A unique trip to Kilwa, a historical island : Kilwa is the leading historical site that is located in 300 kilometers away from the southern part of the city of Dar es salaam Tanzania. a visit to h]this historical site will give you the most important and thrilling history of the Swahili coast that is found on the eastern coast of the Indian ocean. The kilwa historical site is the UNESCO world heritage site which is also known as the kilwa ruins, which emerge due to the Swahili culture of the east Africa. The kilwa historical site can be reached by the means of air as there is an airport called the Kilwa Masoko airport, which directly connects Kilwa and other parts of Tanzania such as Dar Es Salaam, Mafia island, Pemba, Tanga, Zanzibar and many other parts of Tanzania.

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Kilwa was the meeting point or the trading center for the traders travelling in Africa and carting commodities from the regions that surround Tanganyika (Tanzania by then). It was the most powerful city on East Africa the 12th century- 15th centuries, which controlled the main trade route between Sofala in Mozambique to Mombasa of Kenya.

A unique trip to Kilwa
A unique trip to Kilwa

The common products that were traded in this area included the precious gold reserves from Zimbabwe, sea shells, fiber cloths, as well as the vibrant beads that were highly loved and valued by the people of the living in the interior regions of Africa. Other valued resources included the tusker of ivory, rhino horn, bee wax, gum resins, sea turtles, sperm whales ambergris and the shells from the terrestrial tortoise.

The beauty of this island is highly decorated by the historical buildings that were build with coral stones mixed with the limestone materials which had made this buildings to maintain their beauty and survive for a long time despite the weather condition that is highly characterized by the humid and hot temperatures for so many years.

The spectacular mosques and attractive mosques build in the 13th century and the Portuguese fort which are unique and gives this island its historical fame and unexplained beauty that you will need to see for yourself. The mosque has the worship places and the cemeteries in between which are decorated by the early Chinese porcelain and Persian artifacts.

Also the Makutani palace is another old building that is found in this city, its highly designed and fitted with the minarets to encounter invaders. It was build between the years of 1516 by the sultan of kilwa; it was also well decorate by the earthen-wares and ceramics. The tall standing beautiful trees and flowers were also planted in order to give the amazing environment as well as the shades that offer the unique beauty of this palace.

Enjoy shopping and foods in Kilwa kisiwani; a visit to this historical site doesn’t only ends at learning the history, seeing the old buildings as well as learning the history of the Swahili people. There are also more fun and amazing activity that you can participate in while in this area. There are different kinds of shops and restaurants which are found in kilwa and they offer different things in very affordable prices. Most of the shops and restaurants do not use cards, so it’s best to have some cash in your pockets while in the streets of this town. Have a real taste of the Swahili food, taste different foods and fishes that are found here, enjoy shopping different cultural materials that are used by the Swahili people and above all grab some gifts from the local shops for your loved once back at home. For the sea food loves then kilwa town is the real paradise for different spicy sea foods, A unique trip to Kilwa.

Explore the marine life while in kilwa by participating in snorkeling activity, there are also under water archaeological sites which you will like to see and they are mostly being explored by the scientist. Take the dive trips to see the beauty of the coral reefs and the deep waters of the Indian Ocean where you will not miss the sight of the dolphins and the whales.

Other activities that can be done include;

  • Walking through the streets of kilwa
  • Cultural tour around the city of Kilwa.

Where to stay while in kilwa historical site

Kilwa is the famous historical site, there some very nice hotels that are found in this area, they include the luxurious hotels as well as the modern range hotels. Your accommodation will depend on your budget as there are suitable accommodation of varies ranges. There are spectacular facilities such as upgraded amenities like AC, airports shuttles and food request services.

A unique trip to Kilwa
Where to Stay

How to get to kilwa historical sites

By air -You can get to this historical site by the use of air transport; there is an airport in this town which connects it with different parts of Tanzania. Hence you can fly to here from different part of Tanzania without trouble at all. It’s also affordable means of transport as well as the fast means of transport which is also the safe method, A unique trip to Kilwa.

By water- this mode of transport normally begins from Dar es salaam to kilwa, When using the ferry as the mode of transport from Tanzania to Kilwa. It takes two hours to travel from Tanzania to Zanzibar when using the Ferry, it’s the simple and cheap mode of transport compared to the use of flight. Travelling using the Ferry offers the exceptional experience as you will stay close you the water or grounds. There are exceptional sceneries; it’s the best way of travelling as you will meet the local people who are also travelling. Meet the people and see their culture, it’s the place where you will get the direct contact with the elements of this island to thrive in while on Explore Tanzania Tours.

Best time to visit kilwa historical sites.

The perfect time to visit this historical site is normally the dry season which is around June and October; it’s also the perfect time for enjoying the beautiful beaches of this town an enjoy different activities such as swimming, snorkeling, enjoying the sunset as well as boat cruising.

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