Amboseli National Park fees 2022 are the most recent and updated Amboseli National Park fees 202-2023. The new and updated Amboseli National Park fees were updated by the Kenya Wildlife Services a few days ago. The Kenya Wildlife Services is the body responsible for the protection, conservation and also levying of Amboseli National Park fees as well as a number of other Kenya national park fees including the Tsavo National Park, Nakuru National Park, among so many others. The Amboseli National Park fees 2022 updated by the Kenya Wildlife Services are expected to run from the month of June 2022 till December 2023. Travelers planning to visit Kenta, Magical Kenya, in this period should note that these updated fees shall be valid, and thus expected of every traveler to pay.

Amboseli National Park Fees 2022

The Park, formerly known as the Maasai Amboseli Game Reserve, is one of the most beautiful and scenic Kenya national parks most sought after by travelers visiting Kenya on Kenya wildlife tours, Kenya photography safaris, among so many others. The Park is famous and popular among most Africa safari travellers especially for the commanding views of the Kilimanjaro Mountain which can be seen from here, and the wonderful backdrop the Kilimanjaro Mountain gives to the giant African elephants majestically moving with their huge white tusks! This is a site to behold, by any traveler visiting Amboseli National Park safaris any time of the year. Located in the Kijiado County in Loitoktok District of the Rift Valley Province, Amboseli National Park is a park that you can visit, and be rewarded with amazing scenic views and wildlife viewing.

Amboseli National Park Kenya inhabits a variety of wildlife including large herds of elephants, lions, elands, giraffes, gazelles, among so many others. Watching the various Amboseli National Park animals against a backdrop of the Kilimanjaro Mountain is an unforgettable experience that you should look towards to while on Amboseli National Park safaris.

To enjoy the amazing beauty of the Amboseli National Park, travellers have to pay a number of Amboseli National Park fees 2022. The Fees are categorised according to age of travelers, and according to resident status of the travellers. Children are persons aged 3 to 18 years, while adults are those above the age of 18. Infants and persons below the age of 3 and are exempted from paying Amboseli National Park fees 2022/2023.

These are further categorised according to resident status, which is foreign non-residents, foreign residents/expatriates in East African community countries, and East African Community citizens.

The Amboseli National Park entrance fees 2022 are;

  • Adult foreign non-residents pay 70USD while children of the same resident status pay 20USD
  • Adult East African residents or expatriates pay 800Ksh while children of foreign resident status pay 215Ksh.
  • Adult East African Community citizens pay 800Ksha and children pat 215Kshs.
  • Infants, of any resident status are exempted from paying.

It is important to note that Amboseli National Park entrance fees 2022/2023 are paid per person, per day. Should the 24 hours elapse and still find you in the park, you are to pay a fresh, to cover for the new day at the park.

It is equally important to note that Amboseli National Park fees 2022, including Amboseli national Park entrance fees 2022/203 are non-refundable.

Travellers intending to stay in campsites in Amboseli National Park also have to pay. The new Amboseli National Park camping fees 2022/2023 are;

  • 50USD for adult foreign non-residents staying at the special campsite, while children pay only 25USD, per person per day.
  • 500Ksh for adult foreign residents/expatriates as well as East African citizens staying in special campsites, while children pay only 250Ksh.
  • Public campsites have travelers paying 30USD for adult foreign non-residents, while children pay only 25USD.
  • Adult nationals and foreign residents/expatriates pay only 250Kshs while children pay 200Kshs only.

Mode of Payment 

The Fees can  be paid using cashless with Mpsea, Vis Cards or MasterCard, or by making direct deposits to the Kenya Wildlife Serve bank accounts. Amboseli national park fees 2022/2023 are in Kenya shillings, and United States Dollars and are thus the only currencies acceptable.

Amboseli National Park is a beautiful Kenya national park that tourists can visit all throughout the year, to enjoy various attractions including the wildlife, huge herds of elephants, birds, scenery, among so many others. With so many Amboseli National Park attractions, there are a number of activities in Amboseli National Park that travelers can enjoy when they do visit on Amboseli National Park safaris. Amboseli National Park activities include game drives, guided walking safaris, birding, among so many others.

Amboseli National Park Fees 2022
Mount Kilimanjaro

Travelers after exploring the beauty of the Park can book with us for a memorable Amboseli National park safari all throughout the year, with a possibility of including other Kenya national park safari destinations like Maasai Mara National Reserve, Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West National Park, among so many others, and get to enjoy memorable Kenya safaris.

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