Amboseli National Park best time to visit is an aspect that should be considered by travelers looking to visit Kenya on Kenya safaris. Amboseli national Park can be visited all throughout the year but for the best wildlife watching experiences do avoid the rainy season, though it comes with its own advantages.

Amboseli national Park is a beautiful Kenya national park located in the Eastern part of Kenya. Amboseli national Park is famous for the huge herds of elephants seen freely grazing against the spectacular backdrop of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Amboseli national Park is also famous for hosting 4 of the African big 5 animals, including elephants, buffalos, leopards and lions which travellers can see while on game drives in Amboseli national park, as well as other Amboseli National Park activities.

Amboseli National Park Best Time to Visit
Amboseli National Park Best Time to Visit

Amboseli National Park boasts of over 60 species of animals and over 400 bird species, all of which travellers can encounter while on Amboseli National Park safaris.

The dry season from the month of June to October is by far considered the best time to visit Amboseli National Park for wildlife viewing, as the little to insignificant rains falling has the swamps welling up. The dry season is also the peak season of travel however, thus attracting a good number of travellers. Amboseli national Park is Kenya’s second most popular safari destination after the world famous Masai Mara National Reserve. Traveling during this time of the year entails you booking early enough to secure your Kenya safari tour.

The dry season also falls in the months of late December to February, also a great time to visit the Amboseli National park which is green and quite scenic following the short spell of rains. Game viewing during this time is very much rewarding, as travelers are rewarded with not only animal sightings but also sweeping views of the amazingly beautiful scenery of Amboseli national Park.

The wet season, which falls in the months of November and March through May is considered by many as not a great time to visit Amboseli National Park, especially for wildlife viewing. The wet season is however the best time to enjoy birding safaris as there are migratory birds in Amboseli national Park, and also the best time to marvel at the sweeping views of the Kilimanjaro Mountain. Though the grass may be a bit overgrown, you can most easily see grazers as they forage on the abundant food available due to the green pastures in the park.

The wet season has the roads quite roughed up, and thus hindering proper movement and the grass is longer then, thereby hindering clear animal viewing and photography especially for the smaller animals in Amboseli national Park.

The wet season however is also the low season of travel, thus allowing travelers after budget Kenya safaris an opportunity to visit Kenya and the park on a lower budget, and enjoy the magnificent beauty of Amboseli National Park. the accommodation rates during the low season are especially lower to attract more travellers, taking advantage of this to have budget Kenya safaris is something that some travelers do opt fir and thus choose to visit Kenya during the wet season. The wet season as earlier mentioned is the best time to visit for birding safaris in Amboseli National Park, allowing travellers to see more bird species, including but not limited to the Common Redshank, Hartlaubs Bustard, Taveta Golden Weaver, Pangani Long Claw, Long-toed Lapwing, Greater Flamingo, and the Steel Blue Whydah.

Amboseli National Park Best Time to Visit
Amboseli National Park Best Time to Visit

What to carry for your Amboseli national Park Safari

Now that you are in the know of when you would like to visit Amboseli National Park, knowing what to carry for your Amboseli National Park safari is something to consider. An insect repellent cream, safari shorts and trousers with safari-favourable colors, sun glasses and probably a hat, a great camera with enough storage, batteries, and a good pair of binoculars are some of the things that you should include on your packing list for your Amboseli national Park safari.

Where to stay when you visit Amboseli National Park

When you visit Amboseli National Park, there are a number of lodges and camps that you can visit for amazing and comfortable stays depending on your budget. Luxury, mid-range and budget accommodation options are available both inside and just outside Amboseli National Park that you can stay in depending on your budget and preference. Some of the lodges and camps you may choose from include AA Amboseli Lodge, Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge, Kibo Safari Camp, Ol Tukai Lodge, among so many others.

Amboseli National Park Best Time to Visit
Amboseli Serena Safari Lodge

Amboseli National Park is a beautiful Kenya national park perfect for unforgettable Kenya wildlife safaris, Kenya photography safaris, and scenic or even birding Kenya safaris. Get in touch with a reputable tour operator to help you pitch together an amazing Kenya safari tour and visit Amboseli national Park, anytime of the year as per your availability.

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