Kahuzi Beiga national park is excellent safari destination on a Democratic Republic of Congo safari. The park is located in the eastern part of the country. Kahuzi Beiga national park covers an area of 6,000 square kilometers which makes the park to be the largest safari destination on a Congo safari. The park is a home of the dormant volcanoes that is Mount Kahuzi and Mount Beiga that are origin of the park’s name. Kahuzi Beiga national park is a wildlife haven composed of mammals, primates, that’s where the park is a home to the famous Eastern lowland gorillas the major tourist attractions in the park and others like Red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, Grey cheecked, Blue monkeys and others. Mammals like buffalos, forest hogs, variety of bird species and butterflies.

Attractions in Kahuzi Beiga national park.

Eastern Lowland gorillas.

Eastern Lowland gorillas are the top safari attractions in Kahuzi Beiga national park. It is well known as the home of the surviving eastern lowland gorillas, the biggest gorilla subspecies in the world, and it’s in the entire East Africa, the Eastern Lowland gorillas are only found in Kahuzi Beiga national park. Eastern Lowland gorilla is a sub specie closely related to the mountain gorillas that live in Uganda, Rwanda, and Democratic Republic of Congo. Lowland gorillas are the major reason to why tourists go for Congo safari.

Animal species.

Kahuzi Beiga national park is a home of diverse animal species unlike the eastern lowland chimpanzees. The park has other animal species that can be sighted by the tourists on a safari like the forest elephants, forest buffalos, leopards, hippos, leopards, baboons, forest hogs and among many others, as these can be viewed on a Congo safari when you visit the park.

Bird species.

Kahuzi Beiga national park is a birding destination with over 349 bird species with 42 bird species endemic to the Albertine Rift. Some of the bird species in the park incudes the Grauer’s warbler, Rockeller’s sunbird, Ruwenzori Turaco, Shelley’s crimsonwing, yellow crested helmet, African Broadbill and among many others.

Activities to do in Kahuzi Beiga national park.

Eastern lowland gorilla trekking.

Eastern lowland gorillas are the main attraction in Kahuzi Beiga national park, hence gorilla trekking is the top safari activity done in the park. Eastern lowland gorilla trekking starts early in the morning with a briefing at the park headquarters about the rules, regulations and expectations about gorilla trekking in the park. After the briefing you can be divided into various groups of 8 members per group then you proceed to the park jungles to look for the eastern lowland gorillas. The safari activity takes a period of about 30 minutes to 6 hour depending on the location of gorillas.

Kahuzi Beiga national park
Eastern lowland gorillas

Along the way searching for the gorillas you can be rewarded with sighting of various wildlife in the park like the mammal species, bird species, vegetation, butterflies and among others. Immediately you spot the eastern lowland gorillas you can be given one hour to be with the presence of gorillas like watching them play, breastfeed, feed, grooming, taking those pictures, recording them videos and others.

Mountain hiking/Nature walks.

Mountain hiking is another attractive safari activity that takes place in Kahuzi Beiga national pak.This is where tourists explore the dormant volcanoes that is Mount Kahuzi and Mount Beiga, this is such rewarding where visitors enjoy viewing the thrilling like Lake Kivu. Along the way hiking this is where the tourists as well get to spot the beautiful wildlife and entire eye catching flora, bamboo forests, dense forests and others.

Chimpanzee tracking.

Chimpanzee viewing is among the fascinating safari activities that takes place in Kahuzi Beiga national park. This is where visitors view the chimpanzees from Lwiro primate rehabilitation center that was put in place to protect the orphaned chimpanzees and other small primates like monkeys, so a Congo safari you can have the opportunity to view these primates that makes your safari the most perfect one.

Bird watching.

Kahuzi Beiga national park is a birding safari destination where the park boasts over 349 bird species. Where the activity can as well be done as an independent safari activity during morning or evening. On a bird watching safari some of the bird species to be spotted includes sunbirds, Rwenzori turaco, hornbill, trogons, sunbirds, Rockefellers sunbirds, helmet-shike and among many others.

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