Park entry fees to Ngorongoro crater.

Park entry fees to Ngorongoro crater: Ngorongoro crater is one of the most sought after destinations while on a Tanzania safari, this amazing destination is situated in northern Tanzania along with other popular destination   such as Serengeti national park, Mount Kilimanjaro. However, for one access Ngorongoro crater, he or she must remit a fees to the park authorities what is deemed as Ngorongoro crater park entry fees?  The park entry fees to Ngorongoro crater is harmonized the park gates or park entries to Ngorongoro crater by the Tanzania park authorities upon entry.

The park entry fees is paid in the bank across the country   and a guest or anyone who intends to get to the park will definitely present a deposit slip baring the serial number. This park fees payment in the bank doesn’t only apply to Ngorongoro   crater but also other national park across Tanzania.  We present you the detailed payments for the park entry fees to ngorongoro crater.  The park also accepts card payments to mention visa cards, master cards but such payments attract charges on the client’s side as transaction fees.

Tanzania National parkPark feesVATTotal
Adults from 15 years and above   
Lake Manyara$45.00$ 8.10$53.10
Tarangire national park$45.00    $ 8.10$53.10
Serengeti national park$ 60.00$10.80$70.80
Ngorongoro Crater$ 60.00$10.80$70.80
Kilimanjaro National park$70.00$12.60$82.60
Arusha national park$ 45.00$ 8.10$53.10
 Camping fees  
Serengeti national park$50.00$ 9.00$59.00
Ngorongoro crater$50.00$ 9.00$59.00
Children from 5 to 15
Lake Manyara$15.00$2.7$17.70
Tarangire national park$15.00$2.7$17.70
Serengeti national park$20.00$3.60$23.60
Ngorongoro Crater$20.00$3.60$23.60
Arusha national park$15.00$2.7$17.70
Children 5 to 15Camping fee
Serengeti national park$10.00$1.80$11.80
Ngorongoro Crater$10.00$1.80$11.80

The park has also got different charges for the cars accessing    the park area as one go deep into the Ngorongoro crater valley.  The car entry to the crater valley costs 295usd which is also payable together with the park entry fees in the bank and of course card payments  attract  charges for the transaction on the client side.

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