Amboseli National Park Big Five Animals. The big 5 in Amboseli are one of the reasons that travelers visit Kenya on Amboseli National Park safaris. The big 5 animals across Africa are the reason that travelers visit on safaris. The term big 5 animals derived from the fact that they were hard to hunt down by the European international hunters. These include lions, leopards, buffalo, rhinos and elephants.

Amboseli national Park is one of the premium and popular national parks in Kenya and Africa as a whole. Amboseli National Park is famous for the large herds of African elephants which majestically roam the savanna plains of Amboseli national Park with the breathtaking backdrop of the Kilimanjaro Mountain Tanzania. Amboseli National Park inhabits a wide variety of animals that travelers can see, including the big 5 animals. Of all the five big 5 animals, Amboseli National Park only has four of them, that travelers can see while on Amboseli National Park safaris. Below are the four of the animals that travelers can easily see while on a Kenya safari tour in Amboseli National Park;


Elephants are one of the four animals that travelers can see while on a safari in Amboseli National Park. Amboseli National Park has the largest population of elephants in Kenya, over 1200 elephants can be seen in the park. Amboseli National Park is a UNESCO man and Biosphere Reserve due to its unique scenery and elephant population. Over the years, the elephant population has continued to grow, thanks to the team of Amboseli Trust. The elephants in Amboseli National Park are the most studied animals in Kenya.

Elephants are social animals, living in groups called herds. With over 1600 elephants in Amboseli National Park, it is a normal occurrence to see large herds of elephants. The elephants in Amboseli National Park are sub-divided into 58 animals with over 300 independent adult males. Elephant families are led only by adult females.

Amboseli National Park Big Five
Elephants in Amboseli


Lions in Amboseli National Park are some of the Animals that travelers can see while in the park. There are over 100 lions in Amboseli National Park, commonly seen early in the morning or in the evening along the paths in the park. Lions in Amboseli National Park are a common sight, given the small size of the park and that the park is made up of mostly open savanna grasslands. Lions in Amboseli National Park can also be easily seen on night game drives in Amboseli National Park, one of the rare and most beautiful activities tht travelers can do while in the park. It is also possible to see prides of lions in Amboseli National Park.


Of all the 4 of the Animals , leopards are the rarest and most tricky animals to see while on Amboseli national Park safaris. Leopards are naturally shy animals, and yet very lethal. Leopards usually are on tree branches as they prefer there to the ground, that they can even carry their kill up a tree single headedly. Leopards are lonely animals, living solo all throughout the their lives with the exception of the mating and gestation period, which mating period takes only 5-6 days and gestation period only 3 months. Leopards can sometimes be mistaken for cheetahs or jaguars.


Buffalos just like elephants in Amboseli national Park are dominant animal species to see while on any Amboseli National Park safari, all throughout the year. Amboseli National Park hosts large herds of buffalos spread across the savanna grasslands of the Amboseli National park. Buffaloes are easily seen in Amboseli National Park; while on a game drive, they give you a wise man’s look, probably wondering they may have seen you from. Though social animals, buffalos can still be dangerous, especially lone buffaloes. Be sure to stay weary of them.

Amboseli National Park Big Five
African Buffalo

Amboseli national Park has a wide variety of other animals and birds, generally wildlife, that travelers can see let alone the scenic landscapes. Other animals in Amboseli National Park include crocodiles, cheetahs, gazelles, hyenas, giraffes, wildebeest greater kudu, hippos, mong so many others. with such amazing wildlife in Amboseli national park, one of your best go to destination in Kenya is Amboseli national Park, from where you shall be rewarded with amazing wild game viewing safaris.

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