Fun Activities To Try In Mafia Island : We all yearn for a carefree island getaway with clear skies, warm waters, refreshing breezes, and cocktails, and Mafia Island definitely has all of these things in spades. But this tropical island paradise offers a number of awesome activities in addition to being a peaceful place to work on your tan or take a refreshing swim.

About 30 miles off the coast to the south-east of Dar es Salaam is Mafia Island. It is a spotless, lovely island with a lot to offer travelers who love the outdoors! It is renowned for being undeveloped and untainted, with a sizable marine park contributing to its pristine waters and coral reefs. You can try a lot of entertaining, soothing, and adventurous activities and excursions on the island. You’ll have plenty of privacy and alone time with your family or friends on the island because it’s a hidden gem in Tanzania and it’s never crowded. Here are some of the things to do on Mafia Island:


The opportunity to see and snorkel with Whale sharks, the world’s largest fish, measuring up to 20 meters in length, is one of the main draws for visitors to Mafia. During the summer, the whale shark can be seen swimming near the surface. When you spot them, you calmly enter the water to snorkel alongside them. They can be shy, so visitors can only look but not touch. Mafia Island adheres to the “Code of Conduct,” which is a set of guidelines used globally. Your guide will inform you of these guidelines for safely interacting with these incredible creatures.


Discover Chole Bay’s underwater world! A fantastic trip for people of all skill levels Take in all of the sea life that Chole Bay has to offer. You will travel by Dhow with an experienced guide to one of the many snorkeling locations in the area.

If you are new to snorkeling, your guide will give you a brief introduction to the equipment before taking you into the water to show you the many different species that Chole Bay has to offer. The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes will astound you!


Explore the ruins of Kua, which are located on the west side of Juani. The ruins from the 10th century were once an important trading hub connecting Africa and Asia. The cause of this city’s decline is still unknown. After that, make your way up a shallow channel to the Kua Lagoon, a fierce blue lagoon with a distinct feature. The lagoon transforms into a natural pool filled with upside-down jellyfish as the tides change! At low tide, you can enjoy the sight of crashing waves breaking on the exposed reef.


One of the Mafia archipelago’s oldest inhabited islands is Chole Island. It has a lengthy and interesting past that dates back to the 12th century and was once the Mafia’s administrative center. On this tour, you can explore the naturalized ruins and see German and Arabic influences, as well as a prison and customs house.

In addition to showing you where traditional Swahili dhows are constructed by skilled craftsmen using hand tools, your guide will lead you on a walk across the island through small villages and a variety of vegetation, including baobab trees. The Flying Foxes (Fruit Bats), which your guide will help you see sleeping in the trees during the day, also make Chole their home.

Fun Activities To Try In Mafia Island
Chole Island


One of the largest whale species is the humpback whale, which can reach a length of 16 meters and a weight of 36,000 kilograms as an adult. They can migrate up to 25,000 km annually and can be found all over the world. Take in the Humpback Whales’ annual migration as they transition from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to the cooler feeding grounds of the Southern Ocean. They are incredible beings with amazing acrobatic abilities! If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of them re-entering the water by breaching it with a slap of their tail.


A trip that everyone visiting Mafia Island must take! A stunning scene of white sand and turquoise waters can be found at this isolated sandbank. Start off by taking a leisurely trip south of Mafia Island in a traditional dhow. Enjoy snorkeling on the nearby reefs, which are home to a variety of fish species and colorful corals. Take a picnic lunch on the sandbank with pasta, salad, and fish that has been grilled over a fire. Swim in the calm, clear water, and then go snorkeling again on the nearby reef.


All visitors to Butiama Beach Lodge are given free access to kayaks so they can go kayaking and explore the waters nearby. The most breathtaking natural areas are only a short paddle away through the inlets.


See the incredible sight of baby turtles emerging from their nest and making their first foray into the ocean! You will reach the Island of Juani after a brief boat ride, where the green sea turtle prefers to select areas on the beach to make nests and lay their eggs. You will find yourself on the beach watching the babies make their first steps toward the water after a 45-minute walk through the village and some breathtaking scenery (with some amazing bird species and a monkey or two if you’re lucky!). This experience is made possible by the nonprofit organization Sea Sense, which has worked on the island for many years to protect a variety of species.


A well-liked option for your romantic getaway… To see the breathtaking sunset from the sea, board one of the traditional wooden dhows. If there is wind, your crew will raise the sail, giving you the chance to sail leisurely while admiring the scenery, sipping sparkling wine, enjoying small bites, and watching the sun set.


Mafia Island is a fantastic location for birdwatching because it is home to about 200 different species of birds. In addition, many of the bird species here are uncommon elsewhere in Tanzania! These include the Purple-banded Sunbird, Zebra Waxbill, House Sparrow, and Yellow-fronted Canary.


Interact with the locals that live in villages near the coast and inside the island. Without interacting with and getting to know the locals, no Mafia Island tour is complete! You will undoubtedly have a blast with the locals because they are so warm and welcoming. A guide will typically also go with you on your tour of any nearby village.

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