Uwanda game reserve : Located on the south western part of Tanzania along the Rukwa valley the Uwanda game reserve, also known as the Uwanda Rukwa game reserve is situated.  The Uwanda Rukwa game reserve covers the total area of 5,000 square kilometers which is predominantly the waterlogged area.  It’s the perfect water Tanzania safari destination as 80% of this land is covered by water while the remaining 20% is made of land.  The Uwanda Rukwa game reserve is the idle place for animals such as giraffes and antelopes due to its acacia and Miombo woodlands that covers its land.  This game reserve is the part of Great valley and it’s also the extension from the Katavi national park. This game reserve is well known due to its large population of crocodile, that have largely inhabited the Lake Rukwa.

What to do while in Uwanda game reserve

Game drive– explore the animals of the Uwanda game reserve through the game drive with the 4×4 vehicle with the open roof for the clear view of the animals. This game reserve is the home of different wild animals such as crocodiles, antelopes, giraffes, elands, reedbucks, topi, elephants and many more.

Boat cruising– explore the lake Rukwa through the boat cruising activity, the thrilling views of the animals that are found along the shores of this lake, the views of the birds are amazing.  The boat cruising activity gives the opportunity to get closer to the aquatic animals such as hippos and crocodiles.

Uwanda game reserve
Uwanda game reserve

Sport fishing activity- this activity can only take place in the restricted areas, and you must get the permission to dish in this lake. There are different fish species that can be found in this lake, they include the mud fish, tilapia, and sardines, these fishes can be enjoyed for dinner after fishing.

Guided nature walks– have the amazing views of the blue waters of lake Rukwa from it shores, the guided nature walks are normally accompanied by the armed guides. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the spectacular views of wild animals as well as to enjoy the view of the colorful birds.

Birding activity– the Uwanda game reserve is the paradise for different birds’ species, there are about 400 different birds recorded.  There are also different endemic birds such as red shark, wood pecker, grey parrots and many others.

When to visit 

During the dry season the trails are perfect, the vegetation cover is lower and the animals can be easily viewed even within a distance. The dry season is during the month of June to October, the animals can also be located easily as they are found along the shores of Lake Rukwa.

The months of November to May is normally the wet season and it’s the right time for the bird lovers to visit this game reserve. The wet season is also the breeding season for the birds, both the migratory birds and the native birds can be well sighted at these times of the year.

 Where to stay while

Most of the accommodations in this game reserve are located outside the park, the hotels and lodges are found near and around the city of Mbeya. The accommodation varies prices are affordable and with great quality. The choice of accommodation depends on the individual’s budget. Most of the hotels and resorts found here they have Wi-Fi swimming pool and the bar area.

The entry fee for Uwanda game reserve.

For the non-citizen of the East Africa the entry fee is 20 USD for the adults while for the children below the age of 5 years is free.

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