Exploring Tanzania Tourism in 2 Days Safari Trip : A two days safari or tour in Tanzania may take a visit either in one of the most impressive national parks such as Lake Manyara national park, Ngorongoro crater national park, or Tarangire national park. This is because Tanzania is one among the Africa’s top safari destinations being endowed with a lot of tourist attractions. Having a visit in Tanzania makes visitors to have the unforgettable moment since you can have a wonderful and joyous moment visiting the lodges and camping sites in Tanzania whether privately or in group sharing tours.

15 Days Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Day one; a safari from Arusha town to Lake Manyara national park.

Arusha is one of the fabulous regions in Tanzania for tourist activities. Visitors having two days safari may have decided to spend their time from Arusha town. On their first day, they may decide to visit Lake Manyara national park since it is very near Arusha region. Again, Lake Manyara is one of the fascinating tourist site and it impress a lot of visitors, especially international visitors to come and visit the place.

Exploring Tanzania Tourism in 2 Days Safari Trip
Lake Manyara

Visitors may start their safari to Lake Manyara national park after having a breakfast from Arusha town. Visiting Lake Manyara national park gives visitors time to see the most famous wildlife like lions especially the tree climbing ones. Tree climbing lions is one of the famous wildlife said to be available in very few places in the world and in Tanzania it is only in Lake Manyara national park. At Manyara national park, visitors will also have a good moment to visit other wildlife such as predators like buffalos and rhinoceros. Also, there are various astonishing birds around the lake and the wallowing hippos. Apart from various species of birds in Lake Manyara national park, there are also some common and well-known animals especially the wildlife like wildebeest, waterbucks, zebras, baboons, warthogs, klipspringer, dik-dik, flamingos, blue monkeys, leopards and lions, just to mention few.

These will enable the visitors to enjoy their first day at the national park and coming across all of these will make their first day unforgettable and will have to rest in order to prepare for the second day tour which commonly may be done by visiting Ngorongoro crater national park.

Day two; a safari to Ngorongoro crater national park and back to Arusha.

The tour to Ngorongoro crater may be certainly complicated. So, visitors will need to wake up early so that they can enjoy their tour fully. This is because Ngorongoro combines a lot of drives that are so important for visitors when they visit those areas. At Ngorongoro crater, visitors will have a joyous moment by seeing the big five of the world that includes wildlife like elephants, lions, leopards, buffalo and rhinos. Also, there are various other wildlife species such as hyenas and their species such as spotted hyena, the striped species of hyena, brown colored hyena and the aardwolf species of hyenas. Visitors may also get a chance to see cheetahs.

Exploring Tanzania Tourism in 2 Days Safari Trip
Ngorongoro crater

Also, visitors may learn about the historical background of the crater that seems to be existing since time in memorial and they are said to be natural.

Ngorongoro national park also will give visitors a chance to visit the Ngorongoro crater whereas wildlife usually are migrating in and out of the crater due to the inflated walls of the crater. This means visitors will be proficient enough to spot every member of the wildlife including the big five on the same day. Some of the other animals that visitors may expect to meet and see them at the crater includes the wildebeests, hippos and one of the attractive wildlife with good and beautiful visual impression – zebras, Exploring Tanzania Tourism in 2 Days Safari Trip

Finally, after having the unforgettable second day safari at Ngorongoro crater national park and the conservation area at large, visitors may now decide to go back to Arusha and that will mark the end of the two day safari in Tanzania. This will also be one of the best ways of exploring tourism activities in Tanzania which is the most endowed country in east Africa for having a plenty of tourist attractions.

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