Beach And Safari : Which Beach Should I Combine With My Safari? A beach vacation combined with an African safari is one of the best safari comb in Africa. “Surf and turf” is an increasingly popular way to experience the best of Africa and its islands. You can add sand and sea to the beginning of your vacation (the ideal way to de-stress and acclimatize after an international flight) or make the beach the indulgent last chapter of your African story. We’ve provided a list of some of our favorite beach locations because they’re close to the best safari hotspots. Each is unique, but they all share a few (very alluring) characteristics: palm-lined beaches, clear, warm, azure waters, and an abundance of coral reef life. It’s time to travel to the coast and spend some time in Africa’s top beach resorts.


Zanzibar, the spice island, boasts breathtaking natural beauty along with an intriguing past. You can explore the fascinating alleyways and get a glimpse of everyday Swahili life by spending time in Stone Town, the country’s capital. Zanzibar has always had trade connections with both Africa and the Middle East because of its location off the coast of Tanzania, and this is reflected in the local language and culture. Zanzibar is now much easier to reach thanks to fantastic flight connections from the Serengeti and other significant national parks, even though traditional dhows still ply the seas. Zanzibar has lodging options for every price range. You can even choose to stay in a traditional Swahili townhouse with four-poster beds and stunning rooftop views. However, all of our suggestions are more beach-focused, allowing you to stroll holding hands through the surf as the sun sets or sip cocktails as fishing boats arrive with the most delicious seafood imaginable. Try Matemwe Retreat, Mnemba Island, or Baraza to take advantage of all that Zanzibar has to offer.


These islands appear exactly as you would imagine a tropical island paradise to look, sparkling like jewels in the Indian Ocean. Turtles dig their nests on deserted beaches while palm trees sway over the immaculate white sand beaches. Since Seychelles’ economy is tied to the Euro, it is one of our more expensive picks (which is why all-inclusive resorts make sense). The perfect opportunity to channel your inner Captain Jack Sparrow However, you could offset the cost by discovering some of the legendary pirate treasures that are said to be buried on various islands. If you’re traveling from East Africa, you’ll need to spend the night in Nairobi to get to the Seychelles; there are also direct flights from Johannesburg, but those take a lot longer. Seychelles, one of the more upscale beach destinations in Africa, is home to some gorgeous and secluded resorts, like Maia Luxury Resort on Mahe, the main island. Alternately, take a helicopter ride over the water to one of the magnificent private islands like Frégate or North Island (the pinnacle of remote island hideaways and a preferred royal honeymoon location). In either case, we’d advise booking a minimum of four nights.


Pemba, Zanzibar’s less well-known northern neighbor, is ideal if you really want to disconnect from the world. Pemba gets much fewer tourists than Zanzibar, so it might be an even better place to encounter a traditional Swahili welcome. Pemba is accessible via direct flights from Dar es Salaam despite having an otherworldly feel, and once you arrive, you’ll find a true and seclusion paradise. Pemba is renowned as a diving destination, even more so than Zanzibar (located just 30 miles to the south), and knowledgeable Indian Ocean SCUBA enthusiasts will tell you that there is no better place to take the plunge. To fully experience Pemba, you must stay for at least three nights. You won’t regret it because you can spend your day’s underwater, exploring pristine reefs, and having breath-taking experiences. Or, for the ultimate marine experience, select the renowned underwater room at Manta Resort, where you can actually “sleep with the fishes” and survive to tell the tale.

Which Beach Should I Combine With My Safari?
Pemba island


With its palm trees, pristine reefs, and, as an added bonus, a mountainous interior with flourishing rainforests, the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius (just four hours’ flight from Johannesburg and also easily reachable from Kenya) is a dream vacation destination. Mauritius offers a more active island experience, but only if you want it. If you still have energy after your safari vacation (or you feel you need to work off all those sundowner cocktails and cooked bush breakfasts!), you can do so there. It’s also the ideal place to read that large book you purchased at JFK or LAX but haven’t opened yet! Of course, if you don’t mind being rocked into a deeper state of relaxation while lounging in a hammock between two trees or taking a sunset cruise around the island, When you have to be the most relaxed person in the room, we advise staying at least three nights in Mauritius and booking a room at either the One & Only, Four Seasons, or Le Tousserok Resort & Spa.


Because you can spend the morning watching the Great Wildebeest Migration and the afternoon swimming in the ocean without taking your passport out of your pocket, Kenya is often referred to as Africa’s most comprehensive destination. The Maasai Mara (and other reserves) are connected to the southern Kenyan coast by light aircraft (via Nairobi, but without the need for overnight travel). You’re only a short hop away from connecting with your international flight home after your add-on beach vacation, but that won’t be on your mind as you take in the final few restful days of sand, sea, and sunsets. One of our suggested seaside resorts, such as Afrochic Diani, Maji, or Water lovers, is the perfect place to take off your safari boots and experience some barefoot luxury. Even though the environment, food, and color scheme are all different, it is still clear that you are in Kenya. Life moves more slowly here, and rather than being lulled to sleep by the roar of lions, you’ll hear the waves lapping on the shore.


Direct flights from South Africa make it simple to travel to Mozambique’s seemingly endless beaches; in fact, Mozambique starts where the Kruger National Park ends. After a turbulent past, Mozambique has made a wonderful recovery and is now establishing itself as a top travel destination. Learn about colonial-era rooms, abandoned vacation homes with pastel paint, idyllic tropical islands, and some of the world’s best seafood. Just be careful when using the infamous “pili-pili” sauce—it’s incredibly hot! You could also follow it up with a notorious “2M” beer or “R&R” cocktail. This is rum and raspberry, but it could also be rest and recreation because Mozambique offers a seductive combination of the two. To fully experience resorts like Azura Benguerra (on the archipelago of desert islands just off Vilankulos, this is an eco-villa resort in the heart of a Marine National Park) or White Pearl in the south of the country, stay for at least three nights. You won’t want to leave in either case, but that is also true for all of these African beach resorts.

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