Get To Know Zanzibar’s Beaches : A Complete Guide to Zanzibar Beaches: The Ultimate Safari Guide to Zanzibar Beaches: For honeymooners, families, and other tourist groups to enjoy their safari holiday, Zanzibar is among the most romantic destinations in Africa. Zanzibar shines and stands out as one of the top vacation destinations in Africa, thanks to its stunning beaches and variety of water activities. You can choose from over 20 stunning beaches on Zanzibar Island to visit and explore as part of your amazing Zanzibar safari vacation.

Five Beaches you should Never Miss visiting during your Zanzibar-Tanzania Safari

With so many beaches scattered throughout the island, choosing which one to visit and explore and which one to skip might be challenging, especially if you’re planning your first trip to Zanzibar. It makes it challenging and raises several issues, such as: should I stick to the north or should I choose the (north or south) east coast of Zanzibar? What distinguishes the many Zanzibar beaches? To make it simpler for you to choose and select which kind of beach is best and suits your interests, we will make it clear and provide you with all the information about Zanzibar beaches in this article.

All of Zanzibar’s beaches include white sand, turquoise water, and palm trees. The most visited island in the Zanzibar Archipelago, which is made up of many islands, including Pemba Island and Mafia Island, is Zanzibar (Unguja Island). Let’s start with some crucial information about the beaches in Zanzibar:


The most visited beaches on Zanzibar are Nungwi and Kendwa, and for good reason. The top island site is fortunate to not have to contend with high and low tides, unlike the rest of the island. If you want to swim continuously without having to travel far out to sea and chase the water a mile away, this is the ideal location.

Nungwi Beach

Both Nungwi and Kendwa have a reputation for having a party atmosphere, but they shouldn’t be compared to other places with typical party beaches. The biggest gatherings take place at Kendwa Beach during full moons. For travelers who prefer to sleep over party, such nights may be restless, Get To Know Zanzibar’s Beaches.

Although there are many pubs and clubs and beach boys on the beach, the overall mood is still laid-back and Zanzibari. Nungwi, however, has two sides; the busiest is the side with the most hotels, the busiest beach, and the most activity throughout the day and at night, while the quieter side is the reverse. A quiet beach without beach guys, crowds, or noise can be found here. For those seeking more tranquility, privacy, and independence, this side is a paradise.

Kendwa Beach

Just a few kilometers before the Nungwi village is Kendwa. While it is still busy enough to enjoy the beach life to the fullest, it is a little more laid-back than Nungwi. Beach volleyball for some fun in the sand, laid-back pubs and restaurants along the shore, and nighttime celebrations are all available.


The entire east coast of Zanzibar is tide-dependent, and it is also a little windier than the west shore. The east coast of Zanzibar is the best location for your vacation if you enjoy wind activities like kitesurfing, Get To Know Zanzibar’s Beaches.


The beaches on Zanzibar’s north-eastern coast, which are home to upscale luxury resorts and hotels, are regarded as the island’s prime location. Even so, the tidal difference is less than on the southern side. Seaweed is a regular seasonal irritation on sandy beach stretches; don’t expect perfectly groomed beaches free of seaweed like in the North. However, for the residents of this region, seaweed is frequently their main source of income.

Matemwe Beach

Although there are still a few merchants and touts here and there, Matemwe Beach has magnificent white sands and is still largely undeveloped. When the tide is low, swimming is challenging. So it’s a good idea to reserve a hotel with a pool in this area of Zanzibar. The nicest reefs in the archipelago can be reached by diving from Matemwe Village, which is located less than a mile offshore on Mnemba Island.

Get To Know Zanzibar's Beaches
Zanzibar Beaches

Pongwe Beach

Pongwe is a beautiful site. However, it is not suitable for people with itchy feet! Due to its remoteness, Pongwe is a perfect place to unwind without having to deal with touts on the beach. You’ll probably be the only person walking on the beach. Pongwe is the ideal beach for people looking for intimacy and seclusion. As most visitors to Pongwe are couples, including couples on romantic honeymoons, solo travelers may feel outnumbered there.

