Christmas Celebrations in Tanzania  : Tanzania is the finest spot to go if you’re seeking places to go during Christmas in Africa because it has the most thrilling, fun, and festive Christmas celebrations of any African country. Additionally, Tanzania is one of the top Christmas travel destinations in Africa due to its abundance of tourist attractions, including the beaches of Zanzibar and numerous national parks. Christmas is a major event in Tanzania since about one-third of the population is Christian, but it’s less about the buy-buy-buy frenzy than it is elsewhere. However, it does adhere to the universal custom of bringing families together because many Tanzanian families are split up for a large portion of the year, with the young living far away in towns and cities where they work and the parents and grandparents staying in the countryside.

Tanzania Christmas holiday is a wonderful time for families, so you’ll see individuals traveling back to their hometowns to celebrate Christmas with their parents, grandparents, and other family members because most vacations begin two weeks before Christmas. How is Christmas celebrated in Tanzania? What goes on during the Tanzanian Christmas holiday? These are some of the questions mostly asked by many visitors who wish to have and enjoy their Christmas holiday in Tanzania. Tanzanians welcome visitors to join in their celebrations because they are open and friendly, and the country also offers a variety of Christmas-themed activities. If you’re wondering where to go in Africa for the Christmas holidays, Tanzania is a great choice. How is Christmas celebrated in Tanzania? Here’s what happens in Tanzania at Christmas period:

Family get-togethers

Christmas Celebrations in Tanzania
Family get-togethers

Tanzanian families celebrate Christmas together, just like many other families around the world do. This is a time for catching up, eating, fighting, playing, and relaxing. It’s a fantastic chance for the family to get to know a new family member, such as a new wife, husband, or child, as well as reestablish contact with extended family members like long-lost cousins and great aunts in a culture where it’s not easy to come together throughout the year.


There is a flurry when Christmas decorations are brought out of boxes, dusted off, and hung up a few days before Christmas. Many decorations that Tanzanian buys during Christmas holiday season are made from recycled materials like recycled bottles (check out, an Arusha-based social enterprise company which employs artists with disabilities to create beautiful decorations and other lovely things.


Families frequently purchase a cow or goat in January as a celebration in order to feed it in time for Christmas. On Christmas Eve in Tanzania for animals to be butchered so as people could enjoy supu (offal) and makorongo (legs) for that evening’s meal.

So many drinks

Many communities make their own beer, and entire tribes develop their own brands. For instance, the Chagga tribe creates Mbege, a beverage with wine-like characteristics that is made from bananas and sprouted millet. On Christmas Eve, the beer is brought out to go with the meat, and we’d be lying if we said that nobody drinks, Christmas Celebrations in Tanzania .

New clothes

It is customary to outfit kids with new clothes around Christmas time in Tanzania, whether they were made by hand from a pattern based on previously owned clothing or purchased in a market (where costs are, of course, increased in the lead-up to Christmas). Parents always do their best to avoid disappointing their kids over the Christmas season since they expect new clothes and it’s an exciting time for them. These can be the only brand-new clothes some kids get all year.

Church on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, many people leave their homes early in the morning, dressed in brand-new attire, to participate in communal celebrations. Even though the church service can last up to two hours and take up a significant portion of the morning, you’ll still be back in time for lunch.

Christmas songs

Christmas also means a ton of singing! Children sing English and Swahili Christmas carols alongside the traditional music. Both during and after the church service, everyone will sing holiday tunes.

Christmas dinner

In Tanzania, some meals are venerated and preparing and eating them is a sign of a REALLY good Christmas. Traditional Swahili food includes Chapati and spicy rice and meat known as pilao is the main food for Christmas holiday. Along with beer, soda is a favorite holiday beverage in Tanzania, and many individuals there have happy recollections of their parents buying crates of soda for the holidays. In Tanzania, Christmas dinner is about a family coming together to share a meal, create fond memories, and show one another care.

Christmas Celebrations in Tanzania

Where should I visit in Tanzania during the Christmas holiday? There are many holiday-friendly destinations to explore and visit in Tanzania. While most locals tend to visit the towns and major cities such as Dar es Salaam and Arusha and most of them flock on the beach areas, you can decide to join them or, if you dislike crowded areas, you can visit and spend your Christmas holiday in some of the national parks such as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Mikumi, Ruaha, and Mkomazi national parks, to name a few, where you can do game drives, camping, bird watching, hot air balloon safaris, horseback safaris, bush dinner, camping etc.

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