Distance from Mwanza to Serengeti national park

Distance from Mwanza to Serengeti national park: Mwanza is a town in Tanzania in northern Tanzania nettled around the shores of lake Victoria, its Tanzania third busy city / town and is also known as Rock city because of the several stones and rocks littered across the town. When it comes to beauty, Mwanza town exudes its all. Taking advantage of its situation at shores of lake Victoria, mwanza derives its opulence from the lake , it has also got several hills that make it quit unique a view that can be caught best in the night as you enter the town from a distance. The town is well lit in the night with the beautiful view coming for the lights at night.

Besides being just a beautiful town, Mwanza also offers several attractions that keep its frequent visitors on their toes or entertained. Some of them include saanane national park, rock city mall, sukuma museum,  among others.  Besides mwanza being a beautiful town , it also doubles a gateway to Tanzania’s most visited national park and that’s Serengeti national park.

Speaking of distance from mwanza to Serengeti national park, its approximately 136km from mwanza to  western part of serengenti national park,  while driving, it  takes approximately 2:30 minutes.

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