Which is better Serengeti national park or Ngorongoro crater : The Serengeti national park is the largest national park in the northern part of Tanzania that covers the over 14,763 square kilometers. In the first place this national park was recognized as a game reserve layer on in around 1930 the government of Tanganyika established the system of national parks compliant with the convention relative to the preservation of Fauna and flora of their natural state and so it became a national park in 1940.the final borders of this national park where set clearly in the year 1951 by then the Ngorongoro conservation area was part of Serengeti national park.

Then nine years later that is in 1959 the Ngorongoro conservation area became separated from the Serengeti national park and became a separate national park. The name Serengeti is a Maasai word “Serengit” which means the land of endless plains. The Maasai people are Sayed to live in this national park for over 200 years until today and their main activity is animal keeping and farming.

They are both the best places where tourism activities that takes place, annually there are large number of tourism that visit the Serengeti national park and the Ngorongoro, this tourism sites are inseparable because they are both located on the Northern circuits and most of the visitors when they visit the Serengeti they also pas  along the Ngorongoro cater, they are the most famous tourism sites in Africa and in Tanzania that are mostly visited than the rest.

Which is better Serengeti national park or Ngorongoro crater
Game drives in Serengeti

In terms of size

In term of size the Serengeti is larger than the Ngorongoro crater, the Serengeti national park covers the total area of … while the Ngorongoro crater cover the area of 14,763 hence the Ngorongoro crater can be quickly be seen and exploring it does not take a long time. In terms of size the Serengeti national park is better than Ngorongoro because there is a wide area to explore, the endless plain is exciting and there are many areas to explore and enjoy and the wide variety of animals.

Whats Unique About Serengeti & Ngorongoro

The Ngorongoro crater is largest broken caldera in the world that was formed because of the gigantic volcanic eruption which occurred many years ago. The volcanic eruption left behind the large hollow wall that is about 610 meters deep and covers the total area of 260 square kilometers. The crater covers almost 300 kilometers and is 600 deep the entry to the crater area is normally open around 0600 hours up to 1800 hours.   During the game drive you will have the opportunity different animals and birds that are inhabited here, animals such as over 7000 wildebeests, 4,000 zebras, 3,000 gazelles, over 6,000 spotted black hyenas, 300 elephants, 30 black rhinos and many more animals, Except for the giraffes they are found around the rim of the crater and not inside the crater because it is believed that they cannot go down the crater due to they are heights.

The Serengeti national park is unique and famous because of the great migration that involves the mass movements of animals, during the great movement there are about 2 million wildebeest that leads the way, followed by 400,000 zebras, 1800 eland and 200,000 Thompson’s gazelles. In August is the perfect time to see the movements towards the Mara River as the herds of animal’s plunges into the crocodiles as they cross towards the Maasai Mara game reserve in Kenya. The animal’s move over 800 kilometers in search of rain and green grasses, they are so many hence they cannot depend on pasture from a single place hence their movement is necessary.

The comparison in terms landscape between the Serengeti national park and Ngorongoro crater.

Depending on the vegetation cover the landscape of the Serengeti national park is way better than that of the Ngorongoro crater because it covers a variety of vegetation cover. The variety of the vegetation has ability to accommodate wide variety of wildlife too.  The grassland of Serengeti national park keeps on changing from the western part to the far north from the flat open grasslands to the dotted acacia-dotted area all the way to the northern Maasai Mara, there are about 5 different tree species of acacia trees found in the North part of the Serengeti.

Which is better Serengeti national park or Ngorongoro crater
Game Drives in Ngorongoro

While the Ngorongoro crater landscape doesn’t variety much because it’s a small area and the vegetation cover is mostly with the short grasses plains with some swampy vegetation cover. The vegetation here is highly favored because of the fertility of the crater. The ideal nature of this vegetation cover attracts most of the grazing animals such as the wildebeest, zebra and rhinos hence they are found in large population.

In terms of the wildlife population.

The wildlife of Serengeti is about 1,500 different species of the wild and exotic animals are inhabited here. The list goes all the way from the largest animal which is the elephant to the smallest once, they are all found in this large national park.

The population of animals in Ngorongoro crater is much large than that in Serengeti national park, there are about 30,000 animals which includes the two dozens of black rhinos.

Both the Serengeti and Ngorongoro national park are the perfect places for the big five. The big five are the elephants, lions, leopards, cheetah and the rhinos. The big five in the Serengeti national park are quite scattered hence locating them might take longer not compared to the once that are found in the Ngorongoro conservation area. It takes just a few hours to be able to locate the big five in the Ngorongoro crater because the area covered is small and hence the animals are not so scattered tracing them and locating them is much easier.

The big five in Serengeti national park are quite scattered than the once in the Ngorongoro, this is because of the large area hence the animals can move freely and can be scattered and they are mostly scattered because of the location of their predators. There is also a large population of lions in Serengeti national park than in the Ngorongoro conservation area. Serengeti is the home of the lions and it’s the national park with the huge population of lions. There about 3,000 lions in Serengeti national park not compared to their population in Ngorongoro.

Most of the tourists that visits the Serengeti national park are the same that visits the Serengeti national park because most they have to pass via Ngorongoro crater while on their way towards the Serengeti and they have to pay the entrance fee while crossing the Ngorongoro crater. These two national parks are so similar in so many ways hence visiting them is normally done together.

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