Birding Safaris In Tanzania : If I was asked to tell just one enchanting safari destination in the African continent, without hesitating I will just name Tanzania. Whether it is your first time there or you have been there several times, Tanzania is a breathtaking tourist spot where you won’t regret being there. This unique country has dedicated about 42% of its land to be protected areas. It is home to 22 national parks, 22 game reserves and one conservation area. If you are planning a visit to this beautiful country, you will enjoy the scenes of many magical attractions. Some of these include; the majestic Kilimanjaro mountain, the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and many other spectacular attractions.

Tanzania is popular for its big five safari, however there is sprouting parallel kind of tourism which used to be specifically for hard-core animal enthusiast and researchers namely the birding safari. This has grown out of being limited to just researchers of animal behavior and patterns and avian scientists to a regular activity that interest any common tourist, supposedly because years and years of research has made certain facts about birds, their ecosystem and behavior pattern more particular and comprehensible to the general community thus an increase in birding tourism.

Tanzania must have a charm for animals! It’s a destination that in house a lot birds’ species, too big a number that some have documented behavior patterns and some are still being studied. However, a tourist visit is enjoyable either way, the scientific knowledge is only enticing if you have a handful of it but no too much!

Most of the Tanzania’s destinations with a wild life have a concurrent habitat with different kind of bird species although some of the places are famous for bird specifically than others.

Most of the birding experience is therapeutic, either taking different kinds of shots with your family inherently competing for the best shot, relating the scientific knowledge the tour guide has given you with the actual on ground patters or simply waking up to you accommodation with the singing birds.

Birding experiences are perfect for people who have spent a year working hard in the big cities, catching up with all those buses and trains and would like to have a short rooting backing into the nature while slowing down the edgy life they have always led.

Birding Safaris In Tanzania
Birding Safaris In Tanzania

In Tanzania, the Northen circuit itself has one of the most natural ways to connect back while birding. Of course, any wildlife activity that involves Tanzania must include the famous plains of Serengeti. Most birders, commercial photographers and animal artists describe the Serengeti birding experience as the most exhilarating and surreal given the blend between the dazzling green plain, the beautiful sunsets and sunshine, the wild life and the birding experience itself. The wonderful Serengeti in additional to the famous big five give you an opportunity to view a bunch of desirable bird species. From small flocks of Fischer’s Lovebirds foraging on the ground, some resting and chattering among themselves in acacia trees, to Superb StarlingsRosy-patched Bushshrikes, and even Scarcer and more localized within the park are East African endemics the Grey-crested Helmetshrike and Red-throated Tit.

Strangely, there are some Tanzanian bird endemics that don’t quite make it across the border into Kenya despite the Serengeti being literally adjacent to each other and sharing the magic annual wildlife migration. So, in addition to the classic East African bird species, one also encounters endemic birds restricted to northern Tanzania alone, such as Ashy Starling and Rufous-tailed Weaver. Then the Serengeti also boasts some of Africa’s most iconic birds, including the world’s heaviest flying bird, Kori BustardSecretarybird, eight vultures, owls, and birds of prey including Africa’s largest eagle, Martial Eagle, and the acrobatic, colorful Bateleur (also one of Africa’s most characteristic eagles).

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