Where To Find The Animals Featured In The Lion King Movie : With a July 9 release date and a stirring trailer that recreates the iconic “Circle of Life” scene from the original, the new live-action The Lion King movie is bringing back fond memories for older fans and inspiring a whole new generation of children. Nevertheless, 25 years have gone by since the original movie’s debut, bringing some extremely interesting and significant issues concerning the different creatures shown in it, including Rafiki the wise mandrill, Timon and Pumbaa, the adored meerkat and warthog pair, and Simba the lion.

Where To Find The Animals Featured In The Lion King Movie

The movie’s news specifically draws attention to the problem of animal conservation and how it might have evolved and gotten worse in the 25 years since the original 1994 film. The West African lion, which has been classified as critically endangered since 2016, is one of many animals in the movie that are in fact on the endangered species list. The African lion population has decreased by 42% over the past 21 years, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Their main threats include habitat loss due to agricultural development and human settlement, a lack of prey, human-wildlife conflict, epidemics, and diseases.

Not only is the lion in distress. Beyond the characters in The Lion King, African elephant populations have decreased by 111,000 over the past ten years, western chimpanzee populations have decreased by 80% over the past 25 years, and despite efforts to outlaw rhino poaching, the crime has increased, reaching up to 700% in some nations.

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Where To Find The Animals Featured In The Lion King Movie
Where To Find The Animals Featured In The Lion King Movie

In order to help you identify all of the wonderful species mentioned in The Lion King in their natural habitats, we have prepared a thorough interactive map of all the animals seen in the film. We anticipate that our thorough map will encourage responsible travel and enhance conversation on conservation efforts and the problems affecting our species. While the Pride Lands of The Lion King are partly based on Kenya and Tanzania, many of the highlighted species can actually be found all over the world, including South America, Asia, and even Europe.

Kenya, Brazil, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, and some less expected nations, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, and Iceland, are major locations for some of your favorite Lion King beasts. Our new map not only shows locations where you may see The Lion King animals around the globe, but it is also jam-packed with interesting information on the locations and creatures that are shown. Did you know, for instance, that African bush elephants are capable of lifting 300 kilos with their trunks—the weight of two enormous pandas?

While some of these statistics are just interesting trivia, we also found some serious information underscoring the problems that our wildlife is currently experiencing. For instance, the common chimpanzee has vanished entirely from four African nations and is in danger of going extinct in a number of others. In other places, human activity poses a serious threat to the vervet monkey, which can live almost anywhere in the world as long as there is a stable source of water. An annual slaughter is conducted to keep the monkeys from becoming pests, stealing food, and raiding farms.

Similar to other animals, people are the main threat to rhinos because they utilize their horns for traditional Asian remedies, which has led to an increase in demand for rhino horn and a lucrative industry for rhino poachers.

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