coconuts and soon the island was known for production of spices. The spice trade replaced slave trade in Zanzibar and became an important source of income. Slaves used to work on the spice plantations before the slave trade was brought to an end on Zanzibar Island.

In addition to the Zanzibar Spice Tour, visitors can partake in a variety of other activities while visiting the island, such as


Zanzibar Island is known for having been discovered on the Indian Ocean and during tours on the island, tourists enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters of the ocean which is home to numerous marine life and also has white sand beaches.

Zanzibar Fruit and Spice Tour


Another safari activity apart from spice tours on the island which is carried out on Zanzibar Island is snorkeling. Snorkeling spots around Zanzibar include Mnemba Island, Menai bay conservation area, and Chumbe Island. Coral reefs, diverse habitats and some of the best coral gardens in the Indian Ocean surround the island.

The greatest places to snorkel are Mafia, Unguja (Zanzibar island), and Pemba, where you may see amazing sea beds, dolphins, turtles, clownfish, blue surgeon fish, humpback whales, octopus, and moray eels, among other marine life.

Scuba diving.

Tourists on vacation in Zanzibar are able to participate in scuba diving during which the tourist can explore the underwater beauty of the island.

During an excursion of Zanzibar Island, diving is available year-round in locations like Mnemba Atoll and the island’s northern regions. Dolphins can also be seen while scuba diving on Mnemba Atoll.

Boat rides.

A leisurely boat trip on the Indian Ocean in a traditional dhow is another aspect of Zanzibar vacations. The locals in the fishing villages make these boats and these boats are made by hand out of mahogany. In addition to swimming and snorkeling, visitors can enjoy a boat ride on the Indian Ocean.

However, tourists should note that the best time to go on a Zanzibar tour safari is during the dry season between months of June to October and from  December to February because it is during this time when less rainfalls are received which gives tourists chances to continue with their daily programs.

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