The Top Ten Highest Mountains in Tanzania : A Journey Through Altitude : Tanzania is a well-known destination for trekking and mountaineering enthusiasts, as it is home to Kilimanjaro, the tallest peak in Africa. With a height of 5,895 meters, Mount Kilimanjaro draws hikers from all over the world who want to climb the so-called “Roof of Africa.” While the journey is indeed incredible and a once-in-a-lifetime experience, most visitors are unaware of Tanzania’s abundance of other fantastic hiking opportunities. Tanzania is home to numerous mountain ranges, offering a wide variety of hiking opportunities.

Mountains are a common sight in Tanzania. They might perhaps be considered among the richest things this nation is known for. It can be challenging to choose which Tanzanian mountain best suits your interests if you enjoy hiking or mountain climbing. Let’s examine some of Tanzania’s highest peaks and the hiking opportunities they present.


Tanzania has a huge variety of mountains, making it challenging to keep track of them all. Everyone knows about Mount Kilimanjaro, of course. There are mountains in Tanzania, though, that are not quite as well-known. This is not to say that they are unimportant or that the adventurous hiker won’t find anything of value in them. Let’s take a closer look at the ten highest mountains in Tanzania:

  1. Highest: Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,340 feet
  2. Second highest: Mount Mawenzi at 16,890 feet
  3. Third highest: Mount Meru at 14,980 feet
  4. Fourth highest: Klute Peak at 12,970 feet
  5. Fifth Highest: Mount Hanang at 11,220 feet
  6. Sixth highest: Mount Luhombero at 8,450 feet
  7. Seventh Highest: Mount Sisaba at 8,080 feet
  8. Eighth Highest: Mount Selegu at 8,060 feet
  9. Ninth Highest: Mount Sibindi at 7,780 feet

Even though not every one of these summits presents the same challenge to climbers and mountaineers, every peak has something special to offer. Let’s examine some of these mountains’ offerings in more detail.


Among Tanzania’s mountains, Mount Kilimanjaro is well-known. It is not just Africa’s highest mountain, but also the highest peak in Tanzania. The highest free-standing mountain in the world above sea level is Mount Kilimanjaro, rising to a height of 19,340 feet.

 Due to all of these factors, Mount Kilimanjaro is a well-liked travel destination and is frequently climbed. But this mountain offers more to explore than just the opportunity to reach the summit. The following are a few other things you may do on and around this magnificent peak:

The Rundugai Hotsprings are wonderful if all you want to do is unwind and take a break. While the natural heat releases all of the tension from your muscles, explore the pristine waters.

Trekking to the Kilimanjaro Waterfall: The Kilimanjaro Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall that makes for a great day of adventure. Even novice hikers can easily complete the journey because the trail is not as steeply inclined as the one that leads to the waterfall on Mount Meru.

Climbing Kilimanjaro: Rather than trekking to the top of the mountain, consider climbing the mountain if you’d like to take in the beauty and grandeur of the peak. Without the exhaustion of a full climb, you can still sleep on the mountain and take in its beauty and tranquility. The possibilities are boundless, and this mountain genuinely offers far more than most people realize.


Mount Mawenzi

Certainly not as well-known as Mount Kilimanjaro is Tanzania’s second-highest summit, Mount Mawenzi. You may still undertake a lot of activities in the vicinity of this summit, though. This mountain offers three distinct hiking routes, each with a different degree of difficulty:

  • The Katesh Route
  • The Ngendabi Route
  • The Giting Route

Hiking this mountain is generally not too difficult, and you should be able to reach the peak on the same day that you begin your journey. This is a great chance for you to appreciate the scenery and snap pictures before you head back.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is the third-highest mountain in Tanzania and is rather well-liked by travelers. It is far less difficult to trek or climb than Mount Kilimanjaro, but it still affords you the chance to take in breathtaking views and an amazing hike.

