Selous game drives. A Selous game drive is one of the most fascinating things to do in Selous Game Reserve, now known as Nyerere National Park. Selous Game Reserve, or Nyerere National Park, is the largest protected Tanzania safari park covering 54,600 square kilometers. Selous Game Reserve is a beautiful typical wilderness of Tanzania located in the southern part of Tanzania. Selous Game Reserve is one of the Tanzania national parks found in the southern circuit of Tanzania. Given the vast expanse of the park, one of the most amazing way to explore the park is by a game drive in the park.

A Selous game drive is one of the best way to explore Selous Game Reserve, while on an open sided or closed-sided safari vehicle. Selous Game Reserve is a beautiful Tanzania safari park with different vegetation cover ranging from mountain landscapes to the open endless grasslands inhabiting a diversity of wildlife species. You shall find a diversity of wildlife in Selous game Reserve, ranging from the big 5 animals which are the most sought after animals in Tanzania, to the rarest and smallest wildlife species. A safari in Selous Game Reserve is a memorable experience that travelers ought to look towards to whilst on a Tanzania safari tour. One of the best ways to explore the vast plains of Selous game Reserve is by embarking on game drives in the reserve.

A Selous game drive is an activity that can be done all throughout the year, through the vast plains of the reserve. The various animals and other wildlife in Selous Game Reserve are resident and as such can be seen all throughout the year, irrespective of the season.

Selous Game Drive
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A game drive in Selous Game Drive can be done all throughout the day, with the early morning and evening game drives being the most rewarding with opportunities to see a variety of wildlife as they get out to start the day. Travelers can also do all day game drives in Selous Game Reserve, where travelers can opt to go with their packed lunches and spend the entire day out in the wilderness, with a picnic lunch enjoyed later in the wilderness. A full day Selous game drive is a great way to fully explore the reserve, as travelers are given more time to reach the different animal spots of the reserve. A full day game drive in Selous Game Reserve (Nyerere National Park) gives travelers an opportunity to enjoy their picnic lunch around the springs, with travelers having a chance to dip your feet in the cool waters.

Unlike the northern Tanzania safari parks, a game drive in Selous Game Reserve is quite enjoyable and allows travelers to literally enjoy the reserve to themselves as there are fewer tourists at a time in the reserve.

A Selous game drive is one of the different things to do in Selous game reserve. There are a variety of other things to do in Selous Game Drive, including among others guided walking safaris, bird watching, boat riding, among so many others.

Guided Walking Safaris

One of the things to do in Selous game reserve is a guided walking safari. A guided walking safari is one way to fully explore the various hidden gems of the reserve. It is not a common occurrence to have walking safaris in Tanzania safari parks; walking safaris are allowed in select Tanzania safari parks with Selous Game Reserve being one of them. A guided walking safari in Selous takes you through the wilderness following animal trucks, in the company of an experience park guide. You shall get an opportunity to come up close with nature and see animals close enough, as well as discover the little hidden gems of Selous Game Reserve. A walking safari in Selous Game Reserve can take about 2-3 hours, or more or less depending on your preference. Come up close with animals like giraffes, wildebeests, among so many others. Enjoy an amazing scenery and landscape views of the reserve.

Bird Watching

Bird watching is another of the different activities in Selous Game Reserve. There are over 440 birds in Selous Game Reserve that travelers can spot while on a safari in Tanzania. A bird watching safari experience is Selous Game Reserve is a great way to spot various birds in Selous game Reserve including among others Red-Winged Warbler, Palm-nut Vulture, African Skimmers, White Helmet Shrikes, Grey Penduline Tit, Boehm’s Bee-eater, and Dickson’s Kestrel. Bird watching in Selous Game Reserve can be done all throughout the year, with the best time for bird watching being in the months of April to June, as well as October to November also when the migratory birds can be spotted.

Boat Trips

Boat trips in Selous game Reserve are one of the unique Tanzania safari activities that travelers can enjoy while on a Tanzania safari tour in Selous Game Reserve. Boating trips in Selous game reserve can be done in various lakes and rivers in the reserve including River Rufiji, Lake Tagalala, Lake Siwandu, Lake Nzelekela, among others, all offering amazing boating safari experiences.

Selous Game Drive
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Sport Fishing

Sport fishing is another of the various activities in Nyerere National Park that travelers can enjoy. Sport fishing can be done in the various lake and rives in the reserve/park, catching and releasing various fish species like cat fish, tiger fish, and Rufiji tilapia, among so many others.

Selous Game Reserve, or Nyerere National Park, is a great Tanzania safari destination that travelers can opt to visit and enjoy an amazing safari experience. There are a variety of activities that one can enjoy visiting Tanzania on a Selous Game Reserve safari, including mong others a Selous game drive which gives you a chance to spot out the various scenery and wildlife in Selous Game Reserve. Book your next Africa safari trip and be amazed at the magnificent beauty of the reserve and enjoy the various activities there are in the reserve, including a Selous game drive.

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