Best Time to Visit Zanzibar : Zanzibar is a Tanzanian island off the coast that offers a rich culture, history, geography, and, of course, white-sand beaches. It is one of the best island holiday safari destination for honeymoon vocation and other traveler groups such as family, friends and relatives.  Beautiful spices in the markets, white sand beaches with waving palm trees, and a cool breeze YES! Zanzibar is a high-end holiday safari destination in Tanzania that you must visit.

When planning your safari visit to Zanzibar, weather conditions are the best and first thing you should know and consider before your booking to Zanzibar. The best time to visit Zanzibar Island is determined by the weather, as are various adventures and activities in Zanzibar and all other safari destinations that are determined by weather condition. Best safari holiday, you understandably want to make the most of your visit to Zanzibar by taking advantage of the best weather conditions.

When is the ideal/best time to go on a safari vacation to Zanzibar? This is a common question, and the response will always depend on weather, climatic condition and the reason for the visit. Because Zanzibar and Tanzania are on the same latitude, the weather on both islands is extremely similar. In comparison to the weather on the mainland, Zanzibar may see more rain and wetness.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar
Zanzibar Island

 When planning a trip to Zanzibar, the weather is arguably the most crucial factor to consider. It’s obvious that applying universal standards to a country as huge and different as Tanzania is problematic; yet, there are certain basic weather trends that can give you a sense of what to expect at any particular time of year.


When we think of Zanzibar’s climate, we think of the main island, Unguja, where there are numerous first-class hotels and beach resorts, as well as the fascinating Stone Town. Because of its proximity to the equator, it has a predominantly tropical climate.

This is characterized by high temperatures all year, with daytime temperatures exceeding 29 °C and nighttime temperatures never falling below 18 °C. The Indian Ocean is ideal for swimming all year, with water temperatures ranging from 25°C in August to 30°C in March. In Zanzibar, the weather is determined by two dry seasons and two rainy seasons.

The short rainy season begins with the arrival of the Kaskazi monsoon in November and December, with gentle rainfall, and can be particularly nice in the second half of December around Christmas. The great Zanzibar rainy season, which runs from mid-March to the end of May, has become much more noticeable; the weather has been considerably more unpredictable, and some hotels are temporarily closed.

Zanzibar’s best time to visit, the best time to visit Zanzibar is between July and September (summer), when the weather is warm and pleasant, and then between December and February, when the weather is dry and pleasant.

Around the months of March, April, and May, Zanzibar enjoys a wet season, which is not as hot as the summer. Tourists and adventure travelers go to Zanzibar for a variety of reasons, and the best time to visit Zanzibar will largely depend on your interests. For example, wandering along the beach and enjoying a dip in the warm sea, inhaling the delicious fragrances of spice tours around Stone Town, or scuba diving to marvel at the fascinating species that live beneath Zanzibar would leave you completely happy.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar
Stone Town

 Zanzibar’s monthly weather forecast/ month by month weather

As you plan your adventurous trip to Zanzibar Island, get a sense of what to expect each month.

January, the “short dry season” begins this month.

 February, this has to be the warmest and driest month of the year, just before the heavy rains arrive.

 March, Get ready for the major and long rainy season, which will be marked by significant rainfall.

 April, at this month On Zanzibar, the wettest month of the year has arrived, with high humidity levels.

 May, this month has a lot of rain; expect afternoon downpours.

 June, summer has arrived at this month. The long dry season begins; the weather is normally sunny and clear. It is the start of the tourism high season in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Game viewing is more exceptional and most of tourist activities in Zanzibar and Tanzania are best done starting this month.

July, this is still the dry season in Zanzibar and all Tanzania parts, it is the best time to visit Zanzibar and also the best time to visit tanzania safari parks for wildlife watching, great wildebeest migration and mount Kilimanjaro hiking.

August, here’s to beautiful warm days, cold nights, and often little rain. It is still tourism high season in Tanzania and Zanzibar, again this is still best month for visiting Zanzibar and Tanzania.

 September, September is similarly dry and pleasant, like July and August. Iy is still the best month to visit Tanzania for Tanzania wildlife safaris, mount Kilimanjaro hiking and safari vocation to Zanzibar.

 November, the beginning of another short green or “rainy” season. Its tourism low season and not good time to visit Zanzibar and Tanzania as rainfall can interrupt your safari experience and enjoyment.

December, Temperatures begin to rise steadily during the second month of the short rains.



In Zanzibar, the weather is frequently described in seasons rather than months. Below is some information about each local season.

January and February are drought months.

The months of January and February are warm and sunny, with little rain. As a result, this is a very popular time to visit Zanzibar. This is statistically the warmer of the two dry weather periods.

March, April, and May are the rainy months.

The months of March, April, and May are when the island receives the greatest rain. The humidity is high, and the daily temperature can reach 30 degrees Celsius in some circumstances. This is Zanzibar’s rainy season, albeit it rarely rains continuously during the day. The majority of rain showers are strong and last 30 minutes to 2 hours, after which the sky clears and the sun reappears.

 June, July, August, September, and October are drought months again.

 The months of June to October are the driest. It is normally sunny and clear. The weather might change based on the location and the wind. With moderate temperatures of around 25°C, this is a fantastic time to explore Zanzibar and Tanzania. Again don’t forget this is the tourism high season in Zanzibar and all Tanzania.

Best Time to Visit Zanzibar
Best Time to Visit Zanzibar

 November and December are the rainy months again.

Short, not too heavy showers are common at this time. The rainy season isn’t as wet as it usually is, especially in April and May. However, in other years, November and December get absolutely little rain, and the dry season lasts from June to December.

Conclusion, as you plan your adventurous trip to Zanzibar Island, get a sense of what to expect each month. The monthly weather forecasts, as erratic as they may be, are not static. Conditions could change at any time, with prolonged rain or no rain at all. Before visiting Zanzibar, the above monthly description can only provide you with a hint.

The above weather forecast for Zanzibar is generally accurate, but keep in mind that it is based on historical data and experience. Due to global warming, weather patterns in Africa are becoming increasingly erratic. “When is the best time to visit Zanzibar?” is a difficult question to answer. Because your visit will be determined by a variety of criteria, such as your hobbies, the specific location you choose to visit, and your budget. For more information of when to visit Zanzibar contact one of our Travel consultants (Focus East Africa Tours) for more relevant information.

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