Flamingo safari lodge is a Mid -range accommodations situated in Karatu Town close to the Main road  20 km from lake Manyara national park and Ngorongoro crater Tanzania Region. The lodge is located 7 minutes’ walk from Karatu Playground and 700 metres from Karatu Tourist Information. The lodge is affordable and convenient place for relaxation and safari to tourists, travellers and holiday makers who want to explore karatu, Ngorongoro crater and lake Manyara national park with its beautiful views. One can be at the lodge by road transport from Arusha ( it’s the gateway destination to different areas in Tanzania) taking approximately 3-4  hour’s  drive on tarmac road from Arusha  through mayukuni and karatu and 45 minutes flight to the close lake Manyara  airstrip then few minutes to be transferred to the lodge while Exploring Tanzania Tours.

Flamingo Safari Lodge

Flamingo safari  lodge consist of over 30  spacious and comfortable rooms that accommodates 90 guests surrounded by the green environment designed in African style with high level of comfort.   There are 2 beautiful campsites with camps for hire especially camping lovers.

Flamingo Safari Lodge
Flamingo Safari Lodge

You can as well enjoy your own cooked food prepared in the kitchen and a cracking campfire in the evening with other guests while sharing stories and experience about the safaris. Rooms are well decorated and furnished with private en suite facilities of flushing toilets, Bathroom with hot and cold showers heated on solar, mosquito nets, comfortable tropical wooden beds with clean and washed beddings, DSTV channels in the main house , free bottled water, free toiletries, chairs and tables, slippers  mention but few.  Rooms have verandas and sitting areas, you relax overlooking the stunning view over the lush gardens and surrounding green Landscape. Rooms are in different sizes with  single beds for individuals, double beds for couples or people, twin and triple/family beds with different costs ranging from  200$ per night and above sometimes the rate goes slightly high during high/peak season than in Low season.

Flamingo safari lodge offers more services and facilities which include;

A   restaurant with high flavored Menu  both international (A la carte menu ) and  African- inspired  meals that meets  guests choice .Meals offered include; Continental breakfast ,lunch and  dinner serve by well trained, friendly  and organized staff. You can have meals in any place of you choice either in dining area or garden overlooking the beautiful landscape and morning sunrises especially in the morning.

 A well -stocked bar with  variety of drinks , local ,cocktail  , wines, spirits and international beers,  you relax and sip  the cocktail or monk tail  while overlooking  the stunning view of the colorful garden and surrounding area .

A blue water swimming pool  in the center of the lodge that cools off the hot afternoon with poolside chair to relax on as you wind you evening with cocktail overlooking the tropical beautiful gardens  and surrounding areas.

Services; solar energy available,  Free parking space available, offers airport pick -ups and drop-offs,  Laundry  and house- keeping services available.

  Internet WIFI hot spot in the main house that enables visitors to keep in touch with their families and friends.

Activities to do while at the lodge;  Visiting the close ngorongoro crater and lake manyara national park, nature walks in the park, community walks in the local villages  and many more.

Ngorongoro  crater  is  found in the Northern part of Tanzania close to Ngorongoro conservation area  in the great rift valley  covering  the total area of 8,292km and its 3 million  years  old .

Flamingo Safari Lodge
Flamingo Safari Lodge

The crater is the best place in East Africa with beautiful breathtaking Views.  There are  different  attractions in the park  which include;  wild beast migration  from Serengeti , Ngorongoro crater ,  Salei Plains and Ol karien Gorge, Variety flora and Fauna, stunning scenery and many more attractions.  The park has different   categories of accommodation like;  Budget  ,  Mid range and luxury accommodation that are convenient and affordable to guests visiting the area. The park   contains short grasses with more high lands and other beautiful volcanoes. The area have  over 25,000 large animals including 26 black rhinoceros and over 100 number of lions,  7,000 wild beasts,  4,000 zebras, 3,000 eland and 3,000 Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelles . The park has different animal including the  big  five mammals of the world ; lion ,Buffaloes, elephant,  leopards ,Rhinos ,zebras , implalas , antelopes and different bird species  . There are more different  activities  to do while in the Park which include ;  Game viewing at crater and lake  Eyasi view point to different animals migrating  , Crater viewing  , Cultural visits in the local village, Hiking the Gol  Mountains in the remote areas of the park  , Crater Rim Nature walks, Bird watching  in the park, Visiting archaeological like oldivai gorge museum  and many other activities .  The Park gives stunning view of the Ngorongoro Crater since it’s the largest   caldera  in the world and the surrounding areas. There are more masaai  mara pastoralists in Ngorongoro park .  its  80$ per person entering Ngorongoro park .  June –july  and  late January and February are the best month to travel in Tanzania for Tanzania Tours  especially Ngorongoro side

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