Kiwengwa Beach

Fine white sands can be found at Kiwengwa Beach, which is inexpensive. Overall, Kiwengwa Beach is perfect for families with kids because there are all-inclusive options nearby. At low tide, swimming in Kiwengwa is not possible, but the majority of resorts have sizable pools.


On this side, hotels are dispersed among several beaches and close to various beach settlements, each with its own distinctive mood and charm. These are Michamvi, Pingwe, Bwejuu, Paje, Jambiani, and Pingwe, Get To Know Zanzibar’s Beaches.

Jambiani Beach

Jambiani is the southernmost location. The neighborhood with the best selection of restaurants and bars on the beach is unquestionably the liveliest. Jambiani Beach is another location where locals and visitors mix. Local children playing football can be seen while sitting in the bar or lounging on the beach and watching fisherman and seaweed growers in Zanzibar at work. Unless you dare swim a mile away from the shore during low tide, swimming is not possible.

Paje Beach

Another bustling beachfront with lots of beach bars.  The majority of the lodges and bungalows are second-row or oceanfront. Paje, Jambiani, and Dongwe are excellent spots for kiteboarding, especially from December through February and from May through October. While it is easy to walk for miles along the beach stretch, it can occasionally be challenging to sunbathe directly on the sand, particularly close to kiteboarding centers that have taken up a portion of the beach’s space to construct kites.

In order to prevent mishaps in the water, swimmers should avoid an area used by kite surfers where they might happen. Given this, Paje Beach is ideal for both active kiters and lazy bums. While low tide is not the best time for swimming, it is wonderful for strolling along the beach’s low-water pools.

Bwejuu, Pongwe, and Dongwe Beaches

Most of the year, Bwejuu beach is beautiful; however, around Christmas, seaweed may be a major problem. Except for existing bungalows and hotel bars, there aren’t many bars or restaurants to choose from in Bwejuu. Bwejuu is fairly isolated and peaceful; if you want a more active social life in the evenings, you’ll need to take a taxi to Paje or Jambiani.

Dongwe and Pongwe are located directly on Michamvi, south of Bwejuu. On a clear day, Michamvi Village is excellent for a sunset excursion, and Dongwe is the starting point for less expensive scuba diving in a nearby lagoon.

Ras Michamvi Beach

Michamvi Beach is uninhabited and tranquil. There aren’t many resorts in this area, which makes it ideal for people who need to figuratively get away from civilization and want to indulge in the water. Remember that swimming is not possible at low tide and that the beaches on the east side of Zanzibar have seaweed. If you’re staying in Bwejuu or Jambiani, Paje, get a taxi and head to the beach for a romantic sunset. It is gorgeous! You can eat at the renowned Rock restaurant while traveling as well.


Zanzibar grows increasingly populous as you travel further south. People bring their culture with them; therefore, they visit Southern Zanzibar for cultural and spice tours as well as additional chances to interact with the locals, Get To Know Zanzibar’s Beaches.

Kizimkazi Beach

Kizimkazi Beach is better known as a site for dolphin-spotting cruises than as a true beach. The oldest mosque in East Africa, the Dimbani mosque, which dates back to 1107 AD, is located in Kizimkazi, and visitors are welcome there. On Zanzibar, Kizimkazi, Mtendeni, and Mkunguni have the highest tides. There is no beach at high tide, and the ocean is far away at low tide, Get To Know Zanzibar’s Beaches.


There aren’t many sites in and around Stone Town where people can take a dip in the water if they’re stuck there. If you’re in Stone Town’s center, the beach in front of the Serena hotel is the ideal site to take a swim in the ocean. If you go further in the ferry direction, the water is foul, the bay is packed with parked boats, and there are city sewage lines there as well. It’s best to wear swimming shoes because the beach is rough and the bay has mangroves on one side.

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