How much Cash should I bring on a Tanzania Safari  : Tanzania is the face of an African adventure safari. The fantastic Tanzania safaris include Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara National Park, and Tarangire National Park Safaris. Tanzania’s national parks are world-class. To have the best Tanzania safari experience, it is important to learn about the safari costs so that you can know how much cash to pay for visiting beautiful places of attractions, viewing animals in national parks, and other activities carried out in the safari destination.


Hotel: There are good hotels to stay for the nights before and after the safari. Accessing high-quality accommodation in hotels makes for an unforgettable safari experience in Tanzania. The average price paid for hotels per night’s sleep is $ 113 per person.

Lodges: the lodge is just near or within the parks. They are clean, comfortable, and far superior to camping. The food in the lodges is probably the best and the beds are very comfortable. There are Elephants and African Buffalo viewed very close to the safari lodges. The average price paid for lodges per night’s sleep is $ 92 per person.

How much Cash should I bring on a Tanzania Safari
Tarangire silage luxury lodge

camping site: There are also luxurious and comfortable tented camps. They have running hot water inside, a flush toilet, great food, and excellent service by Maasai tribal service. These tented safari camps are highlighted a laughing Hyenas and other wild animals right outside the tent. The average special camping fee is $ 59 per adult per night.

The approximate price for mid-range safari accommodation per person, per day costs $ 100 – $ 200 while supper luxurious safari accommodations range from $ 400 – $ 800 per person, per day.


Restaurants: The safari restaurants offer tourists authentic delicacies that make them celebrate Tanzanian food heritage. There are varieties of meals for breakfast, Lunch, and dinner. A plate of food costs around $ 25 for 5 stars, and $ 10 for street foods.

Drinks: Evening drinks in bars, groceries, and clubs give a good chance to meet people and also to discuss personal issues about the upcoming adventure. The average payment for wine, coffee, and beer is from $ 4 to $ 8 a glass.

Therefore, the average cost of food per day is around sixty US dollars ($ 60).

Tanzania Wildlife safari

Park Entrance: For the entrance fees an adult spends $ 70 a day. 

 Game Drive fee: You will have to pay for safari vehicles. These safari vehicles are comfortable. The average price for a Game drive with a standard high-end safari vehicle is $ 75.

Guide fees: the tour guides are professionals who know how to go around the park. They make the majority of tourist experience like giving local knowledge, nice hang around, giving local tips, and patient with tourists in taking photos. The Safari guide cost an average of twenty US dollars ($ 20) per day.

How much Cash should I bring on a Tanzania Safari
How much Cash should I bring on a Tanzania Safari

The best wildlife safari fee per day is around two hundred US dollars ($ 200).

The below rates are quoted costs per day, per person for a safari in Tanzania.

ACCOMMODATION             =          $ 200 / Day

FOOD                                     =         $ 60/ Day

WILDLIFE SAFARI              =         $ 200 / Day

TOTAL                                  =         $ 460 / Day

The required cost for a mid-range Tanzania Tours sum up to four hundred and sixty US dollars ($ 460) per day. However, the change in safari costs depends on the length of your safari (how long you stay). So, if you are going to spend a very short time the cost of a safari is going to be higher than if you spend a longer time. The longer time you spend the lesser cost per day.

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