What to do when you encounter a crime while in the national park : There are always risks while travelling, it’s important to keep safe and exercise caution all the time while visiting the national parks especially during the night. The common crime that happens while in the national parks in Tanzania involves poaching, disturbing the animals while they feed and many other

The national park is considered as the dangerous place because of the wild animals that are found here and they are considered as very can attack human. There are animals that are carnivals and they feed on meet, it’s important to keep safe all the time and make sure the vehicle does not get any closer to them.  Example of these animals is like the lions, cheetah, hyenas, leopards and many others. There are other animals that are not carnivals and can harm you while you’re close to them.

When you encounter a crime while in the national park, there are emergency numbers to call in any national park. Example of the crimes that someone might face while in the Tanzania national park is animals attacking where your accommodation is found. Call the emergency numbers so that the rangers can come and move the animals, the other easy and best option is to contact your host or guide drive they can easy get help to you as they are familiar with the environment or they can give you the important safety tips.

In case of robbery or theft while in the national park,( which is a very rare case) it’s best not to argue or trying to fight them back , give them whatever they want so that you can avoid them from harming you. It’s also advised to leave your valuable materials at the hotel rooms or not bring them at all as they attract the thieves. It’s also not advised to carry a large sum of money with you all the time, take with you the reasonable amount of money that you will use at that particular time activity. Report any kind of theft or robbery that can happen to you or any other person around you to the driver guide or call the emergency call of the particular national park in order to get immediate assistance.

For the case of fire accident at  the hotel room while In the national park, its advised to leave everything behind and rush to the emergency areas that are set by the hotels, hen from there you can call the emergency numbers or the inform the management of that particular hotel. This also implies that before settling in a hotel or any location, ensure that you are conversant with the emergency evacuation procedures of that area.

What to do when you encounter a crime while in the national park
What to do when you encounter a crime while in the national park

Other important safety tips while in the national parks include;

Do not go out at night while in the national parks, when on the camps and need to help yourself do not go far from where your tents are found. If you are forced to do so, ensure that your tour guide is aware that you are going out. For more safety, ensure that you have an escorted from an armored guide, just in case you are going on a comparatively far location.

Keep your personal belongings next to you all the time, to avoid losing them or getting them from stolen. This is to say that you have to be fully responsible for all your personal belongings at all time. No one can take the responsibility of your belongings, not even your guide and your host at the park. This is because you are the one with full access to your belongings at all time so even the issue of their security remains on your side.

Avoid feeding the animals, getting close to them and disturbing them in anyway while they are resting or feeding because they might get aggressive and attack you anytime. This applies even to non- predating animals such as monkeys. You are strictly prohibited from feeding them, regardless to how friendly the animals might be. This is because some of the meals we consume might pose negative effects to these animals, even if they are more or less similar to human being in terms of the digestive systems.

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