What Are The Names Of The Five Lakes In Tanzania? : Tanzania is a diverse and ecologically rich country in East Africa and stunning landscapes and numerous water bodies dominate the country. Due to the fact that this country is blessed with a diverse array of lakes, which contribute a lot towards the country’s culture, economy and ecological balance. Continue reading this article to get your question answered of “what are the names of the five lakes in Tanzania?”

What Are The Names Of The Five Lakes In Tanzania

More so, the unique thing about these waterbodies is that they both hold the ecological, historical, cultural values and must be preserved and protected for future purposes. In addition, these waterbodies are best destinations to visit while on a safari Tanzania because they are surrounded with wildlife species, which act as top tourist attractions in, the country and they have unique ecosystem hence making it a valuable pat of Tanzania’s natural heritage. In addition, some of these lakes include;

Lake Victoria.

Lake Victoria is ranked to be the largest lake in Africa and the second largest lake in the whole world. This lake is commonly referred to as “Nyanza”. Lake Victoria is not in the entirely within the Tanzanian territory however, it is shared between other East African countries like; Uganda and Kenya. More so, the Tanzanian portion of this lake is considered as an essential part of the Lakes ecosystem and it acts as a good natural habitat to numerous wildlife species of fish and other mammal species. Lake Victoria also contributes to supporting the livelihoods of thousands of people staying around the lake especially through fishing and other economic activities.

This Lake also plays a significant role of the hydrology and climate of the region. Lake Victoria is also considered yo be a vital transportation route, which enables the movement of good and people between countries. However, Lake Victoria also faces many environmental challenges such as; invasive species, water pollution, over fishing which have significant ecological and economic impacts.

Lake Tanganyika.  

Lake Tanganyika is ranked as one of the great lakes in the whole world due the fact that it is considered to be the second largest lake in the whole world after Lake Baikal in Siberia. Lake Tanganyika is located in the western part of Tanzania, which forms around the country’s border with Burundi, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. More so, this lake is a deep and narrow, it is incredibly biodiversity, and it acts a good natural habitat to over 350 fish species. Lake Tangyika has both ecological and economic significance for the country and it serves as a source of drinking water, transportation route for the goods within the region and it supports fisheries for example; the unique cichlid fish species which are found with the lake and these species are sought after the aquarium trade which contributes a lot towards the local economy.

What Are The Names Of The Five Lakes In Tanzania
Lake Tanganyika

Lake Malawi.

Lake Malawi, which is commonly referred to as Lake Nyasa, is one of another of the African Great lakes and it is situated in the Southern part of the country. Lake Malawi shares its shoreline with Malawi and Mozambique, it is ranked as the third largest lake in Africa, and it is considered to be among the top ten largest in the world in terms of Volume. More so, this lake is famously known for its crystal clear waters, stunning scenery, diverse fish species, hence making it a popular destination for researchers and tourists to visit.

Lake Rukwa.

Lake Rukwa is a lesser-known lake located in the southwestern region of Tanzania. It is a relatively shallow and small lake compared to the other lakes found in the country however, it is an essential to the local people because it provides them with water for home use, agricultural and fishing. More so, Lake Rukwa also has an ecological significance and it is seen as a home to a variety of bird species and other large population of wildlife. It is also being surrounded with wetlands and green lush vegetation, which contributes to the ecological diversity and conservation efforts of the lake.

Lake Eyasi.

Lake Eyasi is an alkaline lake, which is located in the Eastern region of the East African rift valley, and it is situated within the northern part of the country. This lake is known to be seasonal because it is small, it normally dries up during the dry season and shallow, and it is a few kilometers away from the Ngorongoro conservation area.

In summary, this article entails the five lakes in Tanzania hence answering the question of What Are The Names Of The Five Lakes In Tanzania

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