The Top Ten Highest Mountains in Tanzania
Mount Meru

 Mount Meru’s very own waterfall is only one of its many wonderful features. After a relatively short journey, you’ll find breathtaking vistas if you trek to the Mount Meru Waterfall. Without the stress of visiting some of the other falls, take in the beauty and peace of the waterfall.

Klute Peak

One of the peaks that make up Shira Mountain is Klute Peak. It is not typically used as a trek or climb on its own. Rather, it is a component of several paths that climb to the top of Kilimanjaro.

Mount Hanang

The fifth-highest mountain peak in Tanzania is Mount Hanang. Even though it’s not the most famous peak in Tanzania, it’s nevertheless stunning. Similar to Mount Mawenzi, the summit can be reached via three primary, well-established hiking trails. The Giting Route, the Ngendabi Route, and the Katesh Route are your options.

 The Katesh Route takes about six hours to ascend and five hours to descend. The times for the Ngendabi and Giting Routes ought to be comparable. The specifics of any route, though, could differ greatly.

Mount Luhombero

From the park’s edge, you can hike Luhombero Peak, making it a longer excursion. You might choose to go on a walking safari, which will give you a better look at the surrounding landscape and wildlife. But this will also make a hike that takes one or two days stretch to five or six days.

 There are numerous options available, each with wildly varying travel schedules. For example, you can hike around the mountain if you want to take the circular route. Another option is to use a quicker and more direct path, which will save a lot of time. This mountain is definitely worth the effort and will reward you with a variety of fascinating experiences and breathtaking panoramas, no matter which route you choose.


Tanzania boasts 2,395 recognized summits and hills of significant prominence. That is not to argue that the number of peaks is limited. There are countless lesser-known or smaller summits that are just unnamed. Naturally, there are a number of other mountains in Tanzania that are also very noteworthy. Let’s examine a couple of them in more detail.

Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai

The native Tanzanian population refers to Mount Ol Doinyo Lengai as “The Mountain of God.” It is believed by them that the god Engai settled there following a hunter’s successful arrow strike. The peak is an active volcano that last erupted violently in 1993. It has two craters, the other of which is submerged under water and usually active. This peak in Tanzania is definitely something to think about if you’re in good shape and seeking a challenge. It’s frequently regarded as one of the hardest mountain hikes at night.

Olmoti Crater

One of the finest hikes for novices is thought to go to the Olmoti Crater. It provides a hike that is less taxing than some of the other options without sacrificing the hike’s worth.

 The Olmoti Crater hike, which passes through an old caldera, only takes about 40 minutes. You will be able to take in the magnificence of the Munge waterfall in addition to stunning panoramic vistas. The Masai term “olmoti,” which describes the caldera’s enormous, pot-like shape, means “cooking pot.” Although this trip is only 1.9 miles long, the altitude can be taxing due to the approximately 1,000-foot elevation.


There is another way to see Kilimanjaro’s splendor and majesty if you don’t want to hike for several days or climb the entire peak. What better way to see the highest mountain in Africa than by air? You’ll get a first-hand look at Kilimanjaro during this 45-minute trip.

As you soar over the mountain and take in features you’d never see from the ground, take in the sight of the crater and all the tumbling glaciers. Before the flight may depart, a certain number of people must be on each trip. There must be a minimum of four people on the flight in order for everyone to fully enjoy the tour.


Tanzania is a stunning nation with lots of scenic locations, trekking routes, and natural treasures. It also features a variety of hills and mountains. Tanzania’s highlands are amazing, magnificent, and teeming with undiscovered gems. There’s always something new to discover and do, whether it’s hiking Mount Sisaba’s lower slopes or scaling Kilimanjaro.

 You may reserve your climb up Mount Kilimanjaro with us right here. Alternatively, arrange a visit to the Mount Meru Waterfall. We can also organize a customized vacation that enables you to see waterfalls, chimpanzees, and trek on Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Tanzanian mountains offer hiking experiences for all types of adventurers, from easy climbs suitable for novices to strenuous nighttime treks reserved for the most fit. Please get in touch with us so we can create the personalized safari of your desires.

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