Wildebeest migration 2022 and beyond is something to look out for as you plan your Tanzania safari packages 2022. The great wildebeest migration, also known as the Gnu migration, Serengeti migration and Masai Mara migration, is one of the last terrestrial and land wildlife movement left in the world. It is to witness the great wildebeest migration at its finest that many travelers visit Tanzania and Tanzania on migration safaris, especially around mid-year and the calving season in the early times of the year.

The great wildebeest migration is one of nature’s greatest phenomenon where timing is very vital and yet is unpredictable given it is a natural occurrence. Much as it is hard to predict the animal’s movements during the great wildebeest migration, patterns can be followed following previous occurrences. It is for a fact that the great wildebeest migration sees over 1.5 million wildebeests and thousands of zebras and antelopes cross the Grumeti River and Mara River, but no one knows exactly when that would be. It is also known that the rains trigger the wildebeest to move into fresh grazing buy yet again, no one knows when the rains will certainly fall. All this is left to chance.

With our expertise however in planning Tanzania safaris as well as Kenya safaris, organizing Tanzania safaris or Kenya safaris to witness the great wildebeest migration is one of the things that we have learnt to perfect over the years. If you are thus looking for seamless planning for your Tanzania safari to witness the Great wildebeest migration 2022, get in touch with us. Below are some of the tips and frequently asked questions about planning the perfect wildebeest migration experience, and just about the great wildebeest migration generally. I hope it is helpful information as you look to plan and book your much anticipated wildebeest migration 2022, and for years to come.

Can the Migration River Crossings be predicted?

Not really, the migration river crossings cannot be predicted but rather speculated, following previous patterns of the great wildebeest migration. Some of the wildebeests and other grazers on the wildebeest migration arrive and spend days hanging around the river banks grazing, while some arrive and turn back to where they are coming from. Predicting or knowing when the river crossing shall take place is therefore quite hard. With this in mind, having as much time as possible on your Tanzania or Kenya safaris is advised, for chances of witnessing the iconic river crossings.

Wildebeest Migration 2022
Wildebeest Migration

What Month is the Wildebeest Migration?

While most people think that the great wildebeest migration only takes place in the months of July and October, it should be put out there that the great wildebeest migration is an ever-moving cycle with a number of equally amazing and exciting year-round movements. The iconic river crossing of the Mara River crossings do coincide with the high season of travel, hence the perception that this is the only best time of the year to see the great wildebeest migration.

Where Does the Great Wildebeest Migration Start?

Given that the great wildebeest migration is a solid year-round movement pf over 1.5 million wildebeests and thousands of zebras and antelopes, there are defined start or end points. The great wildebeest migration is triggered by the rains and the animals usually follow the very old route in search of greener pastures. This epic wildebeest migration takes the wildebeests across the Serengeti ecosystem, across the Masai Mara plains in Kenya all the way to the Serengeti and the edge of the Ngorongoro Crater, before yet again circling and taking a clockwise direction.

Here is the Serengeti Great Wildebeest Migration Trail;

North Serengeti

From July, august to September, the Mara River in the Serengeti national park northern region offers the most dramatic river crossings. The Mara River is fierce and deep, rain-swollen and cliff-sided and gives travelers one of the most fascinating spectacles of this terrestrial animal movement- the wildebeests and other grazers all exhausted and terrified of the wild cats and crocodiles brave the torrential flow to make it to the Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya.

East Serengeti

The great wildebeest migration can be seen in the eastern part of Serengeti National park in the months of October and November when the huge herds are returning from the Masai Mara National Reserve Kenya to the rich plains of the Serengeti National Park, moving east of the Grumeti River, passing via the Lobo and Western Loliondo, just under the majestic Gol mountains.

Southern Serengeti

The southern Serengeti region is best visited in the months of December through March to see the great wildebeest migration. You can follow the great wildebeest migration 2022 and beyond, from Kusini, Ndutu and Maswa. This stage of the great wildebeest migration is famously known as the calving season, and is a great time to see a number of predators as over 8000 calves are born per day. Predators like lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, vultures among so many others eat their fill around this time.

Wildebeest Migration 2022
Southern Serengeti

West Serengeti

Your Serengeti migration safari should see you visiting the western Serengeti region in the months of end April, May and June. The wildebeest migration is seen in the western corridor then, especially in the south of the Grumeti River as they attempt to make the first fierce river crossing of the Grumeti River with predators lying in wait, and crocodiles readying to plunge on them once in the waters.

Central Serengeti

The central Serengeti National Park known as the Seronera Area or Seronera Valley offers year-round game viewing with impressive populations of terrestrial predators, reptiles, birds and so much more, including wildebeests which remain after the larger crowds of the blue wildebeests and zebras have gone during the great wildebeest migration.

Best time to go for your Great wildebeest migration 2022

Given the dynamic of the great wildebeest migration movement, it is thus easy for you to know when you would rather visit for your much anticipated Tanzania safari tour to witness the great wildebeest migration 2022 and beyond. The best time to visit Tanzania for the great wildebeest migration generally depends on your individual interest as to which stage of the great wildebeest migration you wish to encounter, or even which region of Serengeti national park you want to visit.

Looking to visit Tanzania for your most anticipated great wildebeest migration 2022? Get in touch with us for an unforgettable Serengeti Wildebeest Migration 2022 safari, and be blown away with nature.

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