Tourism Circuits in Kenya

Tourism circuits in Kenya. There are a number of Kenya safari circuits travelers who visit Magical Kenya can visit on Kenya safaris. Kenya is an impressive tourist destination, one of the most sought after Africa safari destinations which rewards travellers with utmost Africa safari experiences in not only the wilderness but also coastal areas of Kenya.

Kenya is the 48th largest world country in the world, bordered by a number of countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Somalia and the Indian Ocean. Tourism in Kenya is the second biggest income earner to the government after agriculture. With so many attractions in Kenya and the fact that it is a large country, Kenya safari circuits or Tourism circuits in Kenya do come into play, grouping the various tourist attractions in Kenya according to the part of the country they are in. the tourism circuits in Kenya or the Kenya safari circuits are Central Kenya circuit, south rift circuit, coastline circuit, north rift circuit, Nairobi circuit, eastern circuit, western circuit and southern circuit. All these tourism circuits in Kenya can be visited for magical Kenya safaris, all throughout the year. The various Kenya safari circuits are further detailed below;

Central Kenya Circuit

The central Kenya circuit, just like the name suggests encompasses the central part of Kenya formerly known as the White Highlands, currently the capital city of Kenya Nairobi. The central Kenya circuit is an ultimate destination for adventurous travellers after a considerable challenge, especially with the steep slopes of Mount Kenya. Most visited destinations in the central Kenya circuit include Mount Kenya National Park, Mount Longonot National Park and Aberdare National Park.

Tourism Circuits in Kenya
Mount Kenya National Park

South Rift Circuit

The south rift circuit is one of the 7 circuits in Kenya that tourists on Kenya safaris can visit, all throughout the year. The south rift circuit encompasses some of the most sought after and popular attractions and destinations in Kenya with breathe taking sceneries and thousands of wildlife species. Travellers after amazing and ultimate Kenya safari experiences best visit the southern rift circuit for amazing tourist activities like hot air balloon safaris, bush breakfasts, bush dinners, sundowners, horseback riding, walking safaris, and birding safaris among so many others. The south rift circuit encompasses Hell’s Gate National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara National Reserve and the Mara Triangle, all rewarding travellers with unforgettable wild game experiences.

Nairobi Circuit

Nairobi circuit is a popular destination given its close proximity with the capital city, Nairobi city. The Nairobi circuit encompasses destinations like the Giraffe Centre, Nairobi National park, Nairobi Safari Walk, National Museums of Kenya, Karen Bixen Museum, Kitengela Glass and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Travellers can also visit the Masai Market to purchase the locally crafted crafts, as well as enjoy hiking the Ngong Hills and nature walks on the Karura Nature Trails.

Eastern Circuit

The Eastern circuit is just outside Nairobi. The estern circuit is popular for amazingly rich Kenya culture, and is a perfect destination for wildlife enthusiasts looking to see a variety of animals and some of the most beautiful lodges and camps. The main attractions or destinations for eastern circuit of Kenya include Samburu Game Reserve, Ol Doinyo Sabuk National Park, Meru National Park, Buffalo Springs National Reserve and Mwea National Reserve.

North Rift Circuit

The north rift circuit is one of the 7 tourism circuits in Kenya that tourists can visit while on their much anticipated Kenya safaris. The north rift circuit boasts of spectacular rugged terrain and dramatic landscapes, as well as the breath taking Rift Valley and a number of Kenya wildlife parks and sanctuaries all rewarding travellers with amazing experiences. Laikipia National Reserve, South Turkana National Reserve, Marsabit National Reserve and Nasalot National Reserve offer unforgettable Kenya safari experiences with activities like hot air ballooning, game drives, mountain climbing, among so many others.

Tourism Circuits in Kenya
Marsabit National Reserve

Southern Circuit

The southern circuit of Kenya is home to the red elephants of Tsavo National Park, and what an amazing place to visit for unforgettable Kenya safari tours. The southern circuit of Kenya lies next to the Coastal area of Kenya from where travellers can go after amazing magical Kenya safari experiences in some of the best of Kenya’s wildlife destinations. Main attractions in the southern circuit of Kenya include Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park, Amboseli National Park and Chyulu Hills National Park.

Western Kenya Circuit

The western Kenya circuit is arguably one of the least visited tour circuit in Kenya and yet has so much to offer to tourists. The tropical forests of Kakamega, rare sitatunga antelopes in Saiwa Swamp, to so much more, there is so much more that this little visited Kenya circuit has to offer. Attractions that travellers can enjoy in the western Kenya circuit include Kakamega Forest national Reserve, Impala Sanctuary Kisumu, Ruma National Park, Ndere Island National Park, and Saiwa Swamp National Park.

The Coast Circuit

The coast circuit of Kenya covers the Kenya Coastal region, famous for amazing pristine white sand beaches and amazing water activities. The coast circuit is the best place to visit to wind up one’s Kenya safari tour. Main attractions in the Coastal circuit include Mombasa Marine Parks and Reserves, Shimba Hills, Arabuko Sokoke National Reserve and Kisite Mpunguti.

Tourism Circuits in Kenya
Mombasa Marine Parks

There are 7 tourism circuits in Kenya, which tourists can visit for amazing Kenya safari experiences. The 7 Kenya safari circuits are western Kenya circuit, Coastal circuit, southern circuit, north rift circuit, south rift circuit, and eastern circuit and Nairobi circuit. If you are planning to visit magical Kenya for your safari, it is important to know the various Kenya safari circuits there are for adequate planning, not to miss out on some of the most amazing attractions and sceneries.

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