What Is Lake Manyara National Park Famous For? Lake Manyara national park is located in the Northern region of Tanzania in about 100 kilometers and 60 miles from the Southwest of Arusha. And this national park is considered to be among the smallest national parks in the country which covers a total surface area of about 330 square kilometers and this game park is known to be about  30 miles and around 50 kilometers long and 10 miles(16 km) wide and it consists of a salt and rock phosphate deposits. Lake Manyara national park was officially established as a national park in 1960 hence which ranks it to be the second oldest national park in the country after Serengeti national park and it is being managed by the Tanzania National park Authority which takes up a full responsibility of protecting and conserving all the national parks in the country with the main purpose of maintaining the number of the animals which are considered as top tourist attractions which lead many individuals to travel from worldwide to visit the park which also promotes the tourism industry of Tanzania.  More so, Lake Manyara National park is famously known for its tree-climbing lions, which are rare species to see, and they are only found within Manyara and in Serengeti National park. In addition, individuals can visit this park at any time throughout the year however, the dry season is considered as the best time as to when they should visit which is between months of June to October when less rainfalls are received.

Tourist Attractions in Lake Manyara National park.

Lake Manyara national park has around so many attractions, which lead individuals to travel from different parts of the world to visit this park, and some of these include the following below;

Lake Manyara.

Lake Manyara national park is known to have derived its name from Lake Manyara, which is known to have been after the common sighted tree within the park “Euphorbia Tirucali” which is referred to as Emanyara in the Maasai language.  In addition, in the Maasai culture this tree specie was seen as a security measure to protect their cattle against thieves and predators. More so, Lake Manyara covers a total surface area of about ¼ of the park and it is considered as the main source of water within the park where many animals are always spotted while they drink water hence acts a good natural habitat to some species like; crocodiles and hippos and water birds such as; large flocks of flamingos among others. In addition, local people always go to this lake for fishing and it is best for boat rides, which are best done during the rainy season.

Wildlife animals.

Lake Manyara national park is home to a high diversity of many wildlife species. most importantly exploring around this game park gives you chances to sight the all the 4 members of the African big five animals expect the rhinos and some of these animals include; elephants, leopards, lions, buffalos, impala, giraffe, hippos, baboons, zebras, tree-climbing lions, bush bucks and primate species like; blue and vervet monkeys and many others.


Lake Manyara National park is also seen as a birders paradise because it harbours around 400 bird species. In addition, this game park hosts different types of birds such as; aquatic birds, terrestrial birds and migratory birds, which come within the park during the wet season because it is the best time for breeding. Therefore, some of these bird species include; slivery-cheeked hornbill, African jacana, African spoonbill, Little bee-eater, African grey hornbill, Blue-billed teal, Von der Deckens hornbill, black heron, Abdim’s stork, Grey headed kingfisher, baglafecht weaver and many others.

Great Rift Valley Escarpment.

Lake Manyara National park is gifted with a Great Rift Valley escarpment, which are about 1600 meters above the sea level, and it was formed due to the volcanicity. More so, the great rift valley walls always grant tourists with the wonderful scenic views more especially for those who go through the main gate and they also capture a good aerial view of the whole park for those who opt to make stop overs along their way to Ngoro Ngoro crater.

Hot springs.

The hot springs are also considered to be among the top attractions in the park and they are found along the narrow strip beneath the rift valley escarpments within the western region of the park. In addition, the unique about these hot springs is that they produce heated ground water due to the result of Geothermal. In addition, this hot water boils at temperatures of about 60 degrees and it is good for boiling eggs, which is always a good experience for individuals.

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