Tanzania Easter Season Safari : As the Easter holiday is always short, planning for a safari in Tanzania should be specific so as to get enough time to enjoy the moment. The following are best safari and safari routes for an Easter holiday.

Serengeti National Park:

The Serengeti National Park is a component in the famous Northern Safari Circuit and the largest national park in this category. It covers an area of approximately 14,763 kilometre square and is located in the north-eastern Simiyu region and eastern part of Mara region. It is known for its astonishing wreaths of exquisiteness, this terrain is a home to huge herd of plain wildlife with over two million wildebeests, zebras, antelopes, lions, elephants and a scene of remarkable wildlife migration. It offers a number of activities for tourists of travellers being Game Drives, birding safaris, Maasai culture encounters, hot air balloon safaris and many other.

Ngorongoro Conservation area/ Ngorongoro Crater:

The Ngorongoro Crater is the Largest Caldera in the whole world, and it covers around an area of 265 square kilometres with the proportions of 16 by 19 kilometres cattycorner. This outstanding gemstone was shaped million years ago nearly 2.5 million years as a result of a volcanic eruption that occurred leaving the sturdy caldera as its foremost remnant. As of today, the caldera’s ground is predominantly open grassland a home to black rhinos and the famous Big Five. 

Manyara National Park:

This is one among the national parks near Arusha and Manyara region. It is known for its best tree-climbing lions and over 350 species of birds it has a number of other wildlife too including antelopes, elephants, giraffes, monkeys, baboons and hippopotamuses. The Manyara National Park covers an area of 325-kilometre square. The park offers a number of activities including the game drives and birdwatching safaris. Accommodation in the Manyara National Park is available depending on the budget and facilities a traveller wants. 

Tarangire National Park:

Located in Manyara Region, this national park is known for its large elephants found along the Tarangire River. Despite having these elephants Tarangire is a heaven to other animals being giraffes, zebras, lions, antelopes and birds too in this 2600-kilometre square place. The National Park is accessible by air or roads and is few hours’ drives away from the Capital of all Safari Destinations “Arusha City.”

Tanzania Easter Season Safari
Arusha city

Another National Park to visit during this season that are closely in this circuit includes:

The Arusha National Park:

This National Park is a constituent of the North safari Circuit, being a territory and home to savannah grasslands, montane forest, hilltop moorland, the beautiful Mount Meru and the Ngurdoto crater the distorted volcano. Arusha National Park has diverse animals and species in it, it does not wholly billet the Big 5 but will leave you mouth-washed with other animals being the amazing African giraffes, monkeys, zebras, shy wildebeests, cape buffaloes’, elephants and many more. There are a number of notable activities to do around this park during the Easter holiday, it is an excellent all year-round bird viewing camp, an incredible view and hiking of the Mt Meru.

Accommodations during the Easter holiday Safari:

In each of the listed National Parks above there are plenty of accommodation services provided too depending on the budget set aside by the holidaymakers, the packages provided by the tour companies and agents, traveller’s wants either a normal moderate stay or a luxurious one. A piece of advice before planning a trip is that a proper choice of tour agents should be made so as to make it easier for a holiday maker to get the best, fun experience, knowledge about beautiful Tanzania and get to know how Easter is celebrated uniquely in Tanzania.

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