Tanzania national park entry fees/  park fees to Tanzania national parks

Tanzania national park entry fees: For any one to visit the national parks in Tanzania, he or she must remit or pay a fee to entry.  The Tanzania park fees is  that amount  of money one has to pay or part  with in order to entire the national park, conservancy or any other wildlife protected area within  the country .  Before planning any Tanzania tour / Tanzania safari especially if one intends to travel to the park themselves, its important and prudent to know the Tanzania park charges for various parks as well as the charges for the activities in the park. But for anyone using a travel agent, all the park fees and activity   charges is usually embedded in the cost sent to the client.

Making payments to the Tanzania national park Authority. All the Tanzanian national parks   inclusing the ones on the northern sector to motions Serengeti national park, Tarangire national park, Mkomazi national park ,Arusha national park, lake Manyara national park,  Ngorongoro conservation area. In the southern circuit   to mention  Ruaha national park, selous mapumziko national park, mikumi national park, Mount udzungwa national park , kitulo national park  and Katavi national park . in the western Tanzania area Gombe trak national park and  Mahale mountains national park.  Access to the above national parks allows use of credit cards to Visa cards and master cards and he traction charges are shouldered by the client. Its als encouraged to make payments in the bank prior to your travel and present the payment receipt with the serial number when making your way to the national park.

 Wildlife managent Area ( WMA)refers to the charge for  wildlife managed area within the national park, the fees has be paid prior  to your entry  to the park. The fees paid is between 12usds -30usd per per person  per  day and 6usds for the car. Some the places where the Wildlife management fees apple include: lake natron close to lake matron national park, Rombo ( lake chala area),loliondo, okoma Serengeti area, longido, monduli among others.

Park entry fees : this are charges or fees  imposed on any one before having access to the park  before  conducting activities such as  game drives,  bird watching ,  nature walks among other activities done in the national parks.

The bodies to mention  TANAPA ( Tanzania  national park Authority) manages the collection of Serengeti national park fees while  Ngorongoro Area conservation  Authority  manages the collection of park fees  or Ngorongoro area entrance including the ngorongoro crater charges.

Other fees like the concessions fees are to paid by the Lodge, hotels, camps and other accommodation facilities with the park , paid to TANAPA. The difference  between the concession fees and park fees is that the park fees are paid by individual accessing the park while park fees are paid by the lodge, camps or any other accommodation  facility within the park to the TANAPA.

Below is alit of payments made while accessing the Tanzania national parks

Ngorongoro crater national park

71.8usds per adult valid for 24 hours

20usds for children between 5-6 years valid for 24hours

10usd for camping fee per night .

295usds per vehicle entering the crater area for those who wish to go to the crater.

Note that for penalties such as over speeding in the area attracts a charge of  50,000 TZ SHS

Serengeti national park fees

71.8usds Park entry fees for per for adult valid for 24 hours.

59usds concession fees per person per night.

20usds park entry per child valid for 24hours

10 usds per person for camping per night.

Other national park charges

Park for for Arusha national park is 53.10usds per adult and 17usds per child valid for 24 hours.

Park fees for lake Manyara national park is  53.10usd for adult and 17usds per child valid for 24 hours.

Park entry to Kilimanjaro national park is 82.60 usd per adult and 23.60 usds  per child valid for 24hours.

Tarangire national park entry fees  53.10usds  per adult valid for 23.60usds per child valid for  24hours.

Southern circuit national park fees

Mikumi national park fees is  30usds per adult  while  children pay 25usds valid for 24hours.


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